Saturday, July 19, 2008

Send me an Angel...

Angel Artwork by William Adolphe Bouquereau

Send me an angel...with wings like a dove...flowing from heaven alight in pure love..send me angel, so pure and so sweet, send me an angel, so I can believe, send me an angel, spreading love at my feet, send me an angel, to guard me at night, send me an angel, to show me the light, send me an angel to show me the way, send me an angel, so I won't go astray...send me an angel to keep me grounded and steady, send me an angel, for my spirit is open and ready.

"Angel affirmation" written by Rhiannon July 18th, 2008 (Barbara) copyrights owned by Barbara


paul maurice martin said...

Nice - words and picture both and together.

Kylita said...

Left you a msg at my blog.
I feel my Tuffy Boy cat was sent to me an angel after, in 2 wks time, my cousin 3 mos older than me died when he was working on his wife's car and it fell on him home alone ... 3 days later my brother died coming home from our cousin's funeral after drinking and falling asleep at the wheel ... and then we had to put our dog to sleep with a tumor big as a bowling ball ... and when I was weeding flowers on her grave, this cat jumped off our rock wall howling up a storm and came right to the grave, rolling around my feet and pleading for me to help him. We gave in after a month of feeding him far away from the house and he's a wild child but he's my angel.
You are your own angel, too, Rhi (at least I think so) KLH