Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Parallel Universe? The story of Hugh and Mark Everette. Science and also helping heal those wounds..check this out...very interesting!

I saw this show NOVA/Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives/PBS last night on PBS. It's about Mark Everette, the son of Hugh Everette, the scientist who started the theory of Quantum Physics, that there is a parallel universe!. I was so intrigued watching this show....another dimensional world we might live in! I actually found this documentary to be rather a spiritual experience for me. Mark is in an alternative band and is a song writer and singer. They show a few clips of him on stage singing a song about his father and such. This whole documentary revolved around Mark going around the country to visit different people (some very famous scientist and such) Universities and places where his father made history. He had very interesting chats with his fathers friends and fellow scientist. Mark also shares about his families "complex" problems...he is the only family member left now.

Mark decided to take this "Journey" so he could really get to know his father in a better way and to understand him. His father died at the age of 51 of a heart attack from way too much smoking and drinking. Mark was just 18 when he found his fathers body when he died. Mark see's that whether he likes it or not, how he is like his father in many ways. I found this whole story of Mark's family history and what his father was like when Mark was a young boy growing up very fascinating! I was spellbound by Marks speaking his thoughts about the past, his conversations with so many that worked and knew his father way back "when". Also Mark finally deciding to go through boxes and records and even old tapes of taped conversations his father made. I hope you will take the time to read this PBS web site page above and also you can watch the whole PBS show from last night if you want to. I only happened upon this show on PBS accidentally.

**Note** I just checked the tv guide listings for PBS..."Parallel world, Parallel lives" will run again on PBS on May 23rd, Saturday at 10:00 pm. At least that's what it states for my area. So, check your local PBS listings for Saturday night. PBS also has it listed to run on May 21st on Thursday at 2:00 check for that early morning also..if you can manage to stay up that late or record it. It will be worth it. It's supposed to run on Sunday the same early morning time also..

I guess you had to be I'm sure this post will not be able to give you the rave review that this documentary please check it out at the web site above.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mark Farner and Grand Funk Railroad music videos....lets go back in time and really Rock Out!

The second video (bottom one) below is "Inside looking out" one of my favorite songs by Grand Funk's live era 1969! Sorry I meant to post this video first but it came out at the bottom for some reason! Please play this video first! It's the very first song I ever heard by them. I first discovered Mark and Grand Funk Railroad in the late 60's on an "underground FM radio station" growing up in Los Angeles county. I discovered most of my favorite rock groups and other artists from that radio station during that era time frame.

The other artist I discovered in the late 60's through the underground FM radio station were Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground, Nico, Laura Nyro, Melanie, Alice Cooper. The DJ did a lot of talk radio interviews with a lot of these artist he played, combined with their music. His name was "Elliot Menz" who later became John and Yoko's manager. John and Yoko were on Elliots radio show a lot having late night "chats". Each time I would hear a new artist I really liked on there (while listening very late at night) I would then go out the next day and search all over for their albums. Not always easy when they were not very popular and basically had no airplay on radio "pop" stations! But I would always manage to find their albums and I still have all of those albums! I had a wonderful encounter with John and Yoko at a mall in the early 70's...and had met Jim Morrison and the doors also..of course I've already posted that info way back in my blog I won't "go there" again.

Grand Funk Railroad got their name from their musical works often sounding a lot like a train locomotion. They got their fans from other places, like (as I mentioned) underground rock stations , their concerts, which sold out all the time too. I went to a 1972 Grank Funk Railroad concert with some friends and my sisters. I dragged them along, had extra tickets. They complained the whole drive to the forum. They did not want to go and were not into GFR but frankly they had never taken the time to ever listen to, 30 minutes into the concert I wasn't surprised to watch them head banging their brains out! They loved them! We could not hear for a few hours after the concert was over. Sound system wooo hooo. I went to many many rock concerts in those days but GFR was the most unforgettable and most fun ever (other than the doors playing in concert at my high school gym)...GFR were better live than on vinyl! Just the best guitar licks, vocals, drums, harmonica, etc..

So, in the second video "Inside looking out" take the time to listen through the whole's very very long and towards the middle and up to the end the guitar work is just amazing for back then! Be patient. Of course I love the whole video. It's all still brand new to me as I watch and listen..I never tire of it. The band is my favorite hard rockin band (other than the doors and velvet underground, Lou Reed).... Mark Farner is still my favorite guitarist, he's got his own unique style and I love his voice and he is still rockin after all these years. They are trying to vote Mark and GFR into the rockin hall of fame but they still have not done amazes me as Mark and GFR were and "still" are incredibly talented musicians.

The first video below (top one) is the song "Heartbreaker" done live in 1989 by Mark Farner and his own band. He does some fantastic guitar work in this one towards the middle!! Incredible! I found Mark Farner doing the "Heartbreaker" song live in a youtube 2004 video...but the picture was so wobbly and the music kept cutting off...but Mark still does great work today and looks fantastic for a man in his 60's!! Rocking out keeps you young (at least it does me) and Mark may have less hair on the top (but long in back) but his body is even more lean now and he still has those muscles in his arms and he still wears his armband...and most of all he's "Still got it"! If you don't believe me go check him out on youtube. So in the the first live concert song here "Inside looking out" Mark was 19 or 20 in 1969...and in the second video song "Hearbreaker" it's Mark 20 years later 1989. I thought he sounded even better and his guitar licks were more evolved. GFR changed their name to Grand Funk later in the "mid 70's and turned more "pop" which I didn't care for...that was not the "real thing" for them..never was I feel. Mark stopped his drug taking a long time ago and became a born again "Christian"...however he became an open and "into the environment, and "all my brothers and sisters" type Christian...he sets a good example of what a good Christian might be...he is a very open, loving, truthful, honest "up front" type of man.

Funny, how I do love the old rock but I also love a lot of new rock, alternative, pop too..I just like to keep evolving. I guess I've always been a rebel at heart. Oh my mother hated that about me. I was so "evil" listening to that "Sick evil music" she used to say. Well I don't think I turned out too bad considering I had a mother like her! I was curious and always open to new and different and eclectic kind of music. My friends used to tell me that I should have become a record producer because I would recognize talent, a new group or some musical artist before anyone around me knew who they were. I would find and buy their first album and play it all the time and say to anyone who would listen "they will become famous in a few years"....and they almost always did...this still happens to me. I think nickelback, smashing pumpkins, Linkin park is very good...coldplay, the killers, eve 6, the frey. I like quite a few Eminems songs. I'm kind of all over the map when it comes to music, and I loved the 80's mtv "big hair" music videos...Sting, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, ABC, flock of sea gulls. They were very creative with their music videos then, they had "stories" to them like little "movies". I'm not into country though...sorry people...:o( ....but I do love Keith Urbans "I'm going to love you like nobody's loved you making memories of us"...ooooh. Hope you'll take the time to listen to GFR's two whole videos songs here (give them a chance) and let me know what you think?...I'd be very curious and interested to know. Rock out!...I hope you enjoy them. Remember to please play the second video at the bottom "first"...then play the first one at the top...or heck play the first one first if you want...then compare the two...such a least in my opinion..

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Facing the Monsters..........

I had made this collage a few years back in relation to my feelings about my mother and my family...during that time I finally got the courage to say what I felt and needed to say to "her". It was very freeing. As I look at my collage now I connect with it for different reasons, in relation to what I've gone through in the last 2 years or so. Losing everything in my life it seemed, facing my fears of "what will happen to me will I survive, make it through all this?" I found myself continually facing my "fears" and "the monsters"'s getting better now but I have recently discovered how emotionally fragile I still am. So, I accept and embrace my feelings of how I feel and who I am "for now" each day goes by I find new experiences to help guide the way...and of course my guardian angels, always hanging out in my corner of the world...somehow I know and trust that they have been with me the whole time..I just lost faith...and it was still okay with them..I felt their prescience always...strange though that may sound I thank them for the unconditional protection watching over me when I often stumbled and lost my way..

A heartfelt thank you to many of my blog friends for the support frame and kindness they have given to meant so much to me...though you are all so far from me in miles, you are close to me in my heart. You made a difference in my life...and so we all continue to reach out to one another with friendship and understanding...all because of a thing called "blogging" on a computer...isn't that something? I'm not a computer type geek person, yet I can see where it can make a difference in the world if used properly in connecting and reaching out to others in spiritual and friendship ways.

Thanks for not giving up on me...because in many ways for a long time now I did almost give up on I try and take each day as it's all any of us can do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you...your so special to me in my heart..

"Nobody speaks about the monsters"...lyrics written by Annie Lennox

Love, Rhi