Friday, April 30, 2010

Love this song by it is with the original "Hunchback of Notre Dame" movie video

This is one of my favorite songs written and sung by one of my all time favorite women singers, Melanie. It's hard to find hundreds of her original songs from way back on cd...but on youtube many people like me that have many of her albums have somehow managed to download hundreds of her songs on youtube...obviously I am not the only person who continues to appreciate Melanie's very special voice and beautiful lyrics along with her guitar work. She's still going strong, doing what she always has done...singing her music and sharing it with the world, in Europe (where they have always loved her) and all around the world. I've discovered along the way that there are many many new "very young" fans on youtube of hers who just love to listen to her songs and recognize this very special talented woman. You'll not find anyone like her, she is very unique in her style. So I was surfing youtube looking for this specific song of hers and they had it, but it's sung a bit different by her, then the original version, though I do love this version also. I also found it very interesting that someone downloaded this song of Melanie's song "Save Me" to some clips from the original "Hunchback of Notre Dame" in this video I've put in this post. As I listened to Melanie's lyrics and watched this clip from the "Hunchback" movie I slowly began to understand the creative idea the person that put this video together might have had...quite interesting...I loved the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" by the way, I thought it was a movie that spoke volumes of discrimination and judgements......about how people look on the outside...regardless of who they are is in the eyes of the Stevie Nicks sang "who is the beauty, who is the beast"?....good all comes from the soul, the heart and the kindness and human compassion of the person within.

I have always loved all of Melanie Safka's songs (lay down candles in the rain is one her hits) and yet it is almost impossible to find most of her 500 songs she's written on any cd and though I have most of her many albums and held onto them through the years, they are worn and scratched. Plus all of my old albums of hers and all that I have collected since the early 60's, are in storage...and I am looking for a good "discount" priced record player soon. Melanie hardly had any hits in her prime back in the 60's and 70's but she made many many albums...all beautifully written and sung. We "True" Melanie fans don't care...and there are many of us believe me...we have most of her work and know that it is not the kind of music that would have gone down well on pop radio...she's poetic, intense, honest, beautiful and writes about mother earth and father sky and she speaks "always" from her heart and soul...fame has meant nothing to is what she creates and does in her life because it is her life...this is "Melanie born to be"...hope you enjoy this beautiful tune.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

When it hurts so bad but you know it's over....

No matter how hard you cut's like a knife....the trust has been broken and taken away....I thought of this song right away. I really love this song and yes the video too...not afraid to admit it....but I do....."hate this part right here"....but I know I've got to get through this and I will. Just another wound that will need time to heal.

**When I download a video the screen shows black for some reason...but once you click on it, the video is there and will play.

Pussycat Dolls song and video, "I hate this part right here". I think Nicole Scherzinger is great...she has a lot of talent and I believe she will go far in her career. She has a beautiful singing voice and writes songs, dances and acts. I hope she wins on "Dancing with the stars". On second thought here, I am also putting another song video in this post. It's a "Foo for fighting" song titled "Inside of me", or "Superman" if you will. I remember many years ago the first time I heard their song "Inside of me", I was driving in my car and it came on the radio. It hit me so hard, the lyrics, the words, that I remember I had to pull over into a parking lot, and I listened to it and tears came streaming down my eyes. It's hard to explain but every time I hear this song it feels like "Me"......what I've gone through, how I can relate to it about myself and my life, my feelings, the struggles, the whole "deal" when you listen to the second video song "Inside of me" (with the lyrics included) just replace the word "man" with "woman" and this song is pretty much they way I've felt for a long time now. I often tire of having to "always be the strong one", so to speak, the strong one "inside"... and have often wondered if I'd ever meet a single man who has some kind of his own "inner strength" and who actually is brave enough and has the courage to "really" face his own fears and move beyond them, in order to"Love" someone, other than himself. Maybe one day I will know what it's like for someone to really see "me" from the "Inside"....and not just how I look on the "outside"...sick of it.....and I'm so tired of the shallowness of only being looked at in this way. On the other hand maybe it's best to stay on my own from now on...because I'm tired of the shallow single men I've met in this world. If they can't see and aren't interested in who I am on the 'Inside" and only like what they see on the "outside" the "exterior me", then forget it...."asta la vista baby"....I feel cursed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is dedicated to Earth day tomorrow...go green!

I have been going green for over 20 years now. When I started having serious health problems many many years ago, I helped my immune system by using almost all natural products or "alternatives". It's helped my health tremendously. It is NOT necessary, for instance, to use any kind of bleach. Use regular brown bottled peroxide. I add it to my natural cleanser to clean and also disinfect. I use this combination to clean my bathroom, kitchen, floors. I also add a bit of peroxide to my "green" laundry detergent, when I do whites, light colors and also my bed sheets and towels. No stain, no color drip. I just throw in a little less than 2 oz. with my laundry detergent. Not much is needed at all. I have never found any reason to have to use any of all those "toxic" cleansers they sell at the store...I have no need to. I save a lot of money this way also. I also use Bon-ami and peroxide to clean the toilet. When people here at my apartment complex see me in the laundry room, using my natural products and peroxide, they ask about what I am doing, so I share with them why. Now I see quite a few people here in the apartment complex with their natural "green" laundry detergent and their peroxide in their laundry baskets. Help protect the earth and save money too!

I also bought a "Quadra" Ionic Breeze air cleaner about 9 years ago. All I have to do is remove the inner core of it and wash and rinse it with a cloth about every month and let it air dry overnight, then slide it back into the outer container. Only cost pennies a day to run. You should see all the "gunk" on it when I pull the inner core of it out. It's filthy! That's got to tell you how much stuff is in the air in your homes. I also almost always have a window open a bit, even when it's cold...indoor air is one of the most toxic there remember to think of what you can do to protect our earth, and yourselvs, in these simple and many other ways. It is possible! I've been "green" so long I have to laugh sometimes when I read about new "recently discovered ideas" for going green, because I have been doing them for so long now that it seems "normal" to me.

Bless Mother Earth and Father Sky...protect the Earth, your families, your children and all of us.

Love and Blessings,


Monday, April 19, 2010

"Wars"..A Native American Indian Storytelling story, by Robert Mirabal....

Remember, History can teach us many Lessons......Lessons to be repeated

over and over again.....until we learn from them. Blessings, Rhi......

Theo's Dream (written and spoken by Robert Mirabal from his "Indians, Indians" CD)

Uncle Theo and I road down the same dusty reservation road, on the same reservation truck, being chased by the same old reservation dogs, for as long as I can remember. Going through the old corn fields, it was in the spring and all the Indians and the neighboring Mexican farmers were getting ready for the planting. Many of them were burning last years crops and clearing for the plowing.

The never ending Pueblo river raged on dark brown. Cottonwood trees were swept floating down through the Pueblo, it was a beautiful, beautiful spring run off and brown trout munched fresh wintery worms. Uncle Theo had been in Vietnam in 1971, he was gone one spring and was back home in the winter with an honorable discharge and a leg missing and he always felt useless.

"Your wondering where I've gone, I've become a soldier in greens and greys holding a gun, another for the slaughter, wherever I go you are with me, your kisses are in my blood, whatever I do you do with me, your kisses are in my blood".

Uncle Theo told me that the enemy looked like us and that he didn't get hurt by them but by his seargant who they say he was in the Klu Kux Klan somewhere in Alabama...and all those poor soldiers went in as Americans fighting for the red white and blue, but America has never really had any true common goals except to kill one another. Because still White boys hated Black boys, the Italians hated the Jews, Chicanos hated the Chinese boys and down the line it went....and the Indians hated them all because all of them came from another country and killed its people, and they were doing the same, yet in another country...and the memories of hate remain.

"Your wondering where I've gone, I've become a soldier in greens and greys holding a gun, another for the slaughter, wherever I go you are with me, whatever I do you do with me, your kisses , your kisses are in my blood....please don't forget our love songs they only become stronger, please don't forget."...

Years have gone by but the field burning and raging spring run off reminded him of Vietnam. He sat quietly in the truck as I drove past a grainery and across the American steel bridge. He just stared at the faded dusty greyish fence lines to the cornfields. Theo turned the radio on opened the truck door, adjusted his artificial leg and stared down the watery fields, as they reflected the Indian Sunset. Fried red dogs whined and barked and the pictures in his mind begin, the movie begins in his mind, as I channel water from seeds of sweet corn patches to pumpkin and bean and chili and "in rows they will all stand like soldiers facing the unknown, in rows they will all stand like soldiers facing the unknown" they wait so peacefully for the unknown, as they die again and again and rebirth them all.

"Your wondering where I've gone I've become a soldier in greens and greys, holding a gun, another for the slaugther and wherever I go you are with me, your kisses are in my blood...and whatever I do you do with me, your kisses, your kisses will be with me forever in my blood"....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Secret Beauty...another poem of mine from the past....

*This poem is dedicated to my blog friend Lydia who I know can relate to this short little poem I wrote 5 years ago..

Secret Beauty

There's a part of me

that will always need this place
this space of quiet
and peace in between....
attuned to Nature
of Secret Beauty
Space in time...
to release all my troubles
and my cares
to the universe....
for a while
the burden I carried
has now been lifted....
at least for now....

By Rhiannon.......August 2005