Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This is my Artwork below..

I had typed up a post earlier but I got disconnected so will make this quick. Well I finally got up the courage to show you some of my Artwork. I own the copyrights of my work. I have had a few showings way back in the past...thats another story. I started drawing as a child first horses than people mostly fine lined drawing portraits in black and white, I like black and white movies also, its the shadows and the light...I also do sepia, pen and ink, and white chalk pencil on black that is a challenge!..think about it...anyway here is some of my work, I scanned, and added dark oval shadow around the drawings. When I scanned my work it turned out more dark then the drawings really are. If you click on each drawing you can see it enlarged. My real name is Barbara, Rhiannon is my nickname, and I always use my maiden name when signing my work...its obvious that I am into vintage things and "moments from another time" as it states on my Art Business cards. I have always felt I belonged in another time the "Romantic era" of the 1800's...and I also am very much into Native Amercian Indian culture though I am French Canadian Indian on my fathers side. No wonder I always felt French and also connected to Indian ways most of my life!..

I will tell you more later...Rhi

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Peg said...

OH my goodness!! Lady, you are a fantastic artist and poet!! I feel honored to have you had stop by my place!! May I link you?
I have my book site there also, so you may get a little more traffic then just from my blog, but I can't guarantee much.
You need to be seen, let me know!
WOW!! Nice morning wake up!! ;-0}