Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Holidays Everyone!....

I'm signing off until after New Year's.....

Well I'm signing off until the New Year. I want to thank everyone for all your wonderful thoughtful heartwarming
comments since I first started my blog and also on my last few posts. I wanted to respond back to recent comments but finding I just don't have the time due to some important matters I must attend to before the New Year begins. I also need some "R & R" time very much so! I hope your Holidays are fun, joyful, peaceful and that the warmth in your heart spreads to others through the whole New Year. Lets hope and "dream" that the New Year will bring a much better year than this one. But with that hope its up to us to make it happen by spreading the "love" and "Peace" around to others and the children (for they are enchanted) and to not shut ourselves off from others, spread some joy and friendship around, smile at a stranger, reach out, give of our hearts and ourselves without expecting anything back, but at the same time "be very careful out there" especially if your a single woman!..I speak from experience.....

By the way did you know this New Year Eve falls on a new moon? Very interesting.....I've asked my blog friend Jody from "Intuitive Innovations" (she's on my blog links list on the top just click on that and it will take you to her blog)about this for she is an expert on the phases of the moon, etc. She told me that she would soon be sharing some info on her blog about this upcoming new moon on Dec.31st . Be sure to check her blog out for this interesting new moon phase.

To the ones whom I trust and you know who you are! Thank you and bless you all so much for your understanding, kindness, generosity, hearing me (rather reading me:-)) accepting me "Just as I am" without judgement or "lectures" but with insightful, thoughtful comments of which I do so appreciate. Thanks for showing me that there are still good people in the world. In the last year I lost a lot of confidence in myself , had the life sucked out of me, I lost faith in many people (players and control freaks) found it hard to trust others as many proved they were not trustworthy, so many you have no idea and it rocked my world big time! There's been lots of losses and grieving for me this year but hoping to gain more "insight" in the coming New Year! I have made a vow to myself that in the New Year I will not let others stomp on me or my dreams or hopes just because they have lost theirs and have such need to drag others down with them in their ignoramous manipulative selfish repressed angry mire. I have lost a few friends because I learned to say "no" but if they were real friends they wouldn't have walked off when I stood in my "truth" anyway, they would have respected me, as I did them. I'm so sick of people who can so dish it out all the time, boss people around tell them what they think they should do all the time, but they can't take any of that in relation to themselves. So there's going to be some changes within me thats for sure!..Look out world! I hope we all can make wonderful "dreamweaving" come true for this New Year! See you soon all my blog "Brother Sun and Sister Moon" earth Angel Friends!

With Love, Wishes for Peace in the New Year to come, and of course some of
those "Angel Blessings" to all of you!...:-)


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lips Have..and my little story about Jim Morrison.

Lips have fooled the truth
with a kiss of deceit

Lips have echoed
false words
with a smile to be believed

Lips have touched your lips
with a Judas kiss so cheap

Lips have kissed your face
as you turned the other cheek

Lips have laughed
at your tears
as they ran down your mouth
and trickled to the floor

Lips have smiled their last good-bye
as yours trembled
when they walked out the door.......

*Written by Rhiannon December 2005....lip drawing by Rhiannon December 2005....copyrights owned by Rhiannon.*
I'm not happy with the way the lips drawing turned out, eyes are much easier for me to draw than lips, lips and hair are the most difficult when I draw my portraits.

When I was sitting in classes in school I would always be drawing eyes, and fashion clothes style and also drawings of Jim Morrison who I rather idolized and met when he came to our H.S. with the doors to do a concert. One of his girlfriends was in my gym class and she was playing their first album all the time as we worked out to it, way before it was a hit. When I met Jim and he walked in our little gym room (they used it for their dressing room) I remember my friend introducing him to me, and my trying to look all "cool, calm and collected" in my gym shorts , shirt and shoes....:-)..He had on his leather pants and jacket and I was just amazed at his "gentlemenly" manners, he was very very gracious and kissed my hand....oooooohhhhhhh! Later in the middle of their concert in the gymnasium the principal had called the police and they dragged Jim off and he was totally passive as they just pulled him along the floor he just went "limp" not fighthing it in any way. At that time just about everyone at the school weren't very familiar with the doors yet and they all used to tell me I was crazy for liking them and Jim, that they would never "amount to anything" and how "disgusting"Jim was.....a lot of people were and still do say things like that to me about groups and artist singers I like, etc.. then they later became or "become" very famous...ha ha...:-)..fooled them. I have a portrait drawing of Jim Morrison I did when I was still a teenager...maybe I will post it one day soon...who can forget those "Eyes" and "Lips"?..When I go to France one day (one of my dreams) I plan on visiting his gravesite. I guess I've always been a rebel and I suppose I always will be. I've never cared about fitting in.....only thing about that is that it makes life a bit more hard, as you speak your "truth" when you deem it necessary too, are dedicated, stand up for your beliefs and also protect yourself (and others) when you have too, or people will walk all over you.....and some just aren't comfortable with that...they get upset that I won't "follow" their "rules", or according to "societies" rules. Imagine how nothing would ever change in this world if we were all the same and never spoke up out of fear? And believe you me I feel fear but I continue to "walk through it" almost every day of my life on a regular basis....not easy but I do it...I think I need to have some more fun in life, its about time! So for the New Year thats my plan, to not let others "bull" get in my way!...yeppers! Wish me luck!.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Whats your blog personality quiz..

Thought this was's my results:

Your blogging type is Artistic and passionate.

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression, and work hard to make it great.
One moment you may be be working hard on a new dramatic design for your blog
and the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes. Your blog is
very important and your careful about who you share it with.

Yeah I think that sounds pretty much like "my blog and I"....:-)

Angel Blessings,

What city do you belong in?

One of my best friends is English and lives in England.
He always tells me that I am not a "typical American type" (whatever that is) and that I would "fit in" more
in England, that I seem very "English" to maybe this is true! I don't know I also
feel very very "French"...since I'm French Canadian Indian on my fathers side and French and English
on my mothers side. Well France isn't too far from England so one day my dream of going to
France will come true and I can just stop over in England to visit my friend. I've lived in Japan
but never been to Europe before. I've lived all over the U.S as an adult, including Hawaii. I
long for living right near the ocean or a "body of water" I so long for that and miss it so much.
I grew up in Los Angeles area (but born in WV)and the ocean was just a 25 minute drive or so. I also lived in
Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and loved the ocean there. Also loved the ocean over in Hawaii.
So gorgeous! The ocean was nice over in Japan also, but I think visiting the Buddist temple in
Tokyo was one of the most memorable moments in my couldn't utter a noise let alone speak
and watching the Buddist monks do the chanting and meditation and all the beautiful statues
and Artistic things in there..ooooh unforgettable moment. Getting to the top of Mt. Fuji was awesome
also!....anyway here is what city I'm supposed to belong in..this sure got me thinking about all of
the places I'ved lived and traveled to. I still long for roots though. Don't think its where I live now
though thats for sure!..I so long for diversity!

"You belong in London, a little old fashioned and a little modern, a little traditional and a little
punk rock. A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything. No wonder you and
London will get along so well"...

"London Calling"!...;-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freedom Knows My Name...


Freedom pulls my heart strings
As I board another plane
It's not leaving I am wanting
But freedom knows my name

Friends turn into strangers
Strangers can be cold
But I've been blessed with Angels
At least I'm not alone.....
And they come to me in a sunrise
In the words of some old song
In the name of all creation
In a life long out of bounds
Freedom knows my name.

Tender roots grow deep with longing
To the core of solid ground
Mine go left of center
and slightly off the ground
Through the war torn ages
Scenes of freedom's flight
Drawn on hidden pages
Haunt our dreams at night
Freedom knows my name..

To the child without a promise
To the frightened and the tame
Although it's just a whisper
Freedom knows your name

This is one of my favorite lyrics from a Melanie Safka song "Freedom knows my name"..I can connect and relate to the lyrics and song so very well, in relation to my life.......

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lost Souls..

Thank you Sister Celtic for sending me this beautiful pic.....