Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laughter the best medicine...Now class behave!

Hi Everyone,

I found this funny pic of myself, its from about a year ago. I remember I had found these HUGE funky looking glasses at some vintage store, and bought them for a joke. Came home put them on looked in the mirror and laughed and laughed thinking I looked kind of like a "nerdy type" school teacher, saying "Now class behave"!!..I remember I then took a pic of myself with them on and sent it via e-mail to my friends to make them laugh....they did. So, I thought I would post the pic here on my blog, and if it makes anyone laugh, or even smile (at my expense ; o) ) then it will have been worth it! "Now Fellow Bloggers Behave"!!! good and have a good when you can...its the little things that matter you know?...and hey smile and say hello to maybe even a total stranger, you never know how you might make their whole day or maybe even their week or month!....Shine on!

Angel Blessings to each and everyone of you,

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David E. Patton said...

Rhi I see that one of your favorite book is Woman Who Run with Wolves, I knew Clairessa when I lived in Denver and if you have read deep into my blog then you know that she and I gave a reading togather back in the 90s. She is a wonderful woman, verry mother like to everyone