Friday, June 27, 2008

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dedicated to the wounded veterans that came home, in need of help, but are now homeless and ignored...

These thoughts are coming from someone (me) who never supported the Iraq war in any way, shape or from from the very beginning....but finding the same people from the same administration who kept stating that if we didn't support the war then we didn't support our troops...well it makes me sick to my stomache and saddens me greatly that the very same people that kept stating this are now just ignoring the plight of so many of the soldiers that are permanently injured physically and mentally that have now returned home. This administration and our country just looks the other way. The Emperor has no clothes!

I have read a great deal about this situation..many soldiers that are actually homeless, in need of help and medical care, with no where to live or go as they await the "red tape" of getting their earned pay and disability income, which apparently takes many months or even years. I read one story of a very sick soldier found in a homeless shelter, where another homeless man was trying to sexually assault him...a woman nurse with the VA went and got him out of there..even though she was legally and "officially" not supposed to..she did the right thing. We must not abandon them after they did what they thought they were supposed to do..and many gave their life for "their buds" in harms way. I pray their guardian Angels watch over all of them and keep them safe, from harms way. I am so ashamed of this President and his administration. I await the miracle of a new presidency, one who will make serious positive "changes" for this country..yes it will affect us but we must make sacrifices, all of us..before it's too late..believe in CHANGE! Because it's on it way..finally!

Now you see how we must never give up on our dreams..for this country and for ouselves also...:)

I wrote this and dedicate it to all the wounded soldiers that came home
Abandoned by your country and government
You are not alone....we love you and help is on the way!

The Shell of a life
the shelf of a life
the expiration date of a life
"no good after such and such a date"
some people are treated the same
their souls disregarded
broken hearted
their bodies worn
their bodies torn....

Their Spirit tries to continue
to breath life into them
"when"...times were good
and they were not misunderstood
nor abandoned..

Like fragile flowers
desperately trying
to lift their petals up
to the sun's rays
their deep roots
reaching into the moist earth
to keep alive
to try and survive.....
but their velvet petals
fall to the ground
crying quietly
no one hearing the sound
of souls
that have lost their way
and been lead astray..
abandoned without reason
in the young seasons
of their lives..

You have not been forgotten
we love you
and wish you Blessings
from all of us Earth Angels
we pray for you always
you are not alone..

*Change is coming..we shall overcome"! "Peace and Love is coming soon"!

**Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) June 2008 Copyrights owned by Barbara*