Tuesday, July 01, 2008


An underground revolution is sweeping the hearts and minds of the people of the world, and it is happening despite the wars and terror that confront us. This revolution is a fundamental change of worldview, and it carries with it the potential to reorganize the structure of human civilization. It brings a basic shift in the thoughts that dominate the world. It wages a peace that will end all war. It is a global phenomenon that will change the cellular structure of the human race. To those who are part of it, who feel called to it, its reality is a growing if not obvious truth. To still others, it's a lofty but ridiculous notion, a preposterous and silly idea.

Yet no social revolution of any import emerged because everybody woke up one day saying, "I get it! I get it!" Such revolutions emerged instead from what anthropologist Margaret Mead described as "a small group of concerned citizens". Not only are such groups capable of changing the world, according to Mead, but in fact, they're the only thing that ever has. And they are doing it now.

A spiritually attuned counter culture is already in our minds. It is marked not by clothes or music, drugs or sex, as was the counterculture of the sixties, but by the internal attitudes of those who perceive it. They make suggestions and comments that are just a little bit wiser; they bring new insights into areas previously looked down by the status quo. They see some star in the sky that not everyone is seeing. And in their presence, we start to see it too.

From the book "The Gift Of Change" by Marianne Williamson.

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goatman said...

I lived the sixties and the spirit was palpable; you could taste it and see and feel it everywhere and it seemed as if everyone was in on the same joke. What the germans call zeitgeist or "spirit of the time" is how I would describe it since it was a definite set of defining and guiding feelings. The other aspects: clothes, music, dancing, literature, happenings and joys, were just expressions of the feelings and freedoms and possibilities of which your poet speaks. Minds' expressions.