Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Captain for Dark Mornings....video song, written and sung by Laura Nyro....

This is one of Laura Nyro's beautiful songs from "New York Tendaberry" my favorite album of all time...yes I said of all time!..if you read the reviews of this album on Amazon.com you will read many stating the same opinion that I have about her..there is no one else like her and there never will be. She was a true artist and spirit..and fame and money was never her goal....it was always about her passion, her soul, her spirit her creativity of her "Art".

What a talent she was..prolific, beautiful poetic lyrics, passionate, funky and she wrote and produced most of all her songs along with playing her piano and she had names of colors for musical notes..thats the way she saw notes..in colors... She spoke her own special musical language and expression with her unique words..like "keys" meant something else."...captain" meant her man...etc..etc...she wrote and sang "Eli's coming", I disliked the hit songs of it by others...Laura sang it so different so beautiful..maybe I will post that next. Most other artist sang some of her songs and had hits out of them but when you hear her sing the originals you go "say what"???

To me all of Laura's songs were like musical plays.....you could envision and use your imagination and "feel and see them"...what she was singing and the notes and well it's just too hard to explain..they all told a story and she went up and down in voice range all over the place. This song is about 35 years old...and I never tire of hearing any of her songs and music..never...I have all of her original albums..

Laura your spirit lives on in your music..thank your for your short time here on earth...and now an angel in spirit from above still singing in your beautiful rapture. Thanks for letting me share this with you all...Rhiannon


goatman said...

I have heard of Laura off and on forever but have never really sought her out to listen. Perhaps now is the time, with your prod and suggestion.
I'll bet that you liked Buffy St. Marie as well?

Lydia said...

I, like goatman, know of her but never gravitated to her music. I had no idea she wrote Eli's Coming, a song I really love.
This song is very soulful. I wonder about her death now, and will have to google that.
Thanks, Rhi.

Lydia said...

p.s. I see that your fish tank is cropped off on the right. I can't remember if mine also had a fit problem. I looked at the html on mine and note that all the width and height indicators are at zero (0). I don't know if I set them there to reduce the size or not, but you can check. If you see figures greater than 0 maybe that will be the trick.

Devika said...

Your write up makes me so eager to listen to her, Rhi..

The Internet seems very slow at this time..I will definitely come back to listen...

You writing is so persuasive, dear :)


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really liked that! Need to find out more.....off to Google :)

Peg said...

Good Morning Rhi!
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of unexpected blessings!
I am indeed looking forward to another year and will grasp every moment it lends me!
Take good care and continue to watch the sky as you never know what message may be written in the clouds! :-0}

Peg said...

PS, Holly smokes girl! That picture of Linda Ronstadt is beyond perfection! You need to somehow get her to take a look at it!!

ardi -- poet of light said...

thanks for the insight into this beautiful artist
have a good holiday in the spirit of love.

Muhd Imran said...

It's Christmas Day now in Singapore.

Merry Christmas to you my beautiful friend.

Devika said...

Merry Christmas, Rhi :)


Carolyn said...

I hadn't ever heard her, but wow! Now I'm glad I did, and thank you. She has quite a vocal, almost like a flute sometimes. Beautiful! Merry Christmas Rhi :)

David E. Patton said...

thank you for the kind wishes and the prints. I will mail the book next week. have a wonderful and blessed year

Art and Poetry said...

Nice! very unusual have a Merry Christmas!

All the best nick

Muhd Imran said...

Hope you get connected soon.


David E. Patton said...
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David E. Patton said...

New Year’s Wish

I wish that
The economy
Was all about Nature
Not to buy and spend
But her heart to win.