Monday, March 31, 2014

My thought for the week

I'm learning that sometimes the darkness helps illuminate the light

Friday, March 28, 2014

Having a Sociopath/pyschopath as a sister

What it's like to have a Sociopath for a sister? Hell...

What can you do to treat or help a Sociopath?
There is no medication, no cure, there is no treatment whatsoever.They are incapable of love, empathy, or concern for anyone else but themselves They are total control freaks, violent, vindictive, and capable of killing somone. They are the best "actors" in the world, as they have been "acting" their whole lives. They use people, until people find out about them, then they get back at that person. They are pathological liars. They steal all the time. Whether at a store or other peoples things. They will always "Justify" anything and everything they do, "always". No matter what they do. They have absolutely no sense of "Right" or "Wrong". and never will  It means nothing to them.

Where do most Sociopaths end up?
Either institutionalized, half way houses, Foster care, or prison. Or
managing to get away with all the horrific things they have done to everyone and they move around a lot, from place to place from "people" (Victims they use) to other people.
 Who are the ones most in danger of a Sociopaths behavior?
The family. And their "Friends" which are actually "Their victims" not their friends. But most friends don't realize it until it's way too late.
What is a Sociopath capable of?
Murder, violence, torture, threatening, harassment, vindictiveness. They will go to any lengths to turn it all back on you when caught. Especially if you are the one that caught them and did something about it. They will make your life a living hell.They will do everything they can to tell people around you that you are a horrible person and make up horrible false "stories" about you and yes many people will believe them and begin to not talk to you and hate you. They have no clue that she is a Sociopath and a pathological liar. They believe her.
Can a Sociopath appear to be a good person?
Yes, they are very very "charismatic" very charming, but it is only an "Act".  They are incredibly good at it though, because they have been doing it all their lives.

Welcome to my world.  The family had done everything we could (for most of her life) for my "Sociopath" younger sister. We didn't understand until it was too late, that we had to let her go.  One of my Dad's dying wishes was for us to do that. We finally have. 

However, my younger "Sociopath" sister has been living where I live for the past 3 years or so.  She is now taken advantage of the new tenant woman below me and she is now her "caregiver". She talked her way into this "farce job". She has moved in there now and is trying to harass and terrorize me in every way possible, living below me. Yet her apartment is actually just down the hall from me on the 3rd floor. Her "Registered sex offender" boyfriend  who has been living in my sister's apartment "illegally" for last 2 years was told to "get out" out, after my sister told him to go after and "Threaten" me.  He did. I reported it to manager, county housing and the police. My sister is so far "still" getting away with living here  (county housing doesn't allow felons to live here she lied to me is a felon also) but now boyfriend no longer here to be her "slave" she is alone.  So she needs to "leech" and "attach" herself to someone else she can use to her advantage. Sociopaths are like parasites and leeches. Hence the poor new tenant woman below me who my sister talked into letting her be a caregiver for her.  The woman is a drunk, just drinks all day and sleeps. This is such a sick joke! This is a perfect example of what a socipath would do to someone. So my sister is also making lots of money as a so called "caregiver". She also gets Social security but doesn't tell them about all extra the money she makes.  I am handling it and I hope for a miracle.  She will not win this round. I believe a higher power is protecting me and I am protecting myself in every way possible.  Now that I am "educated" more on the behavior of a Sociopath I know more about how to protect myself from my own 'Twisted sick" sociopath sister.  After all I did for her, to give her a place to live, shelter, food, stability and was her "taxi" driver for 2 years. It has been 2 years now that I have nothing to do with her.

If you are reading this and any of this sounds familiar to you, about someone you know, or a family member, RUN FOR THE HILLS and or STAY AWAY FROM A SOCIOPATH! Because they will suck the life out of you, they will try to destroy your whole life and they will NEVER CHANGE! Take it from one who knows! Me..