Sunday, July 06, 2008

Seeking The Path For All My Sisters & Brothers.

Seeking The Path For All My Sisters & Brothers

The paths I've had to keep walking upon
keep veering in the wrong direction
and the long road
has been filled with rejection

as I continue
to face my fears
and my doubts....
yet still it seems
I continue to believe
in my Dreams!
a true test of my Soul
never completely giving up
when all seems lost
and much has been stole...

My heart though wounded
still has feelings of Love
and understanding
for others
the Souls of all
my Sisters and Brothers
who struggle so
to find
and the path
of Joy
and Safety
and a peaceful
Heart and Mind
to feel whole
once again...

who to Trust?
when our Souls will mend?
when our Hearts will open?
when our pain will end?
and when
will joy begin?
and when
will apathy
no longer win?

Believe in Miracles
Believe in all our Dreams
to happen
for us all
to walk upon
the path of Joy
and a Peaceful Heart
and mind
for all my Sisters and Brothers
and for all the Souls
of Mankind...

"Change" is coming...
don't give up!
Help, Hope and our "Dreams"
are on their way!
Just the fact
that I'm still here
and writing this
that I'm still alive
and sharing this with you
is a true Miracle in itself!


*Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) February 2008* Copyrights owned by Barbara R.

*note* I'm sorry but I am unable to download any of my artwork or pics to attach to my poems like I used to....due to using someone else's pc when I post on my blog..maybe down the road a bit I will be able to have my own pc and add more pics and artwork,etc..


goatman said...

I do believe that it will get better. It's all thatI can believe and stay alive.
Thanks for your kind comments on my post. I too have to cry when I read the poem even though I've read it many times.
One result of a depressing post (mine, not yours) is that those who comment leave helpful and thoughtful ideas and perspectives worth reading.

paul said...

hi Rhia,

Thanks for dropping by. I was really depressed when i wrote that.

U r right, I never really expressed myself because I always feared that I might start another conflict..

Slowly, I am trying to change that. Even though I am not always successful, people around me now know that I have an opinion and what they do affects me too... there is a long way to go I think, but hopefully at some point I'll be alright.

Reading your post I felt I am going
in the right direction. Thanks again..

Rgds, blue tie