Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still remembering Jim Morrison..two great videos, one of Jim speaking his poem while playing piano, the other profund quotes of his, true, very deep

I found these two videos of Jim Morrison..I was blown away hearing him read one of his's very beautiful...he plays the piano in the first video..and the other videos are quotes of Jim's someone added music to and please read all those quotes they are so so true..I am amazed I understood and agreed with a lot of Jim's quotes...they are profound....about being "real" and who you are, not letting other people make you be who you are "not". I have two books of Jim's poems...they are an incredible body of work, for one who passed on so young.

Another line from Jim's "An American Prayer" is "Do you know we are ruled by TV"? think he wrote this line about 40 years ago and I feel it's much much more true now than ever rules us...glad I don't watch too much of it..especially reality sucks and I wonder why do people seem to thrive on those stupid shows? I really do not understand? What about their own lives? Rather than living someone elses lives on reality tv???? Anyway I'd like to get your input comments on what you think about Jim Morrison's philospophy quotes..they really really hit home and I find very deep and true...something for all of us to ponder about now in this chaotic life of ours that we lead in this crazy mixed up world..

Beautiful poem by Jim Morrison...his voice is so profoundly soft, deep and serious in this video...let me know what you's amazing..

*Correction....Jim Morrison is not playing the piano as noted in this video I downloaded from's someone else who is playing the piano music to Jim speaking his poem...whoever put this piano music and Jim's speaking the poem together did a very good job, that's for sure!

Quotes and Philosophy of Jim Morrison...incredibly true! I couldn't agree with him more and am not surprised at the intuitive sixth sense he had about these words he wrote or said when he was alive. I feel that Jim was born long long ago during the Myths of the Gods...way way back I had always felt Jim would not be in this world for long this time around...he had just come "back" for a short while to maybe finish what he needed to do, from his other past life. He walked through the "door" and broke on through to the other side. He was most definitely an "old soul"....from the deep forest hills of the "ancient ones"...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Ancient Path of Knowing...another poem of mine from my blog archives

In the victory of the Sea
the waves call to the sound
of the roaring crash...
high drifts meet on the shore.

Along lifes learned lessons
comes a barge
blocking the path
of least resistance....
forcing you
to walk down the road
most definitely less taken....
it seeks you..
it finds you...
you are there
with your rainboots on
splashing in the mud
and the murk
of your own creation.....

Forest Hills
beckon to the ancient one
waiting for you
to listen to the call
of the wild.....

The primal animal screams
pierce your soul...
its cry as ancient
as the myths of the Gods
that sang to you
long ago,
in another time and place....
you find yourself there again...
all creation surrounds you
in the deep universe
of knowing....

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) November 4th, 2005.