Friday, September 05, 2008

Blog award picks go to....

Well I'm highly honored to be given the award of favorite blog that inspires...Riversoul nominated me so thank you! You can click on his name above to find his blog "Silent Recollections". He's got a great high tech artsy and poetic blog and also with his opinions and thoughts about "life".

Now I'm given the task to give blog awards to 4 of my favorite blogs that inspire here they are..congratulations to all of you..

1. Kylita

She greatly inspires me with her truth and just being who she is..and being "open" in her thoughts and feelings in her blog... She is a very courageous soul who speaks her "truth"...she is also a great writer in writing of her thoughts and fun times with nature etc..and she can go very deep. I'm so proud to have gotten to know her in the blog world and consider her a "friend and comrade" for we have so much in common in our lives and our "sisterhood of the code" read top upper left of my blog.

2.Ardi's blog River Tree Whispers

Ardi is a very gentle soul..and writes such beautiful poems about "soul" and the beauty of mother nature..he's been connected with me on my blog almost since I first started it...

3.Imran PAL

That stands for "passionate about life" and he writes wonderful stories about his life and family and the things they do and and the experiences they and he have..and he also shares his sorrows in such a very heartfelt understanding way.
He also takes beautiful photos of nature his family and the places they go and see..he is a very very kind gentle man that lives a life with his family in Singapore...and he has shared so much about the way of life and the beauty there in his country.

4. Andrew
Past Tense

Andrew writes beautiful Haiku poems..that's where you can only use so many words to put together a poem that says a lot just in a few words..I'm not quite sure of the specifics of how that works but if you click on Andrews blog above you can find out more and also look at the photos he takes and puts them into the theme of his poems..and of course you all know I kind of try to put a pic or art work that fits with the theme of my poems..if you go through my archives you will see a lot of that throughout Andrew and I really like to do that..but his photos are really so beautiful..he does a great job..oh and did I also mention he has published a book of his poems titled "Tangled in Wisteria"

Well all 4 of you win this award of blogs that inspire me..and now the 4 of you that won these awards can put that you won the blog award that inspires at the
top of your blog to! Also the 4 of you might want to pick 4 of your favorite blogs that inspire you and award them also in one of your post. But only if you feel like pressure from me! I'm not into the "chain blog" deals..this is all in fun in picking the best blogs I enjoyed. .I hope all my blog friends will check out these 4 blogs and see what wonderful blogs they are..

I'm sorry that most of this post is all underlined. I have no clue what happened and I tried to fix it but this has taken me a very long time to put this post together so I'm not going to worry about it So, congratulations to you all for winning this award..I commend you all for having wonderful blogs..

Love and Blessings,



ardi k said...

Thank you so much, Rhi. You ARE an angel. Love you. --Ardi

Kylita said...

I am humbly grateful that I have touched you with inspiration. You have done that for me also, SisSTAR Rhi ... with highest and best blessings!
Love, SisSTAR Kylita xoxo
(Hi Ardi!)

Donna said...

I love "Passionate About Life" also. I'm learning so much from him.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

thank you so much, my friend! :)

RiverSoul said...

Hey Rhi.
Nice to see that you've accepted my award.
But you forgot to copy the picture. . . .
The credit card thingy you saw in my award post, is the award.
Do copy it and paste it in both your post and your Blog's sidebar.

Muhd Imran said...

This is a wonderful gift from you. A kind mention from a beautiful soul. Thank you my friend.