Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm signing off until after New Year's.....

Well I'm signing off until the New Year. I want to thank everyone for all your wonderful thoughtful heartwarming
comments since I first started my blog and also on my last few posts. I wanted to respond back to recent comments but finding I just don't have the time due to some important matters I must attend to before the New Year begins. I also need some "R & R" time very much so! I hope your Holidays are fun, joyful, peaceful and that the warmth in your heart spreads to others through the whole New Year. Lets hope and "dream" that the New Year will bring a much better year than this one. But with that hope its up to us to make it happen by spreading the "love" and "Peace" around to others and the children (for they are enchanted) and to not shut ourselves off from others, spread some joy and friendship around, smile at a stranger, reach out, give of our hearts and ourselves without expecting anything back, but at the same time "be very careful out there" especially if your a single woman!..I speak from experience.....

By the way did you know this New Year Eve falls on a new moon? Very interesting.....I've asked my blog friend Jody from "Intuitive Innovations" (she's on my blog links list on the top just click on that and it will take you to her blog)about this for she is an expert on the phases of the moon, etc. She told me that she would soon be sharing some info on her blog about this upcoming new moon on Dec.31st . Be sure to check her blog out for this interesting new moon phase.

To the ones whom I trust and you know who you are! Thank you and bless you all so much for your understanding, kindness, generosity, hearing me (rather reading me:-)) accepting me "Just as I am" without judgement or "lectures" but with insightful, thoughtful comments of which I do so appreciate. Thanks for showing me that there are still good people in the world. In the last year I lost a lot of confidence in myself , had the life sucked out of me, I lost faith in many people (players and control freaks) found it hard to trust others as many proved they were not trustworthy, so many you have no idea and it rocked my world big time! There's been lots of losses and grieving for me this year but hoping to gain more "insight" in the coming New Year! I have made a vow to myself that in the New Year I will not let others stomp on me or my dreams or hopes just because they have lost theirs and have such need to drag others down with them in their ignoramous manipulative selfish repressed angry mire. I have lost a few friends because I learned to say "no" but if they were real friends they wouldn't have walked off when I stood in my "truth" anyway, they would have respected me, as I did them. I'm so sick of people who can so dish it out all the time, boss people around tell them what they think they should do all the time, but they can't take any of that in relation to themselves. So there's going to be some changes within me thats for sure!..Look out world! I hope we all can make wonderful "dreamweaving" come true for this New Year! See you soon all my blog "Brother Sun and Sister Moon" earth Angel Friends!

With Love, Wishes for Peace in the New Year to come, and of course some of
those "Angel Blessings" to all of you!...:-)



Carol said...

Til then, Rhiannon!

sister celtic said...

DITTO....remember that from ghost.. i love you...ditto..