Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Holidays Everyone!....

I'm signing off until after New Year's.....

Well I'm signing off until the New Year. I want to thank everyone for all your wonderful thoughtful heartwarming
comments since I first started my blog and also on my last few posts. I wanted to respond back to recent comments but finding I just don't have the time due to some important matters I must attend to before the New Year begins. I also need some "R & R" time very much so! I hope your Holidays are fun, joyful, peaceful and that the warmth in your heart spreads to others through the whole New Year. Lets hope and "dream" that the New Year will bring a much better year than this one. But with that hope its up to us to make it happen by spreading the "love" and "Peace" around to others and the children (for they are enchanted) and to not shut ourselves off from others, spread some joy and friendship around, smile at a stranger, reach out, give of our hearts and ourselves without expecting anything back, but at the same time "be very careful out there" especially if your a single woman!..I speak from experience.....

By the way did you know this New Year Eve falls on a new moon? Very interesting.....I've asked my blog friend Jody from "Intuitive Innovations" (she's on my blog links list on the top just click on that and it will take you to her blog)about this for she is an expert on the phases of the moon, etc. She told me that she would soon be sharing some info on her blog about this upcoming new moon on Dec.31st . Be sure to check her blog out for this interesting new moon phase.

To the ones whom I trust and you know who you are! Thank you and bless you all so much for your understanding, kindness, generosity, hearing me (rather reading me:-)) accepting me "Just as I am" without judgement or "lectures" but with insightful, thoughtful comments of which I do so appreciate. Thanks for showing me that there are still good people in the world. In the last year I lost a lot of confidence in myself , had the life sucked out of me, I lost faith in many people (players and control freaks) found it hard to trust others as many proved they were not trustworthy, so many you have no idea and it rocked my world big time! There's been lots of losses and grieving for me this year but hoping to gain more "insight" in the coming New Year! I have made a vow to myself that in the New Year I will not let others stomp on me or my dreams or hopes just because they have lost theirs and have such need to drag others down with them in their ignoramous manipulative selfish repressed angry mire. I have lost a few friends because I learned to say "no" but if they were real friends they wouldn't have walked off when I stood in my "truth" anyway, they would have respected me, as I did them. I'm so sick of people who can so dish it out all the time, boss people around tell them what they think they should do all the time, but they can't take any of that in relation to themselves. So there's going to be some changes within me thats for sure!..Look out world! I hope we all can make wonderful "dreamweaving" come true for this New Year! See you soon all my blog "Brother Sun and Sister Moon" earth Angel Friends!

With Love, Wishes for Peace in the New Year to come, and of course some of
those "Angel Blessings" to all of you!...:-)


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lips Have..and my little story about Jim Morrison.

Lips have fooled the truth
with a kiss of deceit

Lips have echoed
false words
with a smile to be believed

Lips have touched your lips
with a Judas kiss so cheap

Lips have kissed your face
as you turned the other cheek

Lips have laughed
at your tears
as they ran down your mouth
and trickled to the floor

Lips have smiled their last good-bye
as yours trembled
when they walked out the door.......

*Written by Rhiannon December 2005....lip drawing by Rhiannon December 2005....copyrights owned by Rhiannon.*
I'm not happy with the way the lips drawing turned out, eyes are much easier for me to draw than lips, lips and hair are the most difficult when I draw my portraits.

When I was sitting in classes in school I would always be drawing eyes, and fashion clothes style and also drawings of Jim Morrison who I rather idolized and met when he came to our H.S. with the doors to do a concert. One of his girlfriends was in my gym class and she was playing their first album all the time as we worked out to it, way before it was a hit. When I met Jim and he walked in our little gym room (they used it for their dressing room) I remember my friend introducing him to me, and my trying to look all "cool, calm and collected" in my gym shorts , shirt and shoes....:-)..He had on his leather pants and jacket and I was just amazed at his "gentlemenly" manners, he was very very gracious and kissed my hand....oooooohhhhhhh! Later in the middle of their concert in the gymnasium the principal had called the police and they dragged Jim off and he was totally passive as they just pulled him along the floor he just went "limp" not fighthing it in any way. At that time just about everyone at the school weren't very familiar with the doors yet and they all used to tell me I was crazy for liking them and Jim, that they would never "amount to anything" and how "disgusting"Jim was.....a lot of people were and still do say things like that to me about groups and artist singers I like, etc.. then they later became or "become" very famous...ha ha...:-)..fooled them. I have a portrait drawing of Jim Morrison I did when I was still a teenager...maybe I will post it one day soon...who can forget those "Eyes" and "Lips"?..When I go to France one day (one of my dreams) I plan on visiting his gravesite. I guess I've always been a rebel and I suppose I always will be. I've never cared about fitting in.....only thing about that is that it makes life a bit more hard, as you speak your "truth" when you deem it necessary too, are dedicated, stand up for your beliefs and also protect yourself (and others) when you have too, or people will walk all over you.....and some just aren't comfortable with that...they get upset that I won't "follow" their "rules", or according to "societies" rules. Imagine how nothing would ever change in this world if we were all the same and never spoke up out of fear? And believe you me I feel fear but I continue to "walk through it" almost every day of my life on a regular basis....not easy but I do it...I think I need to have some more fun in life, its about time! So for the New Year thats my plan, to not let others "bull" get in my way!...yeppers! Wish me luck!.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Whats your blog personality quiz..

Thought this was's my results:

Your blogging type is Artistic and passionate.

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression, and work hard to make it great.
One moment you may be be working hard on a new dramatic design for your blog
and the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes. Your blog is
very important and your careful about who you share it with.

Yeah I think that sounds pretty much like "my blog and I"....:-)

Angel Blessings,

What city do you belong in?

One of my best friends is English and lives in England.
He always tells me that I am not a "typical American type" (whatever that is) and that I would "fit in" more
in England, that I seem very "English" to maybe this is true! I don't know I also
feel very very "French"...since I'm French Canadian Indian on my fathers side and French and English
on my mothers side. Well France isn't too far from England so one day my dream of going to
France will come true and I can just stop over in England to visit my friend. I've lived in Japan
but never been to Europe before. I've lived all over the U.S as an adult, including Hawaii. I
long for living right near the ocean or a "body of water" I so long for that and miss it so much.
I grew up in Los Angeles area (but born in WV)and the ocean was just a 25 minute drive or so. I also lived in
Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and loved the ocean there. Also loved the ocean over in Hawaii.
So gorgeous! The ocean was nice over in Japan also, but I think visiting the Buddist temple in
Tokyo was one of the most memorable moments in my couldn't utter a noise let alone speak
and watching the Buddist monks do the chanting and meditation and all the beautiful statues
and Artistic things in there..ooooh unforgettable moment. Getting to the top of Mt. Fuji was awesome
also!....anyway here is what city I'm supposed to belong in..this sure got me thinking about all of
the places I'ved lived and traveled to. I still long for roots though. Don't think its where I live now
though thats for sure!..I so long for diversity!

"You belong in London, a little old fashioned and a little modern, a little traditional and a little
punk rock. A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything. No wonder you and
London will get along so well"...

"London Calling"!...;-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freedom Knows My Name...


Freedom pulls my heart strings
As I board another plane
It's not leaving I am wanting
But freedom knows my name

Friends turn into strangers
Strangers can be cold
But I've been blessed with Angels
At least I'm not alone.....
And they come to me in a sunrise
In the words of some old song
In the name of all creation
In a life long out of bounds
Freedom knows my name.

Tender roots grow deep with longing
To the core of solid ground
Mine go left of center
and slightly off the ground
Through the war torn ages
Scenes of freedom's flight
Drawn on hidden pages
Haunt our dreams at night
Freedom knows my name..

To the child without a promise
To the frightened and the tame
Although it's just a whisper
Freedom knows your name

This is one of my favorite lyrics from a Melanie Safka song "Freedom knows my name"..I can connect and relate to the lyrics and song so very well, in relation to my life.......

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lost Souls..

Thank you Sister Celtic for sending me this beautiful pic.....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A thought about Whiplash.........

Some people can give you emotional whiplash.
It's so jarring to have your soul slammed against a wall so shut down.
Time to snap out of it!...

"Deep thougths" by Rhiannon...:-)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wise one..Native American Indian drawing..

This is one of my favorites as I worked so hard on it...all those detailed lines of "wisdom" which comes from age, especially one who was a Native American Indian..oh what wisdom we can learn from so many of them. I showed some of my American Indian drawings in a couple of showings long ago in the past. I sold quite a few but "poor management" ripped me off a bit Its a long story. I had my work displayed in an American Indian Art museum mission in the valley in Los Angeles long ago (where I lived and grew up) and Ronald Reagan with family came in and asked who did this work? He was one of the directors of the museum at the time and told the woman manager who worked there to keep my work on display for another month, as it was only supposed to be on display for about a week. He said he loved my work. That display wasn't about selling my work but about the history and "wisdom" of Native American Indians for tourist that would come in who were visiting the area. This to me was the most important thing I got to do and "share" my Artwork with many. I hope to do it again one day maybe soon all of my "lifetimes" Artwork on display from beginning to end. Something of myself I can leave behind and share with others. When I scanned this the white background turned a greyish color..I hope I can fix that up in time, I'm sure I can now that I have a bit more knowledge about photo express..

Horse Whispers.....

I noticed that quite a few bloggers seem to list "Horse Whispers" as one of their favorite movies, its one of mine also. So I thought I'd share this with you. I cut out one of my drawings of a horse then scanned it and added and created the rest of the this on my photo express. Believe me that took a lot of time trying to get all the colors, lighting and text to blend together in a theme....


This is one of mine that got damaged in the flood I spoke of in one of my earlier post. I managed to repair it on my pc and added the oval shadow light, but it wouldn't come out very clear when I scanned it and even though I tried to make it more clear on my photo express it never would do here it is anyway...hope its "clear" you can see I'm very much into things looking very "vintage" so use a lot of sepia's and browns, so they almost look antique or from another time. As a matter of fact my Art business calling cards say "Moments from another time" on them.

Rivermoon.....pen and ink......

Another one from my catalogue

Linda Ronstadt......

This is from "My lifetimes Artwork" which I have scanned almost all of my work and put in my pc as a catalogue a few years back. This is a pretty old drawing not sure when I did it, but I tell you, try drawing "the opposite" white chalk pencil on black paper, the shadows and light are the complete opposite, its not easy to do, but what a challenge it was. I did a few of these "white on black" drawings...

Poetry in motion..

This is one of my favorite pics from a Kate Bush CD...its a bit worn and has creases in it but I love it..

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dear Anonymous..

Dear Anonymous,

I find it very sad that you feel the need to come on my blog and make your mean, rude, and crude personal comments towards me. Its growing very old, move on. Obviously your a confused person with some deep anger , resentment and pain your not dealing with on a mature level. I suggest you seek some help in the healing process. We all have our imperfections, get angry at times and have our burdens to carry, but most of us do not "Hide" in the "Shadows" by being "anonymous" and personally insulting others on others blogs. This is such an unhealthy, weak, "whimpy" and very childish thing to do. So unless your willing to show yourself (which I seriously doubt you would have the courage to do) may I suggest you stay out of my blog? I found myself feeling the need to "moderate comments" on here because of you, but now I've decided I'm not going to do this, I'm not going to let you get to me, "fool" and I won't allow just "certain" people to come on here, for that's a form of prejudice (other than spammers) and I'm not comfortable doing that. I will just keep clicking the "delete forever" button every time you leave an "anonymous" comment. So might I suggest you not bother or waste your energy or time doing this, for its not worth it, believe me. You go ahead and do what you want though (Hiding in the shadows of fear) its a free country, but this is my blog and I hope you will respect my wishes. Unless your willing to show yourself I certainly would appreciate that you would respect my wishes. Grow up.....

Thank you for your cooperation.

Angel Blessings to you (for I sure think you could use them!)


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I will be on here less..but still around.....

I got tagged by Peg (hey thanks Peg) for a dreamtree story. I was to continue it, as it goes along "Bloglife Highway" but I fear I am unable to follow through. I wanted to (a lot) I even had written down my "little part" to the story and I thought it turned out pretty good but I don't want to ruin it for anyone else if its passed on to them, if I were to just type my part only on here would not be fair at all. Because you see I have a farily old pc and its also dial up, and my pc is also very slow, and because its old and tired and a bit messed up (along with it's not able to do what some of you do with just a "click of a finger"!. I also own an "ancient" very LARGE cell phone that its so old that I can only call out and no one can call me on it! lol.. People laugh when they see how large and old it is, and I only use it in emergencies so its fine for what I need. Its a triple A phone can just push one button and there they are if I get stuck somewhere! So anyway what might take some of you ten minutes to post and write on your blog,etc..takes me much longer because of these issues with my pc,etc. I don't have any of the fancy stuff, but I do the best I can. My pc also won't do the cut and paste deal, I have no clue why but also (yes stupid me and dyslexic to boot) even if it did I wouldn't really know how to do it!..:o(. Its strange how I can go into photo express(I'm amazed my pc could even install the disk 2 years ago!) and figure out a lot and be able to do all kinds of artsy stuff but can't do squat in many technical ways on my pc. I am very tenacious though, some who know me tell me they can't believe some of the things I've figured out in my own "weird way" (including computer whiz's who tell me I'm smart but just in "different ways" them most) but I have to really work at it and it takes me more time than most. For you see I'm a right brainer living in a "left brainer world and society", along with being a person with dsylexia. Right brainers work from creativity, feelings, emotions, and we don't always see the world at large in the same ways that many do, in the technical sense...but put me on a stranded island and I am one of those people who will figure out a way to survive for I'm a "survivor" for sure ( I wouldn't still be here if I wasn't believe me) just a tired one right now..:o(...but not like those silly people on that silly survivor show and all that backbiting I was given a test a few years back and learned then that I was most definitely a right brainer. I am smart in other ways but not in the techinical world, try as I may. So, I also wanted to share with you that I won't be able to post on such a regular basis as I have been for a while...its just too time consuming for me with my slow pc, etc. and the responsibilities and things I have to take care of in my life, plust the need to find time to have my "quiet time" in between. However I will try to post one or two of my poems and or my Artwork "Portrait drawings" a week ( you can see 6 or so of my Artwork portrait drawings in my Sept. archives if you scroll all the way through )and also I will touch base with all of you on your blogs on a regular basis....that part is a quite a bit "quick", easy and less time consuming for me to do....:o)...So please keep dropping by for I will still be around just not as much as I have been..

I hope you all won't desert me..:o(... (did I spell dessert as in food or desert as in flat hot land? and will still drop by and check in on my blog and keep in touch okay? For I will still be around..
Thanks so much for all your thoughtful caring words, your kindness and understanding and all of your encouragment, for it means more than any of you will ever know. I hope you like this cool pic above. I've had it in my files for many years now. I got it from the angel eyes web site..there are beautfiul angel pics on there! I read about the story of this painting..... its a painting of the mythological Welsh mare goddess "Rhiannon" of which I very much relate to her mythological story, hence the name "Rhiannon" as my nickname. You would have to read up on how Stevie Nicks came into writing that song its an amazing story. Goddess Rhiannon is always surrounded by 3 birds and is the mare goddess of horses. Her story is a very interesting one and you can find many of her "Goddess" tales on the web. I fiddled with the pic on my photo express and added different colors, light and affects to it. Hope you enjoy it!

Well, until next time "Dream on Bright "Earthangels"...:o) ....Love and peace for this crazy messed up world of ours..".in the chaos is beauty still and always will be".......

With Angel Blessings Always,


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm right here.....

This poem is dedicated to one I have not known, nor met yet

I yearn
oh how I yearn
for more...
then what's gone by me...
whats in store?
looking for what?
I'm not quite sure.....
all I do know
is I need
to be loved,
and understood.....
just like
anyone else...
Yet I have
so much
to give also...
to you......
I want to live
not merely survive...
I want to feel
with you...
you may never notice
you might never see

Are you there?
because I'm right
I've always been......
waiting for.......
but you
may never
you might

By Rhiannon........October 2005

Sunday, October 30, 2005

More info about me as an Artist....

Since some of you have asked me about my Artwork "history" I thought I'd share a bit with you. This is one of my drawings from way back that I managed to save from a flood in the house I lived in 8 years ago when I was married. The heating water filled pipes in the attic burst in the winter when they froze. I lost over half of my lifetimes Artwork as they were in an upper closet on the top of it. It was pretty devastating to me. I received "compensation" through an Insurance co. but it doesn' t really "heal" the loss. The drawing below still has damage and some others also that I have. Others were lost completely. Thanks to the help of computer technology I have been able to learn how to repair some of the water spots and other damages with some of them, and then make prints of them. By learning how to do this I also ended up learning how to repair damaged and or old photos people have, photos that are "precious" to them. Its been quite an interesting "trade off" learning all this. I have had 3 showings of my Artwork portrait drawings throughout my life. The last time was long long ago. Now my dream one day is to show "all" of my lifetimes work (from beginning to end) to "the world" in kind of like a "biography history" in a fairly famous Art Gallery somewhere. I"ve done some painting but really not into that as I love the drawing and fine lined work much more "Me". I've been drawing since I was about 8 years old, it started out with drawing horses then in time changed to people's faces. I love drawing the eyes and trying to "show a feeling" in them and something in the expression of the face that people might "pause" to "ponder" what is being said through the drawing itself. I've been ripped off a lot by some and not good experiences in selling my Artwork in the past. So I "dream" one day to find someone that I can trust, another Artist, a "trusted" manager, or a professional dealer who is honest and trustworthy and will work "with me" not rip me off or take advantage of me and all my hard work. I am not much of a "salesperson" in dealing with my work (because I'm an Artist!) so I hope and dream "one day" my "dream" will come true! When its the right time I hope!..I have other dreams also but won't bore you with those details right now!..ha ha.. If you scroll all the way through my September archives you will see 6 more of my Artwork portrait drawings, if you haven't already. For this is definitely not my best, but one a relative recently found and sent to me.
Click to enlarge

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Keeper of Time...

Click to enlarge

My Prayer Altar..

This just kind of helps me "calm" before I do my little "affirmations" really does help to have a special the candles and all...and putting all your "little special things" out on display.. anyone can do it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fashion clothes I displayed and sold..

Well a few pics of my fashion display turned out pretty good, but when scanned them they were so dark so tried to put more light on photo express so you could see them better..but didn't turn out as well on pc as I had hoped. You just had to be there to get the full affect!. The short tailored jacket that looks black in the pic is actually dark grape color (so pretty!) with a violet cami underneath. Then there is the very light sea blue "India hippie" type sheer top that has a little shiny blue stone sewn in on the front top, with shiny gold triming. You can't really see the detail in the pic. You can wear it alone (it has lining) or with the short tailored torquoise velvet jacket over it. Then the light blue cami with a dark torquoise shrug type knit sweater over the top of it. The black and rose top is empire and very sheer, with a lining and with shiny sparkly little beads all over the top you can't see in the pic at all. It ties in the back and has flowing sleeves. The red empire type top is actually a maroon cranberry like color, its silklike with a rope wood beaded necklace that is sewn on the neckline which you tie in the back. Very cool! It has slits on both sides of the top of sleeves. The "Tye dye" red, blue and light gold top also has the rope beaded necklace sewn in and ties around back of neck. The black blouse with long sleeves has a pretty blue and silver brooch pin in the middle top part and little light blue beads near the lower middle of the blouse. The Red jacket doesn't look as good as it does in "person" its a hot jacket! zips up and few snaps at top of zipper and it is very tailored slim in the waist, its kind of canvassy shiny and very comfy! I tried to show the mix and match how you can change some of them around, make different outfits and layering with a few of these tops and shrugs interchanging. I love putting this stuff together its part of my "creativity" deal..All very feminine. This is only showing the side of the rack displayed not all the clothes on the rack..50 all on the rack! I also had jewerly and scarves layed out that would mix and match with all of them, etc. ..That way when the buyer buys them she can display them out in those kind of ideas and have the accesseries nearby or on display on the clothing themselves. Some of this was for fall and the rest for next spring. I had some dresses also but the pics didn't turn out. Anyway out of the 50 she bought 40 of them!...yeah!..but man did I have to work fast to put it altogether and trying to set up a time with her to come, thank goodness I had things "organized" in my head already so it went pretty fast setting it up! So sorry if they don't look so great in the pics you just had to be there to get the real "picture"..but since I promised I would post some pics to give you an idea of what I sell here and "deal" here they are!. Click on pics to enlarge them.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

What do you think?...

This is my front porch. I took the photo just recently with my camera (not digital) and I'm wondering if anyone else see's anything interesting in this pic other then just reflections? This has happened at rare times in other places I have lived when I have taken photos inside, but rarely outside like this one.. Doesn't happen often but it does happen. Is it just a fluke or what? Or is it just my imagination? May never know. Click on the pic to enlarge it.

A long long time ago in my early 20's the family dog had just passed on and a few days later I took two photos of the corner where she used to lay and sleep all the time in the living room of the family house. I'm not sure why I did it but just felt something inside wanting to do that. When I got the photo's back, in those two pics there was like a "white light" cloud exactly where she used to sleep. Everyone noticed it and thought how very strange and ironic....hmmm..we thought it might still be her "prescence" her soul still around. Of course my radical religious mother thought it was "the devils work". Does anyone believe animals have souls too?

Simple Wonder

Obivously I wrote this one in the Spring..:o) in time
take time to sit
upon my front porch steps
Listening to the echoes
of a train in the distance...

Birds chirping
and cooing..
the sun,
making water from the pond
ripple with moving shadows and light,
on the cement walk..
ants crawl between the cracks
going about their business.

Deep blue of the sky...
a white whispy cloud
moves by....
I watch it as it passes,
changing into different forms
and shapes,.
through the tall trees
that make for shade
upon the grass beneath....

The pansy flowers
deep red
deep violet....
rich colors
that compliment the sky.

The breeze flows by
lightly lifting tendrils of my hair
across my face..
trees bend
towards the wind...
bee's buzzing by
searching for the brightly colored yellow flowers
they love the best..

The brightly colored glass stones
around the cement pond
the sun shimmering them
to a glorious iridescent aqua, torquoise and green.

These are all the things
I see, feel and know...
just by sitting
on my front porch steps
in quiet...
and looking around me
in simple wonder.

By Rhiannon

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Please check this blog out..

You will find great talent and wisdom from one so young if you click on " Celestial Void" on my links. What he has written of late is fantastic reading and inate wisdom of the Humaness of "Spirit"..and "peoplekind". Every time I read his posts I am more amazed at his wisdom for one so young..and the way he writes is incredible! He is definitely an "old soul"...


Loved in fear...poem

Will this endless restlessness
in my heart ever subside?
Was it a dream?
Not real?
other then in the boundaries
of my timeless
gypsy soul?

I loved you...
you said you loved me too..
but you could not handle it
in your fear..
I saw it in your eyes...
you coudn't risk it you said..
it was too good to be true you said..
not realizing
that I too
was fearful
of getting hurt myself...
But you ran..and never looked back.

Love can sometimes be a confusing thing
it twists and turns
and rips your heart
into a mass
of confusion
of questions
never answered
let alone addressed..
I'm a mess......

Why does it have to be this way?
Why must I always be the brave one?
To speak up?
its time
for another tortured soul
to recognize
that mine is also.

By Rhiannon....written December 2001

Capes of Colors..poem...

Capes of colors
cover my abscence
of discovery...
newly born
but unadorned
in darkest embers
nestling upon my breast
heart beating
shining through
moonglow and candlebright..
passions energy
embraced at midnite..

I've felt your world
your deep sinister cruelty
in subtle ways...
but your passion was intense..
only to flow
through and out
to dishonest halls
of fearful rejection
in your absence of clarity
never to be seen again
you walked away forever
in a casual tone
of muted grey indifference...

I cover myself
with capes of colors
to protect me
from your darkness.

By Rhiannon

Monday, October 17, 2005

Eleanor Roosevelt drawing...

Copyrights owned by me...

Words of Wisdom...

Sorry I don't have the names of most who quoted these, it wasn't available. Except Eleanor Roosevelt, one of my mentors, of course. Thats her in her younger days above. Its one of my drawings.

1. No one can ever make you feel inferior without your consent...Eleanor Roosevelt
2. Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve what you want...Eleanor Roosevelt
3. Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end, what you got is so much better than what you wanted.
4. In order to avoid criticism do nothing.
5. The best memories are the ones you can't explain (you just had to be there)
6. Never forget what they did to you, but never let them know you remember.
7. Blessed be they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.
8. I don't know what the key to success is but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.
9. A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval...Mark Twain
10. Go and do what you want be who you are....cause when you die they're not going to carve anything into your gravestones about your sensible jobs.
11. My greatest sin has always been that I have a wonderful time being myself.
12. You just have to learn to forget about the people that forgot about you.
13. Trust being yourself..being who you are is a successful rebellion.
14. Courage is what it takes to stand and speak up...courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
15.The opposite of bravery is not cowardice, but conformity.
16. You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something...Winston Churchell
17. Strength is nothing more than how well you hide your pain.
18. If ignorance is bliss, I'd rather be unhappy.
19. Don't put your friends on the back burner.
And last but not least something on a piece of white carboard I cut out and wrote these words. I've carried it with me from place to place wherever I've lived in the last 7 years, and put it on my refrigerator. Its gotten so worn that the pink marker I wrote it with is fading so I can hardly read it. I don't know who wrote it but its gotten me through many troubled and difficult times.
20. Courage is not the abscence of fear....its doing what it takes, despite one's fears.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Children...

How can a child know or understand the words "stability", "safe", "secure", "loved", "protected" or a balancing and loving environment? How can they when they are surrounded by chaos? Parents casting them aside or away? Moms and dads working too hard, or addicted to busy, or just too "addicted" period. Stressed, unable to give of themselves to their children. Teaching their children how to be rude by their own example. Those cherished times, those "special moments" never to be?

Foster kids thrown into more chaos, the foster mother and father too busy selling, buying, or making drugs. Sending the kids out of the house while they selfishly drink and drug themselves to death. Where and how do these "so called grown up adults" manage to acquire these children that need a loving, nurturing home?...only to be thrown into "another" chaotic crazy messed up life of someone else's creation? All those years in my past trying to have a child, never for it to happen and yet I now feel as if I am surrounded by these children who seem drawn to me, knowing my heart is still open, my spirit free and that they can talk to me. It just kind of happened naturally through the years...maybe its because I can understand and relate to what they are going through in some ways and I don't deny them in their sadness and I'll dance with them too! I love it and so do they! Kids are so smart, much more then we give them credit for, they know whats going on. I sometimes wish that I could just hug and hold each and every single one of them, just for a moment and tell them "your loved, your special, you are a unique and beautiful person and everything is going to be "okay" so "Shine on"!...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Heaven's Gate...

I'm having a real hard time now so didn't really want to post and be too negative. Its funny how some people think that just by the way you look on the outside or being a good loving caring person that you rarely have troubles or pain and your life is just "WONDERFUL"! Not! Its very hurtful because apperances can be so deceiving! Tomorrow a couple are coming to town to take me out to lunch. My real only true friends that I can trust, and they know they can trust me for sure! What a treat for me their visit! Its been a few months. I'm so used to being on my own all the time and not necessarily because I chose this believe me. Yes I'm independent but thats different. Won't get into detail. This couple well I call them my adopted mom and dad and they call me their adopted daughter. They are from the next town I used to live in when I was married. I think tomorrow will probably be the best most warm good heartfelt day for me in a long long time. They are senior citizens age 75 and the husband 84. Both strong people with lots of heart and inner strength. They are the only people that have been there for me supportive encouraging me on that "you can do it "B"!..since my divorce 7 years ago. I love them and they love me. The only ones who tell me how proud they are of me with all the hell I've been through all these years. I would do anything for them. They give me encouragement to go on and live my life. Sometimes I feel that I have turned the other cheek so much through much of my life that it should be on fire by now! Anyway instead of going on with the "woe is me" I'll just write what I wrote in my journal. One more thing thought I would like to leave you with though is this. I know having a family and the burdens that are hard that come with it, but I would just like to say if there is any caring any love there, any kind of "connection" however small it may be, DO NOT LET IT GO! I have no real family and I have no kids (yet I love kids and they me)but I wanted kids and tried for years in the past. There are such "voids" in my life. People at my age can say the most hurtful "assumptions" to you about that, being a lady my age that looks much younger then she really is.....I'm used to it, the total "false assumptions and judgments" about me. Anyway love your friends appreciate that they are there for you and any family you may have that acknowledges you don't let it go! Because many of us come from the most horrendous families you can ever imagine, and yes we are survivors.

Heavens Gate

When your laying there
gasping your last breath
I won't be there...
when your whispering your last "good-bye" to family
I won't be there...
I won't see your face
I won't hear what you say..
No I won't be there..
It's been almost 25 years now
hard to believe..
Since I had to walk away from all the dsyfunction
all the beatings..the yelling, the constant screaming
the inability to have emotions, love or feelings....
me, the "so called Black sheep" that spoke up
and "felt"......
You made the judgment call
you made the choice
and so did I...

You never even heard me
or asked me
you never heard my voice
you "assumed" and "gossiped"
behind my back all these years..
never knowing anything about me or my life...
Over 900 miles away..
all these years...
I am nothing to you...I don't exist to you..
I am not your daugther...
its such a void in my life
I watch others with family..
and sometimes I cry...

I would not "submit" to your religious dogma torture..
I'm evil I'm going to hell you always said..
You never cared...
how you tried to break me..
you wanted to kill my soul
but you never succeeded...

After 9/11 I reached out..
I tried and tried
I reached out through the years
to no avail...
I took risk
and all I got was tears..
I never existed to you anymore..
did I ever really?

You all assumed
you all never knew....
who I am....

So no when your gasping your last breath
to say good-bye
I won't be there
for I'm not "allowed"
I'm not "invited"...
But I promise you
when you find yourself standing in that bright light
and you start walking through it
you will see me with the Angels
standing there from afar
waiting for you......
for you see I left the world
before you did....
and you never even knew..

I'm not going to spell check this out for I'm crying a bit and need to go...

I bet a lot of you are surpised...people usually are...whether in person or on the pc their always "stunned" that I don't have this "wonderful life" all the time just because of how I look on the "outside"...

I am sorry if I made anyone sad....that wasn't my intention...thanks for reading this..

Angel Blessings,

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Happy Autumn!

Hi everyone,

I hope your all enjoying watching the colorful beauty of the Autumn leaves falling. I just love all these fall colors. After all I am a "fall" person..i.e. I love fall and fall colors are the colors for me to wear as they compliment me.

I'm working hard now on my Fashion clothes display for my buyer. Just unpacked and assembled my large garment rack last night and setting the clothes and things all up, color cordinated and organizing for my "presentation"....which will hopefully be in a few days! Wish me luck! I'm a bit nervous, always get this way before, but she usually loves all my stuff and the way I put it all together. I hope all your weekends are going well. Chat with you soon! Take care everyone....

Happy Autumn with Angel Blessings,

See you soon....

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Yesterday I was out looking for a barstool type chair for the new place I moved into a few months ago. It has a high bar like counter between the kitchen and living room. I went from place to place, finally found myself checking out the Goodwill store here in town. As I was looking around I found myself accidently stepping on something laying on the floor, felt like a a flat piece of wood. I started to take my foot off of it and above my foot saw the word "Dreams". I looked down and saw it was a wood plaque with a painting of the ocean on it and some words to the left of the picture. I picked it up and read what it said. Well, as you see it above you may understand why I knew I was meant to have this plaque...besides it only cost one dollar! I mean I'm always the type person to manage to find all kinds of bargains and deals but this was a "very special deal"!..:o). It seems at times in life that there are no coincidences, that just maybe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we understand or see this right away....other times it dawns on us down the road a bit later....and we say "ah ha"!...Life is interesting that way isn't it? Keep on "believing in your Dreams" might just be surprised...

P.S. Sorry the words are a bit blurry but scanning a wooden plaque isn't the easiest thing to do!..ha ha..Just click on the pic and hopefully you will be able to read the words then. By the way I never found a barstool but think I found something better!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Romantic Angels....I've been tagged..

Okay, Well I've been tagged by Peg...but couldn't do it correctly "per instructions" since there is no 5th sentence in my 23rd post, for it's one of my drawings, so all thats written in it is "Romantic Angels" in the drawing itself. Isn't it ironic don't you think?...ah Alanis I hear ya!....oooh these little complications..:o)
So I did my best...ok now I am tagging 5 other people..

Jodie "Intuitive innovations"
BC Waterboy
Uncle David (David where have you been?)
Mobil's Jipzee Cab

Follow these instuctions....
1. go into your archive
2. Find your 23rd post
3.Find the 5th sentence (or close to it)
4.Post the text of the sentence in your blog with theses instructions
5. Tag five other people to do the same

Have fun...I think!...its not too much effort...if I can do it maybe anyone no pressure here...


Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 10/03...

Monday is a new moon and with it comes a solar eclipse in Libra. Close relationships and intimacy are going to be at the forefront for the next several weeks. Patience, understanding and compassion will be important during this time. The eclipse won't be total but angular. It will be visible across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Thanks Jodie for this info. If you want to know more you can go to her blog by just clicking on my link to her "Intuitive Innovations".

Angel Blessings,

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stevie Nicks pic below, how I put it all together...

I did this a few years ago. I saw this great photo of Stevie in a magazine, so I cut around just her figure, then scanned it and added everything else putting this kind of all together..its kind of how they make greeting cards now..start with the main subject and work with a "theme" all around it..I thought of her song "Dreams", the lyrics "Thunder only happens when its raining" and also her song "Planets of the Universe" from her cd "Trouble in Shrangi-La"(her best cd in years I think)so added planet type look, a deep blue backround with some mist,foggy type clouds, rain and then the text..trying to add and blend the colors of the text to cordinate with the colors of the rest of the picture is the hardest thing!...couldn't get that lighting in there though. That would have been cool!..;o)

Click on the pic and you will see it full size.

Hope all you Stevie fans enjoy it!..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Two of my more simplistic poems below.....

While unpacking more of my journals and tons of writings I found these two poems in the box. I wrote both of them in 1999 right after my divorce. Yes, they are much more simplistic than my poems these days, and very "rhymy" but I thought I might share them with you anyway. A bit more "positive upbeat" and "pondering priorities" type poems..

Angel Blessings,


We hurt one another without knowing
and we let our pride prevent it from showing...
we hold it in and close it up
we shut our mouths
with the pain stuffed inside
our ego, our wounded pride
which comes first who's to know?
all I know is we can't let it go
or set it aside...

Wounds go deep
they never really heal
a band-aid or stitches
won't mend pain thats so real...

If only we all could just not hold it in
our hearts and minds
might learn how to mend...

All this pain we all carry around
our lips rarely smile
we only just frown...
It seems a permanent part of our lives
our hearts so burdened
with pain and strife..
I wonder sometimes
if we smiled at one another more
it might make a difference
in what our life has in store?

It's amazing how much difference a smile can make
our hearts want to give
and not just to take..

I wish we all could laugh more too
this could be
it could happen to you..

Maybe in the future you could help someone out?
by a laugh or a smile
and a twinkle in your eye
don't let their sadness
pass you by...

Be the one to give and not take
then you might see
the miracles God can make...
for you
for me
for everyone we see..

Please don't give up
there's a part of us inside
that needs to be
and a smile or a laugh
can set your heart free.

It's part of human nature
this wanting this needing
but without a smile
it just doesn't make sense
our life is stagnant
were sitting on a fence..
So jump off of it and leap in the air
take that chance
there's not a moment to spare..
life is short
life can be sweet
if only we smile, the summit we can reach..

*I know this poem is a bit "corny" but there is a message or two in it..

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Angels and pics I post, etc....

I just wanted to let everyone know where and how I get all my nice pics, and the Angel pics I post on here. Some are cards sent by friends through the years, some I found and cut out or had in my scrapbook and then scanned, so I don't know the artist names on most of them. If I do I will try and make sure I share it with you. Some other angel pics I post I have had in my files for years and saved on my pc are from a great web site its a geat site check it out, and if you scroll through and search around you will find all kinds of beautiful angel pics and such...there's beautiful pics in there you can send as e-mail cards,etc..


Edna St. Vincent Millay...

Edna St. Vincent Millay is one of my favorite poets of all time(so far!)and I discovered her poetry when I was a young teenager looking to do a biographpy book report on a poet for my English class. As I leafed through books at the library looking at different poets books, I came upon one of hers and could not put the book down! I checked the book out(wow I miss going to the library I should start going more now)and rechecked it out over and over for quite a while. Finally I saved my money and got her book at a book store. I got an "A+" on my book report, very rare for me to get good grades as a "C" student with dyslexia, which of course no one understood at that time. Thats another story of my struggles in school in Los Angeles (around 40 students or more per class)way back when with a few teachers(men) repeating to me over and over again how stupid I was! That's for another time I will share with you further. Edna was born on February 22 (a Pisces of course.:o))1892 in Rockland, Maine. She had bright red hair pale skin and freckles. She was the first woman to receive a Pulitzer prize for poetry and was the author of many plays. She died Ocotober 19, 1950, about 5 months before I was born! A lot of her poems resonate with me and always have. I guess she was a "Dreamer" also. Below are a few of my favorite poems by her, the one about war, I thought how ironic, it seemed as if she wrote it in the "here and now" of whats happening in our world today. They should make a movie or play about her life I think it would be very interesting for she was quite unique, different, a rebel, and rather a vagabond for those days.

Hope you enjoy the poems.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well put statement by Marianne Williamson, "Chaos in America"..

Everyone I just read such an eloquently put statement by Marianne Williamson (best selling Spiritual author from Metro Detroit) about the Chaos in America now..."People Sense Presidents Soulless Sensibility" can read her statement at or just click on "Intuitive Innovations" on my link bar will take you there. I was going to type the whole thing and post it but it is a lot of typing!....but it won't take you long to read it...I think most of you will appreciate what she says. Its the way I've felt for quite a few years now and have told many people way back when, what would maybe we will "awaken from our slumber". Two things entered my mind after reading Mariannes statement. 1. From the Sheaksphere play (sorry my spelling) of Romeo and Juliet...what it says at the very end..... "All are punished.... all are punished" and 2. "Apathy is pathetic"...


My drawing below...

This drawing I did below is not one of my best in my opinion. I remember that I only had rough thick paper available when I drew it and I rarely do nudes so was kind of experimenting with that and also adding a bit of color to lips cheeks, etc...when it was a pencil drawing of dark brown only. I don't know if any of you recognize who the woman is she is Jerry Hall, former model and a Texan who married Mick Jagger and had a few of his kids. I always thought she was one of the "natural beauties" around...I think she still is...


Body and of my drawings..

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Leaf of many colors...

I seem to be turning over a new leaf...
there are many dimensions to a leaf
and its colors change through the seasons
just like me...
They fall to the ground
and new leaves bud and grow
to replace the old with the new...

Trees of the ages have wisdom
through deep roots
and deep growth...
I wish I could be a leaf or a tree...
the old leaves falling to the ground
and the new ones budding and growing
replacing the old ones....

And the tree continues in its eternal wisdom...
I'm not there yet....
I doubt if I ever will be...


*Believe it or not this is a real leaf I picked up off the ground today and scanned then added a bit more light.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This is my Artwork below..

I had typed up a post earlier but I got disconnected so will make this quick. Well I finally got up the courage to show you some of my Artwork. I own the copyrights of my work. I have had a few showings way back in the past...thats another story. I started drawing as a child first horses than people mostly fine lined drawing portraits in black and white, I like black and white movies also, its the shadows and the light...I also do sepia, pen and ink, and white chalk pencil on black that is a challenge!..think about it...anyway here is some of my work, I scanned, and added dark oval shadow around the drawings. When I scanned my work it turned out more dark then the drawings really are. If you click on each drawing you can see it enlarged. My real name is Barbara, Rhiannon is my nickname, and I always use my maiden name when signing my work...its obvious that I am into vintage things and "moments from another time" as it states on my Art Business cards. I have always felt I belonged in another time the "Romantic era" of the 1800's...and I also am very much into Native Amercian Indian culture though I am French Canadian Indian on my fathers side. No wonder I always felt French and also connected to Indian ways most of my life!..

I will tell you more later...Rhi

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laughter the best medicine...Now class behave!

Hi Everyone,

I found this funny pic of myself, its from about a year ago. I remember I had found these HUGE funky looking glasses at some vintage store, and bought them for a joke. Came home put them on looked in the mirror and laughed and laughed thinking I looked kind of like a "nerdy type" school teacher, saying "Now class behave"!!..I remember I then took a pic of myself with them on and sent it via e-mail to my friends to make them laugh....they did. So, I thought I would post the pic here on my blog, and if it makes anyone laugh, or even smile (at my expense ; o) ) then it will have been worth it! "Now Fellow Bloggers Behave"!!! good and have a good when you can...its the little things that matter you know?...and hey smile and say hello to maybe even a total stranger, you never know how you might make their whole day or maybe even their week or month!....Shine on!

Angel Blessings to each and everyone of you,

Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Friday!

Will post a few more "Artpics" and some thoughts later this weekend...Rhi

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005


This is a song by Stevie Nicks. I listened to it the other day and always somehow related to the words a lot but for different resasons than the song was written for. Pretty sure Stevie wrote it about Jane Goodall, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) her studying and loving connection with the chimpanzee's. I think I have just about all of Stevie's music...however still looking for the one with just her and Linsey Buckingham singing as a couple...wwaaaaayyy back when....


Such a little girl such a hard life
She could look a challenge right between the eyes
Disappointment would become her middle name....
Up against the wall, Jane.....
So her nights became nightmares
as she fought for their souls
And the days became worse
for the ones she had lost
Children of the world
the forgotten chimpanzee
in the eyes of the world
you have done so much for me....

There are angels, angels here on earth....angels...
There are angels here on earth...
Angels.....sent by God
Come away from the wall....stay with us
Well you can, Jane

So she watched as they put them all into cages
Well they might as well have caged her very own baby
They might as well have put us both into prison
Through a window....all our sorrows...
would become our only visions.....
Nothing more

There are angels here....angels
There are angels here on earth....angels
You will never feel....that you have ever done enough
But you have, Jane

Such a little girl such a hard life
You could look a challenge....straight between the eyes
Disappointment would become her middle name
Up against the wall, Jane
Nothing more than the shadow of a man
Come away from the wall, Jane
Well they might as well have put us both into prison
Come away.....if you can, Jane
Through a window...all our sorrows.....
will become our only visions
Come away, Jane
Come away.....come away if you can

In the eyes of the have done so much...

Friday, August 19, 2005

No words are necessary for this one..

Mystical lady.......

I did this a while back, its a photo of me that I kind of "fiddled" with and here's how it came out...not as good as I had "imagined" it in my "Minds eye" but a bit interesting....some more thoughts below from my Journal.

2:00 am......Full Moon...

I awake to moonglow through my window
blinding glory upon my bed.....
nightglow esscence..
Sleepy warm thoughts
wrap me up in peace and contentment...
For now this is all I need...
for now my heart is full....
in the moment...
My soul opens to a door without a lock
and to the other side of my Dreams....


Monday, August 15, 2005


Welcome everyone I'm Rhiannon, this is all very new for me but I think I'm up for the challenge. I hope to make my blogsite a very safe protective type environment for people to not feel threatened or intimidated either. Maybe this will turn out to be a place where people will know in time, that they can come here and share their thoughts or feelings about the state of the world, the universe, a bit of "soulsearching", their "concerns" about where we are now and where are we going. I have hope for the world and feel that we are all "connected" but in order to accept this a bit of "openess"is required and the knowledge that we are not alone and yes there are "earthangels" all around us....believe me I know for I've experienced this.

I am a rather creative person and live my life that way..its who I am. I'm an Artist,writer, poet, love to dance, love music , very adaptable and open to all kinds of music new and old rap, whatever. My favorite poets are Edna St. Vincent Millay and Jim Morrison..yes quite eclectic aren't I?...:o) I think this country is based on diversity and hope that different views and thoughts can be shared without others trashing one anothers opinions but instead accepting that we all are allowed to have our own thoughts and opinions and yet be open to others its a way of growing and learning and a good form of "tolerance"..this is my hope for this site..kindness, truth, understanding, reaching out to one another,speak up don't be afraid this is a free country after all and we must continue to keep it this way by not being afraid to speak up,fear holds us go for it!..but be nice and lets give each other a little support and caring at the same time shall we? least we can try..I believe we can...and its okay to get angry sometimes it happens just don't attack anyone just "Express yourself and let it out" in a healthy way..we can do this!

I will share more about me in the weeks to come..and put some photos I like in here as a form of expressing myself, who I am where I am coming from..for now I hope you will feel free to come in and just say a "hello" and speak from your heart and soul anything you want..a bit of "soulsearching" if you will..feel free and welcome to a "safe place" where Angels abound...Angel Blessings, Rhiannon

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Dance........

This is Robert Mirabal one of my favorite musicians, storyteller, dancer, artist, poet, and he makes his own flutes, all kinds shapes and sizes that make different sounds....He "Dances the Dance"...I "Dance the Dance" also it helps free your spirit and release the tensions of the world, all this weight the burdens that we all carry....Try the "Dance", its "spirits way of talking to you" and allowing you to free yourself from all this fear and hate going around in the world..brothers and sisters come together once again.. its time...

"Little child walking all alone, lost and lonely losing faith with my world...can you take it away can you kiss it away,.can you take me away can you carry me away?...maybe we're the mirror that reflects all......maybe we're the mirror that reflects all"

I recommend you check out Roberts cd and PBS video concert "Music From A Painted Cave"...most of the music is live on the cd and the PBS video concert of it is AWESOME! You can purchase it online on Amazon. "The Dance" (below) is one of the best songs, but in this cd there are no "bad songs" not a one...not to me at least..

The Dance

When there is doubt there is hope
when there is fear there is love
when there is hate there is peace
when there is suffering there is the dance

A dance a dance a dance of hope
A dance a dance a dance of love, I dance a dance a dance of peace
I dance to dance I dance the dance...ah ha, ah ha, ah ha....oooo yeah...wooo..

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I just watched the movie "Serendipity" with John Cusak (of course one of my favorites actors) and there was a bit in the movie when "Jonathon" and his friend are talking on the plane and his friend is telling Jonathon how proud he is of him for believing in and trying to "make his dream come true" and his friend shares with Jonathon the words of an ancient philosopher, who said "If you want to improve be content to be thought foolish and stupid". I agree this is what having courage sometimes is all about, not going along "with the crowd" or what you think everyone thinks you "should" do but what you believe in your soul is the "right thing" to do for yourself...its not easy for some will make fun of you and tell you not to be yourself and laugh at you sometimes when you are....but thats the beauty of it..and the courage of it....if you do it anyway you are a "Phoenix rising above the ashes" flying high above all the "bull". I never got to see this movie the whole way through so now I'm glad I finally decided too! Look what I might have missed!

What is a Wounded Healer?

A Wounded Healer is an archetype who is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardships, from a physical injury or illness, or maybe even to the loss of almost all of one's possesions and or way of life that "used to be". The challenge of the wounded healer is that they are unable to turn to others much for help beyond certain degrees of support. If it is an illness or an accident, it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure. The wounded healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort that becomes a process of transformation rather than an attempt to heal an illness. If you complete the "initiation", you tend to experience an exceptional healing within (and knowledge)a vast improvement, but not a "cure", and a path of being able to be of service and help others with their health, illness, suffering is provided shortly after the intiation is complete. There is a "connection" of understanding and empathy to others and a feeling of energy,"picking up" vibrations and actually feeling the others pain "within" and the wounded healer will at times be able to take that pain or suffering away from others (just by touch and communication)and actually feel it enter into them which they must feel and process through and out of them, or they will "carry" it around inside of them....feeling the others "illness, pain, or suffering" entering through them can be very physically draining and wear them they learn how to process this into and out of them through energy channels and "releasing it" . They can pick up on things most people don't even notice or observe of others and things going on around them. There are many times I wish I didn't. Its not an easy road but one that actually is looked at as a gift..learning to embrace and accept this archetype of oneself can only happen through the "initiation" of a serious health issue and loss that has affected them to the point of a serious struggle and challenge in their lives. I have met quite a few interesting people during this time of my "struggles" through the years who have seen this in me almost "immediately" ..they have been on a spiritual path for many years,a few Native American Indian "medicine men" that knew this about me immediately without knowing me or a thing about me but just upon meeting me..There have been a few people with great insight and intuition, and some alternative medicine "Healers" I've met through the years who also knew this about me right away, and they all have helped to spiritually educate me so I could learn to understand, embrace and acknowledge this about myself, and they have been great teachers for me to "learn and face the many lessons" as I go down the path of the road less taken. I claim no miracle experience or cures whatsoever, I have no medical license nor degree to practice anything medical nor do I do any of that. However I have studied in the past to become a medical assitant and have done lots of medical reading through many years when searching to understand my health issue. I learned a lot. I also have studied dreamwork for many years, I continue to. Only the dreamer can really interpret their own dreams but it helps to have another who can kind of help show you the way to what they may represent for you what your dreams might be trying to tell your or make you aware of. If you wake up and remember any of your dreams have a pad and pen next to your bed and write down as much as you can remember,not details, but most important things that really kind of "hit" you, then go look at what you wrote the next day and think what your dream might be trying to say to you.

I would love to hear others share some of their experiencs in their "strong archetypes" that they have learned about themselves. Feel free to share.

Spirituality is not just always "letting things go" when you really haven't dealt with things and use that term as a "cop out" or to run away and not deal with the issue at hand. Its not about denying the other person who is taking the risk and chance to try to communicate and be "real" with you, but you refuse this because your in denial and its too hard to deal with. Spirituality is a lot to do with "coming clean" admitting vulnerability,becoming compassionate, taking risk to be "real" enough and considerate enough to "listen" and "hear" "the other side" and making the effort to do "conflict resolution" with them..its amazing how much someone who has a need to always control is always making others feel bad about themselves or telling others "to let it go" in passive agressive behavior in order to make the other who is trying so hard to be honest open and real with you feel as if its "all their problem"..there is way to much of this type of control going around and its getting much much much so that many have become so fearful they completely shut down..and maybe if there was less of this type of arrogance and control going around there might be less wars, more love,real friendships,and real relationships.

Well thats enough for now..I'd sure like to hear others input on this and their feelings thoughts and expereinces..

Oh by the way I'm a Pisces with Leo rising..

Angel blessings,


Friday, July 29, 2005