Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Captain for Dark Mornings....video song, written and sung by Laura Nyro....

This is one of Laura Nyro's beautiful songs from "New York Tendaberry" my favorite album of all time...yes I said of all time!..if you read the reviews of this album on Amazon.com you will read many stating the same opinion that I have about her..there is no one else like her and there never will be. She was a true artist and spirit..and fame and money was never her goal....it was always about her passion, her soul, her spirit her creativity of her "Art".

What a talent she was..prolific, beautiful poetic lyrics, passionate, funky and she wrote and produced most of all her songs along with playing her piano and she had names of colors for musical notes..thats the way she saw notes..in colors... She spoke her own special musical language and expression with her unique words..like "keys" meant something else."...captain" meant her man...etc..etc...she wrote and sang "Eli's coming", I disliked the hit songs of it by others...Laura sang it so different so beautiful..maybe I will post that next. Most other artist sang some of her songs and had hits out of them but when you hear her sing the originals you go "say what"???

To me all of Laura's songs were like musical plays.....you could envision and use your imagination and "feel and see them"...what she was singing and the notes and well it's just too hard to explain..they all told a story and she went up and down in voice range all over the place. This song is about 35 years old...and I never tire of hearing any of her songs and music..never...I have all of her original albums..

Laura your spirit lives on in your music..thank your for your short time here on earth...and now an angel in spirit from above still singing in your beautiful rapture. Thanks for letting me share this with you all...Rhiannon

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Drawing of Linda Ronstadt.....

I drew this drawing of Linda Ronstadt when I was in my late 20's. I remember I had only done a few of these "White drawings" on black paper...it was not easy as the light and shadows are just the opposite! It was a good unique way to teach the brain something, a different way of drawing and looking at things...but very hard. Look at all the details of the musical equipment and those huge headphones in those days!...wow was that difficult and boy do I remember I was so determined to finish this and so I did! Notice the pig on her t-shirt? She loved pigs still does I think.

I have most of all my original drawings I've kept through all these years in my portfolio. Or I've sold some originals through the years but then decided to sell more prints so I can keep the originals. I haven't sold anything in over a year due to the expense of making prints and the special glossy paper and the amount I had to put out to frame and ship them off. I haven't sold a lot through my life but I have sold them throughout my life if that makes any sense?

Anyway I remember I had only done a few of these "White on black" drawings. I hope to sell more of my Artwork down the road so I can make some extra money to help me be able to pay my rent when I get my housing soon I hope. Due to being on disability now it's a rough road but there is so much I'm greatful for like still being alive and around and kicking and able to walk! With the brain damage I've recently found out I have (and have had for years apparently) and my vision problems, I am not able to draw much like I used to. My hands shake..but I can still write my poetry..thank you Angels for that! Remember this drawing is old so a bit worn and faded..but it's the real thing!..............Hope your all enjoying the Holidays...Love and Peace, Rhiannon.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The winds of time...calming the waters..

May motherearths nature force slowly begin to breath again in quiet contentment....may harsh winds become soft breezes and may the rage become at peace in soft abandon.... may we, "souls of humanity", open our eyes to the light behind the darkness...may our ears hear the beautiful calling of the Angel spirits and Heavens essence wrapping soft safe angel wings around our sorrow, pain and heartache...we are not alone for "after the storm" is the beauty of the lesson..."We all need each other we all are connected".....please don't wait for the disasters to happen before we awake from our deep sleep of ignorance....its time for a healing here for the whole country, the whole world, lets not hide behind our eyes, but let them open to "the Souls of Humanity".....We are not alone "Angels are watching over us".....


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eyes Have.....

This is a poem I wrote the first year of my blog in 2005.
Thought I'd share some of my older poems from the first year I started my blog...since I've not time to post or write new ones right now....I hope you'll enjoy some of my older poems I will be posting for some of you that have maybe not been around to have read them. Hope you enjoy this one. I drew the eye also. I love drawing eyes...been doing that since I was just a child sitting in school in class drawing eyes all over my notebook pages..:o)

Eyes have shut

and blocked you out

Eyes have opened
and seen nothing but doubt

Eyes have cried tears
never knowing where to start

Eyes have looked through a soul
and its broken heart

Eyes have looked away
with nothing to say

Eyes have softly closed the door
and run away

Eyes have expressed words
through shadows of despair

Eyes have hid in a room
without a smile

Eyes have flooded
with pain and sorrow
all the while

Eyes have been cleansed
through a tear
so clear......

*Eye drawing Artwork drawn by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) and poem written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) *copyrights owned by Rhiannon (Barbara R) December 2005

Monday, November 24, 2008

I found these lovely photos of Jim and Pamela..

II fount these lovely photos of Jim and Pamela (his common law wife) on a web site and had never seen them before...they are incredible photos and I'm trying to find out who the photographer was...if I do I will write it in this post. Meanwhile I thought of a few of Jim and the doors songs that to me seemed to fit to the theme of each photo and then I added the text. Thee photos are incredible there is so much love, passion and peacefulness in them. It's nice that they both shared wonderful moments like this together before they passed on "to the other side". I always felt that Jim was just here on earth at that time for a short time, as it seemed he had already lived a very interesting life in another lifetime..."time space" or whatever....he came from another time...long long ago in ancient times....and to some he never made sense what he wrote sang or said..but as for me I think I felt a "connection" in his poetry and I still don't know why I just did...from the very beginning and until he passed on. Maybe meeting him way back when might have been part of it. I hope you enjoy the photos....Rhi

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Muhd Imran and your family..especially your Father....

I wish Angel Blessings all around your Father, You and Your Family during this moment in time Imran..

Your Friend across the other side of the World,


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trouble Child....by Joni Mitchell

Oh, some are gonna knock you...and some will try and clock you, you know it's really hard to talk sense to you "trouble child, breaking like the waves at Malibu".

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Acceptance....and the ability to be vulnerable "Now"..

And so now they tell me that I have permanent brain damage
I got the test results
and it will not improve
but progress....

I guess I've known this for a while
as I've felt my cognitive skills
and my inability to multi-task deteriorate
I've felt my brain
not able to send the right signals
to my body from time to time
so I tried to wish the problem away
the numbness in my limbs
my hands
the vertigo
the great fatigue
I thought it was just stress
of living on survival mode for so long
now I know better.....

and so now I must once again
continue to be strong in spirit
to await the diagnosis
of one of the three
MS, Brain Trauma injury
or a few strokes
I might of had in the last 5 years
without even realizing it..

But you know what?
I think I figured something out
Yes, things are and will change
for me in a big way
yes, my life will change
and it already has
but I will adapt
and I know in my heart
that I still "got it"
the creativity of being a right brainer
the poems, the art
that still works!
that's a miracle
and I also have people in my life now
that are actually there for me
to give me loving support
and friendship
for being without a family
and on my own for so long
this in itself is the "Miracle"
people that love and care about me...

I'm slowly finding my way
to acceptance..
and that in itself is healing..

I'm going to be okay
and I'm going to get through this
to the other side of my spirit
that calls and beckons to me
to continue on the path
of the "True Test of Miracles"
I surrender in the knowledge
of acceptance with imperfect grace.

Written by Rhiannon Oct.9th, 2008 *copyrights owned by Rhiannon (Barbara R.)*

Friday, September 19, 2008

Political Spin....

Deliberation of generations
political sin
political spin
political "win"......

Dressed in elaborate armor
of denial
as the body count
grows higher
and the walls are built
with "Fear"
being it's victory.......

As heads turn
and look the other way
in shame
knowing full well
the emperor
has no clothes......

*Democracy isn't something forced upon people
for if it was, then it would be called a Dictatorship, not a "Democracy". Let's all come together and agree to disagree...let's all understand that just because others think and feel different views than us doesn't always make anyone "right" or "wrong...lets come together in diversity and mutual respect for one another* and lets stop the petty anger and "lies of deception" in this campaign for the president of the united states. Let's stop being "divided" (I don't understand why people want to keep going down that road) let's become connected and lets move forward not "back". Let's blend the "so called" blue and red states together into a beautiful color of purple..this is a young teenager that suggested this to me and others..what a wise thought! We adults could learn much from some of the younger generation..

Let our next president be more rational, calm, "mature", less angry less divided and less bitter for "revenge" and "attack" type views on the world. Let our next president have the courage to pick many people in his administration with different views and ideas and may he hear all of them and weigh the consequences of his decisions before he makes them. May he not just "dive" in and make rash quick decisions without taking the time for negotiations and understanding of how it will affect the people of this country and all the countries in this world. May he be calm in the midst of a storm..so we will know that we can trust his judgment and character and he will not keep changing his mind to "fit" what will make him popular or "win"...may he have true character and continue on in his strong beliefs for "change" real "change"..and may we all support him in his courage to finally change this country for the better...regardless of some people wanting to keep going "back" to the same ole things that have not worked...it's time to give us all a chance for "change"..take a risk...and please vote for this election could be the most important election in our lifetime..

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you may disagree with all or anything I have stated here it matters not..I still love you and hope for the best for all of us..as we live in the present and also move forward to a more brighter and hopeful world..yes we can!..:o)

Blessings to all,


Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) Sept. 18th, 2008 Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Misty Dreamer....and my Poem......

This has always been one of my favorite poems, and my artwork and graphics I put together for the theme of this poem post.

Misty Dreamer

Weaving her web
of hope, wishes and desires
riding out the current
as gravity pulls her back in.......
to reality...
But she always goes back
back to her dreams
they keep her safe
she flows through the tragedies in life
on to another realm
another dimension...

She's faced the monsters
time and time again
now she only looks
to her very true friend
her Dreams....

In her Dreams
there are stories to be told
knowledge to be learned
messages to be shared
visions to be shown
and intuition to be felt....
Another reality that she has traveled
another path that she walks
in that other dimension
that she calls her Dreams...

Is she going back?
back to another life?
that she lived long ago
an ancient Spirit
an old Soul?
that lived long before this lifetime
that she was born into
not of this world any longer
but connected in Essence
to the Universe
of Mystic knowledge
in the realm
of her Misty Dreaming....

Princess of her Spirit
Keeper of her Soul.

Drawing and graphics by Rhiannon (Barbara)poem written by Rhiannon (Barbara) August 1st, 2006
Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Blog award picks go to....

Well I'm highly honored to be given the award of favorite blog that inspires...Riversoul nominated me so thank you! You can click on his name above to find his blog "Silent Recollections". He's got a great high tech artsy and poetic blog and also with his opinions and thoughts about "life".

Now I'm given the task to give blog awards to 4 of my favorite blogs that inspire me..so here they are..congratulations to all of you..

1. Kylita

She greatly inspires me with her truth and just being who she is..and being "open" in her thoughts and feelings in her blog... She is a very courageous soul who speaks her "truth"...she is also a great writer in writing of her thoughts and fun times with nature etc..and she can go very deep. I'm so proud to have gotten to know her in the blog world and consider her a "friend and comrade" for we have so much in common in our lives and our "sisterhood of the code" read top upper left of my blog.

2.Ardi's blog River Tree Whispers

Ardi is a very gentle soul..and writes such beautiful poems about "soul" and the beauty of mother nature..he's been connected with me on my blog almost since I first started it...

3.Imran PAL

That stands for "passionate about life" and he writes wonderful stories about his life and family and the things they do and and the experiences they and he have..and he also shares his sorrows in such a very heartfelt understanding way.
He also takes beautiful photos of nature his family and the places they go and see..he is a very very kind gentle man that lives a life with his family in Singapore...and he has shared so much about the way of life and the beauty there in his country.

4. Andrew
Past Tense

Andrew writes beautiful Haiku poems..that's where you can only use so many words to put together a poem that says a lot just in a few words..I'm not quite sure of the specifics of how that works but if you click on Andrews blog above you can find out more and also look at the photos he takes and puts them into the theme of his poems..and of course you all know I kind of try to put a pic or art work that fits with the theme of my poems..if you go through my archives you will see a lot of that throughout it..so Andrew and I really like to do that..but his photos are really so beautiful..he does a great job..oh and did I also mention he has published a book of his poems titled "Tangled in Wisteria"

Well all 4 of you win this award of blogs that inspire me..and now the 4 of you that won these awards can put that you won the blog award that inspires at the
top of your blog to! Also the 4 of you might want to pick 4 of your favorite blogs that inspire you and award them also in one of your post. But only if you feel like it..no pressure from me! I'm not into the "chain blog" deals..this is all in fun in picking the best blogs I enjoyed. .I hope all my blog friends will check out these 4 blogs and see what wonderful blogs they are..

I'm sorry that most of this post is all underlined. I have no clue what happened and I tried to fix it but this has taken me a very long time to put this post together so I'm not going to worry about it So, congratulations to you all for winning this award..I commend you all for having wonderful blogs..

Love and Blessings,


Monday, August 25, 2008

Black Daisies...poem

Black Daisies

In a web of deceit
the lies of deception
curved down an endless road
where a path of black daisies
cried oceans of tears
trailing behind
their roots
being dragged
deep from the ground

All their sorrows
drowned in their soft petals
which dropped and fell
one after another
and another
into the soft soil
in timeless patterns
of forevermore...
dying blossoms
to Mother earth
as Father sky
cries to the wind

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) July 2008 copyrights owned by Barbara R.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm a Rocker Angel at heart!..

This was fun...create your own virtual image of who you feel you are "inside"! Click on tizme below to create one..thank you river soul for helping me figure this out..very kind of you to take the time.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In The Arms Of Angel

In the arms of an angel
my soul is set free
in the arms of an angel
life will be
as it's meant to be
in the arms of an angel
I'm comforted in light
in the arms of an angel
I feel protected and safe
all through the night.

May all your Guardian Angels protect you
in comfort and light

Love Rhi

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R,)
August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dedicated to all my dear foster teenage friends...

"Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul.

I also can completely relate to this song in relation to my totally dysfunctional family..which is why I broke the cycle..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Wet look..one of my drawings...

This is one of my drawings from my blog in 2005. If some of you are my old blog friends from 3 years back then you will recognize it. But I wanted to share it with some of my new blog friends also. This is one of my favorites as it was such a challenge to draw..trying to make the hair look wet just from a drawing wasn't easy. The drop "dot" on the upper left side of the jaw and below the ear a bit is a drop of water..the drop doesn't really show that well when I scanned it but the original shows it well.

Copyrights owned by Barbara R. (Rhiannon)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Horses Run Wild and Free...

The Horses ran wild and Free
I watched their manes
flying through
the whispering Wind
like strands in slow motion
Beautifully woven
in Natures gentle echo
of Spirit...

Wild Horses run wild and Free
Wild Horses run wild for me
for I used to be
a part of you
in my youth.

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) Dec. 2006
Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The only drawing I've done in the last year..

Sorry the scan image didn't turn out very well...kind of fuzzy...I'm using someone else'e pc so not sure about how their scanner system works. I don't draw as well as I used to...It's been a very rough year but I've made it this far! I was homeless for a while...and living in poverty and ill health will take some energy from one...I remember my hands shook just drawing this..it was hard but I was determined at the time to try..I hope as time goes on and my life improves (and it is slowly) so will my drawings also......but one day at a time..I'm on a housing list with the county..wish me luck I get a place soon..Blessings, Rhi.

Monday, July 21, 2008

smart fortwo car...by BMW...my dream car..

This smart fortwo color selector has been my dream car for a while..when you get to the site click on the yellow in the color wheel..I call it my "Banana boat dream car". they have great mileage, 40 to 45 miles on the highways, and very low carbon emissions via a converter system cleaning it all the time. I saw it in time magazine a few months ago and cut out the page. They are very safe and the front, top and sides are built of very strong steel material. They used water based paints for the color of the car. Read all about it! They have been driving these cars in Europe for many many years now..wish our country had been as smart!

They are available in the U.S. They are going to try to make them electrical cars if enough Americans buy them..they sell for $12,000 now but if more Americans purchase them then the price will go down even lower. This is my plan to hopefully drive a very small car in the future and to save on gas and help the environment by driving much less, as I drive much less than most people do already. The gas is just too expensive for me. I drive around on an empty tank a lot lately..so far so good! My old small American car is slowly dying and old...so that's my dream plan..either that or I will be doing a lot of walking..

I imagine in my mind many people driving these cars, all around town and on the freeway in this country and we all honk at one another saying "hey let's save on energy and do our part"!...then they will transfer all our new cars over to electrical for free! Well that would be nice woudn't it?..you never know..:o).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

YouTube - Eminem - When I'm Gone

YouTube - Eminem - When I'm Gone

YouTube - Real Life - Send Me An Angel (1983)

Oh Gosh! I always loved this song..the words are very poetic..read my "send me an angel" post below this post.

YouTube - Real Life - Send Me An Angel (1983)

Send me an Angel...

Angel Artwork by William Adolphe Bouquereau

Send me an angel...with wings like a dove...flowing from heaven alight in pure love..send me angel, so pure and so sweet, send me an angel, so I can believe, send me an angel, spreading love at my feet, send me an angel, to guard me at night, send me an angel, to show me the light, send me an angel to show me the way, send me an angel, so I won't go astray...send me an angel to keep me grounded and steady, send me an angel, for my spirit is open and ready.

"Angel affirmation" written by Rhiannon July 18th, 2008 (Barbara) copyrights owned by Barbara

Thursday, July 17, 2008

YouTube - Ocean Gipsy - Lyrics

I always loved this song...this video is rather beautifully creative..

YouTube - Ocean Gypsy - Lyrics

YouTube - Lorenna McKennitt Dante's Prayer

I hope you will take the time to hear one of the most beautiful heartfelt songs I've ever heard in my life..it will make your heart and spirit feel very calm and "still" with a sense of peace.

YouTube - Lorenna McKennitt Dante's Prayer

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nights Companion...Memories from the past..

Here's a post from the past I wrote. Thought I'd share it with you again..it's a good memory...Rhi

Nights Companion

I've seen the distance of the stars
Yet I've seen they are so close
minds eye
cries with tears
following behind your smile
that travels to your soul.......

Unknown upon your untouched shores
that come in with the tide
Gravity pulls in the passion
that you try so hard to hide.....

I've seen the distance of the stars
and yet they are so close
they are within
your heart
your touch.
your distant smile.....

I've seen the distance of the stars
and yet they are so close
With streaming ribbons
tied up in bows
that wrap you up in splendor
and the luster of nights companion

*Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) March 2006 *Copyrights, Barbara *

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Seeking The Path For All My Sisters & Brothers.

Seeking The Path For All My Sisters & Brothers

The paths I've had to keep walking upon
keep veering in the wrong direction
and the long road
has been filled with rejection

as I continue
to face my fears
and my doubts....
yet still it seems
I continue to believe
in my Dreams!
a true test of my Soul
never completely giving up
when all seems lost
and much has been stole...

My heart though wounded
still has feelings of Love
and understanding
for others
the Souls of all
my Sisters and Brothers
who struggle so
to find
and the path
of Joy
and Safety
and a peaceful
Heart and Mind
to feel whole
once again...

who to Trust?
when our Souls will mend?
when our Hearts will open?
when our pain will end?
and when
will joy begin?
and when
will apathy
no longer win?

Believe in Miracles
Believe in all our Dreams
to happen
for us all
to walk upon
the path of Joy
and a Peaceful Heart
and mind
for all my Sisters and Brothers
and for all the Souls
of Mankind...

"Change" is coming...
don't give up!
Help, Hope and our "Dreams"
are on their way!
Just the fact
that I'm still here
and writing this
that I'm still alive
and sharing this with you
is a true Miracle in itself!


*Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) February 2008* Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

*note* I'm sorry but I am unable to download any of my artwork or pics to attach to my poems like I used to....due to using someone else's pc when I post on my blog..maybe down the road a bit I will be able to have my own pc and add more pics and artwork,etc..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


An underground revolution is sweeping the hearts and minds of the people of the world, and it is happening despite the wars and terror that confront us. This revolution is a fundamental change of worldview, and it carries with it the potential to reorganize the structure of human civilization. It brings a basic shift in the thoughts that dominate the world. It wages a peace that will end all war. It is a global phenomenon that will change the cellular structure of the human race. To those who are part of it, who feel called to it, its reality is a growing if not obvious truth. To still others, it's a lofty but ridiculous notion, a preposterous and silly idea.

Yet no social revolution of any import emerged because everybody woke up one day saying, "I get it! I get it!" Such revolutions emerged instead from what anthropologist Margaret Mead described as "a small group of concerned citizens". Not only are such groups capable of changing the world, according to Mead, but in fact, they're the only thing that ever has. And they are doing it now.

A spiritually attuned counter culture is already in our minds. It is marked not by clothes or music, drugs or sex, as was the counterculture of the sixties, but by the internal attitudes of those who perceive it. They make suggestions and comments that are just a little bit wiser; they bring new insights into areas previously looked down by the status quo. They see some star in the sky that not everyone is seeing. And in their presence, we start to see it too.

From the book "The Gift Of Change" by Marianne Williamson.

Friday, June 27, 2008

To share my fav music with you..go to my youtube site.

I've just recently added a lot of my fav videos and songs on my youtube Vlog site. I hope you'll come and check some of them out. You might get a better idea of what I'm all about just by watching a few of them. I added my own thoughts to most of the videos in the editing I wrote. Click below..Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dedicated to the wounded veterans that came home, in need of help, but are now homeless and ignored...

These thoughts are coming from someone (me) who never supported the Iraq war in any way, shape or from from the very beginning....but finding the same people from the same administration who kept stating that if we didn't support the war then we didn't support our troops...well it makes me sick to my stomache and saddens me greatly that the very same people that kept stating this are now just ignoring the plight of so many of the soldiers that are permanently injured physically and mentally that have now returned home. This administration and our country just looks the other way. The Emperor has no clothes!

I have read a great deal about this situation..many soldiers that are actually homeless, in need of help and medical care, with no where to live or go as they await the "red tape" of getting their earned pay and disability income, which apparently takes many months or even years. I read one story of a very sick soldier found in a homeless shelter, where another homeless man was trying to sexually assault him...a woman nurse with the VA went and got him out of there..even though she was legally and "officially" not supposed to..she did the right thing. We must not abandon them after they did what they thought they were supposed to do..and many gave their life for "their buds" in harms way. I pray their guardian Angels watch over all of them and keep them safe, from harms way. I am so ashamed of this President and his administration. I await the miracle of a new presidency, one who will make serious positive "changes" for this country..yes it will affect us but we must make sacrifices, all of us..before it's too late..believe in CHANGE! Because it's on it way..finally!

Now you see how we must never give up on our dreams..for this country and for ouselves also...:)

I wrote this and dedicate it to all the wounded soldiers that came home
Abandoned by your country and government
You are not alone....we love you and help is on the way!

The Shell of a life
the shelf of a life
the expiration date of a life
"no good after such and such a date"
some people are treated the same
their souls disregarded
broken hearted
their bodies worn
their bodies torn....

Their Spirit tries to continue
to breath life into them
"when"...times were good
and they were not misunderstood
nor abandoned..

Like fragile flowers
desperately trying
to lift their petals up
to the sun's rays
their deep roots
reaching into the moist earth
to keep alive
to try and survive.....
but their velvet petals
fall to the ground
crying quietly
no one hearing the sound
of souls
that have lost their way
and been lead astray..
abandoned without reason
in the young seasons
of their lives..

You have not been forgotten
we love you
and wish you Blessings
from all of us Earth Angels
we pray for you always
you are not alone..

*Change is coming..we shall overcome"! "Peace and Love is coming soon"!

**Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) June 2008 Copyrights owned by Barbara*

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nickleback songs..how I love them..especially this one..

I love this song by Nickleback. I love all of their songs..but check this newer one out...if you haven't already..on youtube.

If Everyone Cared


Monday, February 04, 2008

On becoming homeless...it's not easy..

Well, it finally happend, my worse fear...being homeless and in the cold weather..pray for me everyone..and my kitty "lizzie"...never thought it would actually come down to this...it's rather frightening...

Blessings to all,