Saturday, August 21, 2010

The older poem I wrote but feeling it now......let the wind blow away the wars also....

The Wind

The wind howls
and whistles
roaring at times..
It's blowing out the cobwebs
in my mind
It's clearing out
the dust and the rust
of my heart
it's clearing and making a path
A fresh new start
for clarity....

It's cleansing the air I breathe
it's clearing out toxicity
in my mind
in my soul
It's healing my wounds
to make me whole
once again.

*Written by Rhiannon April 2006 *Copyrights owned by Rhiannon (Barbara)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Graceful Imperfections" poem....Believe me, I'm more hard on myself then anyone else could possibly be of late...

Running for Shelter
in more ways than one....
Mistakes sifted through my fingers
like the hands of time
As the warning trumpets
of Gabriel's calling
announced my arrival....

Overlooking the cliffs
Along the slippery path
of mistaken roads
I knowingly took...
I felt myself falling
through the air
to the ocean shores echoing below
as I found myself
drifting into a cloud of dreams....

Fleeting thoughts flew by my memories
connecting to Spirits acknowledgement
in accepting my graceful imperfections.

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) March 25Th, 2007
*Copyrights owned by Barbara R.*

Leonard Cohen: Democracy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Haunting Echos...The Children.....dedicated to all the children trapped in wars and to goatman...what you said is so is not all there is

"It's not the people who lie to us who represent the greatest danger, but the one's who lie to themselves"......

I read this comment above today on someone else's blog. It was an anonymous comment so I can't give credit where credit is due, but as I read it I felt how profound this statement really is.........

I had this photo in my files I had saved from years ago of a young girl in Iraq during the first year of our stupid war with know the "weapons of mass destruction" false statement crap made by our former president and his administration? Our problem in this country is just accepting what we hear without checking out the facts or wanting to know the "Real truth"....took us long enough to figure it out...though I knew way back then this was all wrong! I remember when I first saw this photo of this young girl in pain and it touched me in such a way I cried broken hearted. Words sometimes aren't really necessary the photo itself "speaks" to you.
I added the text. I sometimes wonder if we adults thought of the
Children more often then our petty selves, and our petty complaints, how this world of
ours might really be? Would it be different? More loving?

This is at least a start a beginning hey Goatman? At least I hope so...the news needs to talk more about how many children and innocent women and men are or have been killed in the last 8 years or so, in Afghanistan and Iraq...was it all worth it? Oil will not save us...we must save ourselves and learn a new "way" for transportation and a new way of thinking of life and our environment....I still don't understand why such rich people in this country complain about taxes becoming a little higher for them in order to get this country back together again....would they really suffer much from paying a bit more? ...or is it just that they are so self absorbed that they just don't "see" nor get it at know the old Bob Dylan song "I wish that you could be in my shoes just for one day let alone 5 minutes, then maybe you could see me, or be me"...get it? know what I mean?... yes I am sure most of you do. I have really grown very very tired of the "whats in it for me"? mentality of this country of late...we need to connect with one another more and to also accept our differences with a bit more love and understanding...come together...not "come apart"....well these are all my thoughts for now..

I am very grateful just to be alive and have food and shelter...I could be laying in the street, homeless, or dead as some in our own country are starting to experience and witness...we need to care about our fellowmen (women) and especially the kids all over the world......we need to stop the "adult" wars that get us absolutely nowhere...we need to get our act together and look within our hearts and souls...not always using the brain only....connect the heart and mind together...than we have and keep our souls.....there are too many soulless people walking around in this world of ours....just look at the news and all around the world and even in your own hometown where you live. Have we improved grown and learn the lessons yet? It doesn't appear so, and this my friends is why so much is being thrown at us for so long...we haven't learned enough yet.

Now I am reading how a lot of the stock market and a lot of major banks are going to be giving lots of money to the GOP to help them win elections...thank you Supreme court for that! For the life of me I just cannot understand why many people that are suffering so financially among other things would vote Republican, when the Republicans do not care about human suffering in this country much...they are in it for the "money" and they will be getting plenty in order to try to win these elections. Big Money buys elections! Don't you see the big connection between big money and the GOP? Check out the facts today, about the meeting with GOP and stock market and banks recently. They are going to be giving tons of money to the GOP! The GOP don't care about you the "little guy", it's all about them saying "no" to anything Obama is trying to do and to win the next elections now that the Supreme court has given them a "Huge" doorway to win, by the rich giving to the rich. Well I will still vote and I will still vote what I feel is right for the people and not for the "rich" and the big big lobbyist that try to control it all with money! When I think of how so many people that vote Republican and actually think the GOP is on their side...well I think of the that song "White Rabbit" by the Jefferson Airplane and they lyrics "Feed your head"......and the GOP is feeding your head!...with lies and deception. Listen, really listen pay attention and check out your facts before you start foaming at the mouth blaming President Obama for everything that our former president did nothing about or made here we are with a big mess President Obama has to try to clean up to the best of his ability...stop the blame game and get it together people.

Peoples lets stop the wars! Lets stop the lies and deceptive behavior of many politicians and please please use your own minds and stop being so naive actually believing what Glen Beck may make up in his head and you sit there believing him? He and other people like him (with no journalism, no facts or news experience at all) are trying to control you, get you mad, get you worked up, get you believing so many made up stories, much ado about "nothing" "editing" they look like a person is saying something they are not.....many things they say are made up that are not true....and the name calling is many angry so called "news people" stirring the waters with blood and anger...mind control...making lots of money off of naive and angry people who need someone to blame....even if it's the wrong people being blamed! I mean really, lets stop being patsies! Wake up!! Do your part for this country by thinking for yourselves, checking out your mind up to checking out the "official stories" based on the facts...not someones "interpretation" of the facts the real facts!...and please stop the "conspiracy" theories...of course I do have one conspiracy story thought...the GOP are duping you and they have got you just where they want puppets. I am just so tired of "all" of the news media going on and on about "Pollywood" rumor crap that means nothing to us nor affects our lives....such a waste of news time...and why are you even watching reality shows and CSI and one murder and violence show after another and another and another on TV? you enjoy it?'s everywhere!!! wonder so many of our kids (let alone adults) in this country have become so "comfortably numb" to death, blood, graphic's all over TV...I won't watch it and it makes me sick to my stomach that so many enjoy these type of shows....what are we doing???????? We have so much graphic violence in the world, do you care about that? Do you ever wonder why this is? I mean really look at our country, our attitude as Americans and look at TV!!!!????? Look at society?????!!!!. I'm on digital converter and only have 5 channels and boy am I happy about that. I "read" and check out the headlines online news...and check out the facts...might try it for a change..."easy to figure out" not that hard. Has anyone ever watched "Democracy Now" on PBS? I just recently started watching this...I must admit I was surprised how well Amy Goodman handles herself...just states and gives out the facts and ask the questions waiting to hear the other person respond....she doesn't make up things or start arguing or crying or foaming at the mouth..she is "clear" "concise" and travels to different states and to different countries and talking one on one to people to check out the facts and ask the right questions...she also lets people she interviews and talks to finish their sentences without interruptions or cutting them off midway to give them her view and she listens to their answers....and she ask good excellent questions.....whether she disagrees or not she listens and does her job well!..Mature, level headed, open and the facts, the news...isn't that what reporters used to do? refreshing!...she does her job well...I can also handle Charlie Rose...level headed and smart...and a good journalist and interviewer...let's people tell their story, give their opinions, let's them finish...he has real conversations with people. He ask the difficult questions many don't want to ask....and he does a darn good job too! Wow goatman your comment really got me thinking it's time to let more out about what's really going on? Let's deal with it, just like Marvin Gaye sang "what's going on?.....I'll tell you what's going on"....Okay done with my rant now..Thanks for your patience in reading this everyone...if you did! Excuse my typos, I will try to fix them later...being dyslexic doesn't help but still no excuse...sorry about that..

Angel Blessings,

Sunday, August 08, 2010

A song and video by Bruce Cockburn...I've shown it before recently but feel strongly it bears repeating so hope you'll check it out

"Busy Monster eats dark holes in the Spirit World"...

*Lyrics from "If a Tree Falls" song by Bruce Cockburn*

Hard to believe this song and video was in 1989!...That's Bruce for you....always way ahead of his time...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One war slowly comes to an end and here's hoping that another will also be over soon!

I feel as if this poem written by Edna St. Vincent Millay below, could have been written just today! Don't you think? It sure resonates with me...I'm on a "mission" and it's to make a contribution to take a stand to speak up and end the "other" war now!...or at least sooner than Obama states. I want President Obama to make a "change" and to "change" his mind about the Afghanistan war and end it much sooner then he says..hurry Mr. President, for time is of the essence.

Welcome home soldiers!!...may your journey home help your hearts to heal slowly with all you've been through (for nothing in my opinion) and may your wounded hearts and minds slowly heal from all the trauma that you have had to go through. Love and Blessings to all of you.


Apostrophe to Man

Detestable race, continue to expunge yourself,die out.
Breed faster, crowd, encroach, sing hymns, build bombing airplanes;
Make speeches, unveil statues, issue bonds, parade;
Convert again into explosives the bewildered ammonia and the distracted cellulose;
Convert again into putrescent matter drawing flies
The hopeful bodies of the young; exhort,
Pray,pull long faces, be earnest, be all but overcome, be photographed;
Confer, perfect your formula, commercialize
Bacteria harmful to human tissue,
Put death on the market;
Breed, crowd, encroach, expand, expunge yourself, die out,
Homo called sapiens.

*Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote this on reflecting that the world is ready to go to war again,world war 2.