Sunday, October 28, 2012

Face secret!....I've been doing this for many years. It works!

Face Slapping.  I saw and read this online yesterday.  I just had to say to myself, "finally they are catching up on what I've been doing for myself for many years now"!  It increases the circulation in your face.  So, along with wearing moisture sunblock since  my 20's,  I guess people always asking me "what's your secret to having such great skin on your face? wrinkles"!  I usually just say "clean living" and thought that is true also. However the face slapping was something I started doing about 15 years ago. I started thinking one day to myself, "well our face needs to have increased circulation also"!  So I started slapping my face (not too hard but not too light either) for about 3 minutes. I slap my  face all over, right after I put my tinted sunscreen moisturizer on every day.  Or do it right after putting moisturizer on while your face is slightly damp.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Your rights as a voter in America

I voted today and put my private "sealed" ballot envelope into an official "Ballot dropbox".  Vote early if you can!

It is against the law

1. To obstruct an entrance or building in which a voting booth or official ballot dropsite is located.
2. To coerce, pressure or otherwise unduly "influence" another voter.
3. To deface, remove, alter, or destroy another voters ballot or posted election notice, or election equipment and supplies.

As a registered voter you have the right

1. To vote even if you are homeless.
2. To ask for help from election staff or from a friend or family member. There are some people who "Cannot" help you vote. For example, your BOSS or a union officer from your job.
3. To  know if your ballot (including a "Provisional ballot") was accepted for counting.
4. To file a complaint if you think your voting rights have been denied.
5. To a secret vote. You DO NOT have to tell anyone how you voted.

So I ask all of you out there "what has happened to our rights as voters"?  Is "Big money" taking away our rights as voters? Looks like it to me.  They not only are trying to "repress" people from voting, but  also they are wanting us to "fear" "them".  Is their "Intimidation" working?  God, I hope not! This is America? Ask yourself "What the heck is happening to our country"?

Just some food for thought. Please consider our voting rights as American citizens and please do not let fear control any of you!

Love and Blessing to all,