Friday, September 19, 2008

Political Spin....

Deliberation of generations
political sin
political spin
political "win"......

Dressed in elaborate armor
of denial
as the body count
grows higher
and the walls are built
with "Fear"
being it's victory.......

As heads turn
and look the other way
in shame
knowing full well
the emperor
has no clothes......

*Democracy isn't something forced upon people
for if it was, then it would be called a Dictatorship, not a "Democracy". Let's all come together and agree to disagree...let's all understand that just because others think and feel different views than us doesn't always make anyone "right" or "wrong...lets come together in diversity and mutual respect for one another* and lets stop the petty anger and "lies of deception" in this campaign for the president of the united states. Let's stop being "divided" (I don't understand why people want to keep going down that road) let's become connected and lets move forward not "back". Let's blend the "so called" blue and red states together into a beautiful color of purple..this is a young teenager that suggested this to me and others..what a wise thought! We adults could learn much from some of the younger generation..

Let our next president be more rational, calm, "mature", less angry less divided and less bitter for "revenge" and "attack" type views on the world. Let our next president have the courage to pick many people in his administration with different views and ideas and may he hear all of them and weigh the consequences of his decisions before he makes them. May he not just "dive" in and make rash quick decisions without taking the time for negotiations and understanding of how it will affect the people of this country and all the countries in this world. May he be calm in the midst of a we will know that we can trust his judgment and character and he will not keep changing his mind to "fit" what will make him popular or "win"...may he have true character and continue on in his strong beliefs for "change" real "change"..and may we all support him in his courage to finally change this country for the better...regardless of some people wanting to keep going "back" to the same ole things that have not's time to give us all a chance for "change"..take a risk...and please vote for this election could be the most important election in our lifetime..

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you may disagree with all or anything I have stated here it matters not..I still love you and hope for the best for all of we live in the present and also move forward to a more brighter and hopeful world..yes we can!..:o)

Blessings to all,


Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) Sept. 18th, 2008 Copyrights owned by Barbara R.


RiverSoul said...

Political sin
Political spin
Loved those lines.
I'm in complete agreement with your take on democracy.
Well said, Rhi.
Sorry i've been out of touch.
Heavy workload.
Btw, i've treated my Blog.

RiverSoul said...

Ah. . . The presidential elections. . .
Well, Rhi, i don't disagree with what you have updated. Its necessary to have a president who really knows your nation. Who can uphold the true interests of ur nation.
Well written Rhi

Art and Poetry said...

This is true and very well written! I believe that if every group had their own nation they could live in peace and bring up their children how they want.
For a long time the liberals have pushed people together that don't want to be together.

Kylita said...

Thank you, SisSTAR Rhi. I've been waiting for your post and this one is exquisite! I agree wholeheartedly. Along time ago I told my friends, "why can't we blend the blue and red states to make purple?" (my favorite color) and yours is the first time I've ever heard it again. I agree we all cannot keep being divided down the middle or nothing good will be accomplished. I am doing my best to remain "not angry" which isn't easy even listening to any! of the political crapola going on. You are a wise person and your heart is balanced ... I am proud to call you my SisSTAR.

David E. Patton said...

This is a wonderful post that get at the heart of what we all will like to see in the world

goatman said...

I am not sure that government is the answer to our problems; but I for one will cheer when the strutting moron walks away from our White House.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well here's one way of looing at it! :)

Muhd Imran said...

You make a good statement. An honest and practical one.

Hope all is well and the right person gets elected to do the job the citizens have entrusted onto him for.

All the best.