Monday, July 21, 2008

smart fortwo dream car..

This smart fortwo color selector has been my dream car for a while..when you get to the site click on the yellow in the color wheel..I call it my "Banana boat dream car". they have great mileage, 40 to 45 miles on the highways, and very low carbon emissions via a converter system cleaning it all the time. I saw it in time magazine a few months ago and cut out the page. They are very safe and the front, top and sides are built of very strong steel material. They used water based paints for the color of the car. Read all about it! They have been driving these cars in Europe for many many years now..wish our country had been as smart!

They are available in the U.S. They are going to try to make them electrical cars if enough Americans buy them..they sell for $12,000 now but if more Americans purchase them then the price will go down even lower. This is my plan to hopefully drive a very small car in the future and to save on gas and help the environment by driving much less, as I drive much less than most people do already. The gas is just too expensive for me. I drive around on an empty tank a lot far so good! My old small American car is slowly dying and that's my dream plan..either that or I will be doing a lot of walking..

I imagine in my mind many people driving these cars, all around town and on the freeway in this country and we all honk at one another saying "hey let's save on energy and do our part"!...then they will transfer all our new cars over to electrical for free! Well that would be nice woudn't it? never know..:o).


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

When I got my last car I wanted a BMW. My wife wouldn't let me -- (4 kids, you know) Maybe some day.....

goatman said...

Its a cutie! But I think I may hold out for something electric or maybe hydrogen fuel cell for the future. This will prevent having to buy much imported oil for our vehicles.
Just heard T Boone Pickens testifying before a congressional committee on energy. He claims that cars running on natural gas built by General Motors and Ford have been available other places around the world, but not here in US. Didn't say why but I suspect it had something to do with the profits that were made in the past from people in US buying the SUV's.
An automaker wants to push the profitable.
I am saddened by your comment on my blog and hope that things will look up for you in future. With your attitude and hope I have faith in you to find your way. (We used to live in St Helens (north of Portland) and things got tough for the locals when the paper mill closed.) I was working on the nuclear plant there before I discovered they were crooks building the place and I quit. It was slim going for awhile for us but another job popped up in Dothan ,Alabama of all places (another power plant.)
Your spirit is strong and you have feelings for others, I would pursue that direction. Volunteer if necessary--sometimes that develops into something sustainable.
I know advice is worth what you pay for it but I hope mine is taken in the spirit in which it is given.

At least you can toddle over to Cannon Beach and enjoy the sea.