Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Beautiful Stevie Nicks song "Two kinds of Love"...I can relate to it.

Male vocals sung by Bruce Hornsby


Lydia said...

I see that you also are up in the wee hours this morning, Rhi! I enjoyed the song...have always loved her and I saw him play in Portland years ago.

Please send me an email (my adddress is in my blog profile) if and when you feel like it, because I can't access an email address for you here.

Am going to bed now, but wanted to wish you a peaceful weekend. Rainy here so I'm glad the neighbor kid mowed two days ago!

Muhd Imran said...

Welcome back!

Hope you're settled in your new place apart from getting connected again.

Am very sorry that you were hurt and in a wheelchair for sometime, but knowing you have wonderful friends to help you out for the time being is very good to know.

You're always an inspiration.

Take care.

Kylita said...

Rhi, just answered your email before I realized you'd commented on my blog also. Was happy to get both! Glad to know you'd gotten my letter, too. I haven't listened to this song yet but tomorrow I will. I always love her music, and his. Were you able to hear the site I'd posted of "Stand By Me" performed simultaneously all over the world? It was so moving to me. I am so glad you are back here ... and in your new HOME SWEET HOME, SisSTAR!
Give Lizzie a scratch from Auntie Kyle xo