Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freedom Knows My Name...


Freedom pulls my heart strings
As I board another plane
It's not leaving I am wanting
But freedom knows my name

Friends turn into strangers
Strangers can be cold
But I've been blessed with Angels
At least I'm not alone.....
And they come to me in a sunrise
In the words of some old song
In the name of all creation
In a life long out of bounds
Freedom knows my name.

Tender roots grow deep with longing
To the core of solid ground
Mine go left of center
and slightly off the ground
Through the war torn ages
Scenes of freedom's flight
Drawn on hidden pages
Haunt our dreams at night
Freedom knows my name..

To the child without a promise
To the frightened and the tame
Although it's just a whisper
Freedom knows your name

This is one of my favorite lyrics from a Melanie Safka song "Freedom knows my name"..I can connect and relate to the lyrics and song so very well, in relation to my life.......


Nahuatl said...

Wow! Lovely!

I see you did some changes on this blog. :) Was there any contribution of mine ;)

Peg said...

Hi Rhi!! Again and oh so redundant of me, Just Beautiful!!

You have a Merry Christmas dear lady and I pray your new year brings you great adventures and prosperity!!


Kerry said...

*cheers* i can feel that song! hell yeah!

Carolyn said...

That was lovely! Much lovlier than what I'm showing on my blog today, lol! Come take a guess if you get a chance :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Rhia, thanks for your guess- answer on Friday, lol! Are you able to play the video in my right sidebar? "Calling All Angels" by Train. I thought of you when I installed it this morning :)

Rhiannon said...

lol nayan, no actually not really. I just am not too good at the "technology" of blog stuff, but like to do my Artistic "thing" and writing and poems and such. I have been having lots of problems with my blog with my side bar sliding down to the bottom of my blog a lot so I looked up the "help" section to see what it says about that and learned that if you have too large of pics and such it will make your post too wide and then you sidebar will drop to the bottom. So at least I figured that out the other day "finally"! Still a lot to learn! Anyone who reads this if your sidebar (profile info links,etc) disappear to the bottom now you know why!..and thanks for the nice compliment nayan. Glad you liked something here!..:o)

Hi Peg its been a while hope your not running all around like crazy with holidays and all..but then again if your enjoying it and the "running around" that good too! So either way have a great one! And thanks for your wonderful wishes, I could use a few good ones right now, adventure and prosperity sound like things I most definitely would love about now in my life! I'm "so ready"!..;O)..You have fun now with your family enjoy.
Love Rhi


Hi Kerry, yeah I sure can feel that song and I am "so ready"..oh yeah you betcha!:o) Happy Holidays to you and yours and have a safe and wonderful trip and "reunion" with your family.


Carol, now I'm curious about if its a dog tongue or maybe something else you posted? I'm not too good at guessing those things. You'd think I would be being an Artist of sorts but oh well. Its nice you thought of me in relation to the Angel song. Darn, I so wish I could have heard it!..:o(

Talk to you later my friend, Happy Holidays hope its all going good and we all get through it in one piece..

Many blessings,

Dreaming_Firefly said...

"Although it's just a whisper
Freedom knows your name"
I believe so... =)

Freedom to where you wanna be.
Freedom to what you wanna do.
Freedom of your heart and soul.


Rhiannon said...

Yes Dreaming firefly I hear the whisper and hope to feel the dreams come true very soon! Living in the moment is the hardest part for me I worry about so many things, most of them are things I must take care of and have concern for..its called "survival of the fittest" and I so hope I don't have to do it forever! I'm getting pretty tired these days, and want to look forward to my dreams to come true..

Angel Blessings to my dear friend,

Dreaming_Firefly said...

Dear Rhiannon,

Having dreams.
Working for our dreams...
Dreams, are what make life worthwhile sometimes... =)

Keep dreaming...
Hold on to your dreams...
One day, they may come true... =)