Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stevie Nicks pic below, how I put it all together...

I did this a few years ago. I saw this great photo of Stevie in a magazine, so I cut around just her figure, then scanned it and added everything else putting this kind of all together..its kind of how they make greeting cards now..start with the main subject and work with a "theme" all around it..I thought of her song "Dreams", the lyrics "Thunder only happens when its raining" and also her song "Planets of the Universe" from her cd "Trouble in Shrangi-La"(her best cd in years I think)so added planet type look, a deep blue backround with some mist,foggy type clouds, rain and then the text..trying to add and blend the colors of the text to cordinate with the colors of the rest of the picture is the hardest thing!...couldn't get that lighting in there though. That would have been cool!..;o)

Click on the pic and you will see it full size.

Hope all you Stevie fans enjoy it!..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Two of my more simplistic poems below.....

While unpacking more of my journals and tons of writings I found these two poems in the box. I wrote both of them in 1999 right after my divorce. Yes, they are much more simplistic than my poems these days, and very "rhymy" but I thought I might share them with you anyway. A bit more "positive upbeat" and "pondering priorities" type poems..

Angel Blessings,


We hurt one another without knowing
and we let our pride prevent it from showing...
we hold it in and close it up
we shut our mouths
with the pain stuffed inside
our ego, our wounded pride
which comes first who's to know?
all I know is we can't let it go
or set it aside...

Wounds go deep
they never really heal
a band-aid or stitches
won't mend pain thats so real...

If only we all could just not hold it in
our hearts and minds
might learn how to mend...

All this pain we all carry around
our lips rarely smile
we only just frown...
It seems a permanent part of our lives
our hearts so burdened
with pain and strife..
I wonder sometimes
if we smiled at one another more
it might make a difference
in what our life has in store?

It's amazing how much difference a smile can make
our hearts want to give
and not just to take..

I wish we all could laugh more too
this could be
it could happen to you..

Maybe in the future you could help someone out?
by a laugh or a smile
and a twinkle in your eye
don't let their sadness
pass you by...

Be the one to give and not take
then you might see
the miracles God can make...
for you
for me
for everyone we see..

Please don't give up
there's a part of us inside
that needs to be
and a smile or a laugh
can set your heart free.

It's part of human nature
this wanting this needing
but without a smile
it just doesn't make sense
our life is stagnant
were sitting on a fence..
So jump off of it and leap in the air
take that chance
there's not a moment to spare..
life is short
life can be sweet
if only we smile, the summit we can reach..

*I know this poem is a bit "corny" but there is a message or two in it..

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Angels and pics I post, etc....

I just wanted to let everyone know where and how I get all my nice pics, and the Angel pics I post on here. Some are cards sent by friends through the years, some I found and cut out or had in my scrapbook and then scanned, so I don't know the artist names on most of them. If I do I will try and make sure I share it with you. Some other angel pics I post I have had in my files for years and saved on my pc are from a great web site its a geat site check it out, and if you scroll through and search around you will find all kinds of beautiful angel pics and such...there's beautiful pics in there you can send as e-mail cards,etc..


Edna St. Vincent Millay...

Edna St. Vincent Millay is one of my favorite poets of all time(so far!)and I discovered her poetry when I was a young teenager looking to do a biographpy book report on a poet for my English class. As I leafed through books at the library looking at different poets books, I came upon one of hers and could not put the book down! I checked the book out(wow I miss going to the library I should start going more now)and rechecked it out over and over for quite a while. Finally I saved my money and got her book at a book store. I got an "A+" on my book report, very rare for me to get good grades as a "C" student with dyslexia, which of course no one understood at that time. Thats another story of my struggles in school in Los Angeles (around 40 students or more per class)way back when with a few teachers(men) repeating to me over and over again how stupid I was! That's for another time I will share with you further. Edna was born on February 22 (a Pisces of course.:o))1892 in Rockland, Maine. She had bright red hair pale skin and freckles. She was the first woman to receive a Pulitzer prize for poetry and was the author of many plays. She died Ocotober 19, 1950, about 5 months before I was born! A lot of her poems resonate with me and always have. I guess she was a "Dreamer" also. Below are a few of my favorite poems by her, the one about war, I thought how ironic, it seemed as if she wrote it in the "here and now" of whats happening in our world today. They should make a movie or play about her life I think it would be very interesting for she was quite unique, different, a rebel, and rather a vagabond for those days.

Hope you enjoy the poems.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well put statement by Marianne Williamson, "Chaos in America"..

Everyone I just read such an eloquently put statement by Marianne Williamson (best selling Spiritual author from Metro Detroit) about the Chaos in America now..."People Sense Presidents Soulless Sensibility" can read her statement at or just click on "Intuitive Innovations" on my link bar will take you there. I was going to type the whole thing and post it but it is a lot of typing!....but it won't take you long to read it...I think most of you will appreciate what she says. Its the way I've felt for quite a few years now and have told many people way back when, what would maybe we will "awaken from our slumber". Two things entered my mind after reading Mariannes statement. 1. From the Sheaksphere play (sorry my spelling) of Romeo and Juliet...what it says at the very end..... "All are punished.... all are punished" and 2. "Apathy is pathetic"...


My drawing below...

This drawing I did below is not one of my best in my opinion. I remember that I only had rough thick paper available when I drew it and I rarely do nudes so was kind of experimenting with that and also adding a bit of color to lips cheeks, etc...when it was a pencil drawing of dark brown only. I don't know if any of you recognize who the woman is she is Jerry Hall, former model and a Texan who married Mick Jagger and had a few of his kids. I always thought she was one of the "natural beauties" around...I think she still is...


Body and of my drawings..

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Leaf of many colors...

I seem to be turning over a new leaf...
there are many dimensions to a leaf
and its colors change through the seasons
just like me...
They fall to the ground
and new leaves bud and grow
to replace the old with the new...

Trees of the ages have wisdom
through deep roots
and deep growth...
I wish I could be a leaf or a tree...
the old leaves falling to the ground
and the new ones budding and growing
replacing the old ones....

And the tree continues in its eternal wisdom...
I'm not there yet....
I doubt if I ever will be...


*Believe it or not this is a real leaf I picked up off the ground today and scanned then added a bit more light.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This is my Artwork below..

I had typed up a post earlier but I got disconnected so will make this quick. Well I finally got up the courage to show you some of my Artwork. I own the copyrights of my work. I have had a few showings way back in the past...thats another story. I started drawing as a child first horses than people mostly fine lined drawing portraits in black and white, I like black and white movies also, its the shadows and the light...I also do sepia, pen and ink, and white chalk pencil on black that is a challenge!..think about it...anyway here is some of my work, I scanned, and added dark oval shadow around the drawings. When I scanned my work it turned out more dark then the drawings really are. If you click on each drawing you can see it enlarged. My real name is Barbara, Rhiannon is my nickname, and I always use my maiden name when signing my work...its obvious that I am into vintage things and "moments from another time" as it states on my Art Business cards. I have always felt I belonged in another time the "Romantic era" of the 1800's...and I also am very much into Native Amercian Indian culture though I am French Canadian Indian on my fathers side. No wonder I always felt French and also connected to Indian ways most of my life!..

I will tell you more later...Rhi

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laughter the best medicine...Now class behave!

Hi Everyone,

I found this funny pic of myself, its from about a year ago. I remember I had found these HUGE funky looking glasses at some vintage store, and bought them for a joke. Came home put them on looked in the mirror and laughed and laughed thinking I looked kind of like a "nerdy type" school teacher, saying "Now class behave"!!..I remember I then took a pic of myself with them on and sent it via e-mail to my friends to make them laugh....they did. So, I thought I would post the pic here on my blog, and if it makes anyone laugh, or even smile (at my expense ; o) ) then it will have been worth it! "Now Fellow Bloggers Behave"!!! good and have a good when you can...its the little things that matter you know?...and hey smile and say hello to maybe even a total stranger, you never know how you might make their whole day or maybe even their week or month!....Shine on!

Angel Blessings to each and everyone of you,