Saturday, April 04, 2009

I moved into my new place on Tuesday..

Hi All,

I moved into my new place this Tuesday (April 1st) and have been driving back and fourth moving my stuff into the's amazing how even if you've not really got any furniture how much other "stuff" you have! I have tons and tons of boxes of paperwork! When you go through the system of the government with social security disability and housing and more "stuff" all you do is constant paperwork...I hate it but never ends..

All is well and soon I will hopefully be settled and get more rested...right now it's a lot of work but I am getting help when I need it. My kitty Lizzie is pretty freaked out about the move but she will adjust in time. I've got a top queen mattress a charity organization gave to me for free andI put my large organic futon on top of that's my bed for now...low on the floor but comfy and I feel very blessed to have any kind of bed to sleep on! There's so much you feel greatful for when you've lost almost everything....only then will you know what it's like and the things that you don't really "need"...only by losing "things" do you learn and's amazes me what we take for granted....and I've now got a kitchen so I can actually cook my meals and eat better!...WOW!....and privacy and my own bathroom!...I took my first bath in candlelight the other night..only been showering the last year and a half!

Love you all and just letting you know that I've arrived!

Angel Blessings,