Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The only drawing I've done in the last year..

Sorry the scan image didn't turn out very well...kind of fuzzy...I'm using someone else'e pc so not sure about how their scanner system works. I don't draw as well as I used to...It's been a very rough year but I've made it this far! I was homeless for a while...and living in poverty and ill health will take some energy from one...I remember my hands shook just drawing this..it was hard but I was determined at the time to try..I hope as time goes on and my life improves (and it is slowly) so will my drawings also......but one day at a time..I'm on a housing list with the county..wish me luck I get a place soon..Blessings, Rhi.


C. Crowe said...

That's a really good drawing. You have talent. You should do more!

Kylita said...

SisSTAR Rhi ... fyi - deleted my last post in entirety, can discuss more emailing, OK? This drawing is very good...I enlarged to see the details. It looks like someone I know. Highest and best good wishes to you in your evolution!!! ;oD
It can't be easy being a Pisces Rabbit, but on the other hand it could be very! creative and dream manifesting!! I have a hard time living outside of my head/dreams, but I keep working on it. So many "loves" sit around the house untouched ... piano, hand drums, artwork, photography, clutter all over ... and me. KLH

goatman said...

This is a beautiful sketch.
I've always envied people who could sketch a likeness. I think it shows attention to detail and an ability to see shadow, lighting and the effects of curvature; all which I have trouble with.
I wish you luck in housing. My thoughts are with you.

Kuan Gung said...

Great work...truly great, I'd like to see more!

Peg said...

Rhi, that sketch is elegant! You are such a talented artist and I do so pray all will be quiet in your world soon.
Please take very good care and stay in touch!
all my love and prayers,

Rhiannon said...

Thank you all for your nice comments...it means a lot to me. I think the drawing could be a lot better compard to all my lifetimes artwork in the past.

Bless you all...


Lena said...

loved the drawing and even if you say it could be better for me it is already good :)

And i am sure being a talented artist as you are more good ones will come soon after you get back all your energy.

Good luck with everything!

Kerry said...


thank you for your never ending support. i love yeah so much!

this drawing is amazing!!! you are so talented!!! i am hoping you will start to draw and sketch more often as i truly enjoy seeing your work!!!

ardi k said...

always love your artwork, rhi
love is

Muhd Imran said...

This is beautiful work. Poetry and drawings... my friend, you do it so well... effortlessly it seem.

You are gifted with beautiful talents with a beautiful heart to match. Brilliant!

Have a good weekend.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.

jac said...

The sketch is proof of your talent Barbara ! It is a joy to watch that.

I am not a poet, but I like your poetries too. Simple and direct.

I am new here.

Art and Poetry said...

Your drawings are very nice they are lighter than my drawings, My drawing are to much like a photo.
I have set up a link with your blog.