Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm a Right test results.....

Think you'll have to click on this to enlarge it to read more easily. I found this test over on "Imran" blog post...he's on my blog list to the right if your interested in taking it. I had to scan my results as my pc won't do the cut and paste deal. I wasn't surprised with my test results as I've taken many many tests through the years about "left brain versus right brain dominance" and my results have always stated I'm most definitely a right brainer. More people are usually left brain dominant, so are good at techology, techincal things and "Business"...I've always had a problem with those subjects as I think "differently" and its more difficult for me in those areas. I also think more people have dyslexia (like I do) if they are right brainers. I have to use a lot of "tenacity" even to figure out computer things...try and try again is my motto! But when its comes to Art, creativity, decorating, creative writing and observing "things in life around me", I've always been pretty good at that..I'm also pretty intuitive, sometimes I wish I wasn't! I know I see things at times in a different light than some people do and that makes it hard at times. But I like "that I am" and so it is...:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 of my new writings and poems..just keep scrolling down......

I posted all 5 writings and these poems tonite. I put paragraph spaces in my writings of each poem post...but the post with the pics apparently would not show the spaces when I posted them...even though when editing them I made paragraph sorry it all looks so rambling this way...but not much I could do about it...hope you have the patience to read all 5 of my new writings and poems...if not that's cool...enjoy either way..:o)

Love and Blessings,


Monday, March 26, 2007

The Enchanted Storm....

Enchanted Lady
Freeing herself
From the past
Finding her way
Into a new life
at last................
Just down that road
The one she almost passed
The one she almost missed
The one she thought
Would never exist
The one beyond the storm
Overlooking the ocean cliffs
Dawn remembers the light
Of a new day
Showing the Enchanted Lady
A new way.........
No longer
Will her Soul
Nor Spirit
Be Betrayed
No longer
will her Heart
Be lead astray
For the Enchanted Lady
is slowly finding
Her way
Beyond the stormy sea
Beyond the ocean cliffs
Moving forward
To a New Life
A New Life
She never thought
would exist
Walking along
The path
Of the Enchanted storm
Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) March 11th, 2007
Copyrights owned by Barbara R.
The Enchanted storm
Of a New Life.

Spirit Lovers...look closely and see them on the horses...

Yes...I've felt you
I know your reaching out
I can feel your prescence
all around me.....
Spirit Lovers.....
Across the distance
And yet so close
Our hands reach out
Across the mystery of time
Mystical Hearts
Become intertwined
Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) March 27th, 2007
"Spirit Lovers" Painting by American Indian Artist Margurite Fields

Seeing is Believing...Or is it?...poem...

I've looked but never seen you...
I' ve seen you but never looked..
Which is it?
I still am not quite sure...
Do you feel the same?
Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.)
March 25th, 2007
Copyrights owned by Barbara R.
*Pic sent to me by Sister Celtic"
Isn't it Beautiful?

The Answer.......

The Student became the Teacher
and a "Warrior"...
And the Teacher became the Student
Learning the lessons of "Survival"
And "Spirit".....
Roles reversed
In a surprisingly stunning "Test"
Which both passed
With flying colors....

One chair
In the middle of the room
And an apple on the front desk....
Written on the chalkboard
Was the answer.

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) March 26th, 2007
*Copyrights owned by Barbara R.*

Monday, March 19, 2007

Photos of old House's and car in my town...

Another hobby of mine is taking photographs with my Samsung (non digital) Maxima Zoom 70 GL camera. I've had it for about 5 years and I love's got a zoom lense and all kinds of deals. I've taken hundreds of photos but not having a digital camera and having to scan them and such on my pc is too time consuming...but I thought I'd share a few with you. These are of homes around the area where I live. I take walks and take these photos. Most of these homes were originaly built in 1925-1930. They have been updated obviously but still have many of the original
vintage styles and framework,etc.. I talked with the people who live in these homes as I asked if I could take photos of their houses, they come out and think I'm an FBI agent or "investigator" or something...he he..that's the way people are aound here..very "suspicious" and "clickish".....but if you be as nice as can be to them they will open up a bit...;)....It was interesting to hear the history of their homes that they all shared with me.
One couple have lived in their home since it was first originally built way back when. They spoke of "The good old days way back when". The grey and white trim house with the Gazebo type white fence entrance I call "The Gingerbread house". The owner came out when she saw me looking at it and me with my camera. At first she's like "what are you doing"? I just told her I'm an Artist and like to take photos of old "funky and beautiful homes" then she shared with me when her husband and her moved in 10 years ago and how he did all this work on it...added on and built the things all around the front of the house. Then I asked her if I could take a photo of her posing in front of her house. At first she said "oh no way forget it"!...but we talked a bit more then I said "nice meeting you have a nice day" and she went to walk back in her house but then came back out and said "Okay I'll pose if I can have my dog posing with me"...I said "sure whatever you want"...and you'll see the shot of her and her dog below.
I also got a photo of this really cool old car. I love old funky cars from the 50's and early to mid 60's. There are a few really funky old cars in great condition around here. Too bad all this is in the old "ghetto" part of town which is the old part of town where I live! One house will be horrible, unkempt and torn up and be a crack house and two houses down will be a beautiful home that a nice family is always taking the time to keep up and proud of...but things get much worse here as time goes on...too many people with meth amphetamine drug addictions have been destroying this town...I had no clue when I first moved here about 6 years can't get away from it, but I found myself having to keep moving (expensive) in order to be "Safe" but I finally gave up on that and now know how to "watch my back" to survive on my own here. I do a pretty good job of it to look confident and hold your head high when out in "the trenches"!.....but I am so ready to leave and move out of this town now...I've just got to find a way soon and hope the angels will help me in this endeavor very soon. Hope you enjoy the photos...don't forget to scroll down to see more!

Photos of old houses...another little "hobbie"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grace In the Moment........


Standing before me
Is Grace in the Moment.....
She's a powerful force
A Spiritual Magic
That living in the Now
Can bring.............

Grace in the Moment
Not looking behind
Nor looking ahead
Nothing to fear
And nothing to dread

Lights spread her honor
in my Prescence
And Angels abound
They circle
all around
For Special Gifts
Keep coming my way
Oh Grace in the Moment
Will you please stay...
With me?
Oh Grace in the Moment
Will you set my Heart Free?

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) March 2007 *Copyrights owned by Barbara R.*

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Daylight Savings time on my Birthday!

Don't forget everyone that Daylight Savings time is early and has changed it's month now! It will be this Sunday on my Birthday, March 11th! Wow, I'm kind of looking at this Birthday as a new "Daylight" of a hopeful omen for me as a "Dawning of a new Time and Daylight of "Light" for me in my life. I hope for everyone else also.

I have always loved's my favorite month of the it's so unpredictable (kind of like me :)) it comes roaring in like a Lion (That's my Leo rising sign) and comes out like a lamb....or is it the other way around? No, I think I got it right! You just can't predict the weather in March for we seem to get it clear skies, with beautiful white puffy clouds (like whipped cream, meringue or mashed potatoes) and you swear when you look up at them you can see a view that's shaped like Angels with their "white willowy graceful shapes and whispering wings", protecting and looking over and down on us earthlings.

We can get a nice warm day, or pouring rain or snow another day. Or a beautiful spring day, with the air so crisp and clean, with skies so bright blue and flowers blooming all around us in such a deep rich and bright rainbow of colors. We can have a day where the wind is just so wild and its blowing all of the "cobwebs" out of our winter sadness and darkness away from our hearts....and the eternal sun always shines through to another "dawning" of another beautiful day, another beautiful month..

"March"....the time of unexpected delights and splendor that the Angels and Mother nature have brought to our souls "once again"...."New life begins".....I'm very greatful for the new beginning of "life" chances, new changes, risks, faith, and spirits courage. Having faced the darkness and cold of winter into mornings new dawning light of Spring, once again....amidst the "Eternal Sunshine" always in our beginnings and "miracles" for the war to finally stop, and be no more and Love and Peace to soon recide within us all upon "Freedoms Shores" everywhere.

Many Angel Blessings to all of you,