Monday, January 05, 2009

The tale of the Welsh Mare Goddess "Rhiannon".

Rhiannon's association with horses, magical birds and the island "Otherworld" place her in a well established tradition with the Celtic world, as does her mysterious origins and her unjust treatment at the hands of her host community. She also exemplifies the medieval author's artistry at it's very best...wherein mythic archetypes are also represented in the human dimension....with distinct emotional and social characteristics which can touch us even today. Through the figure of Rhiannon, a powerful prescence is evoked. We come to know and respect this unique personality through her power of words and wisdom of forbearance. But like any three dimensional character she is not without her occasional flaws. Some of her less thoughtful actions carry serious repercussions. However, so carefullly does the author create this synthesis of the deeply human with the divine, that her endurance of the tragic yet redemptive fate as the Horse Goddess carries an unusually psycho-dramatic affect. Rhiannon bore her suffering and injustice with a patience that still seems remarkable.

In the mythological story Rhiannon came to our world and she met a human man and fell in love....she broke the Goddess rules so basically her punishment for breaking those rules was to lose her powers that she had...however the one power she never lost was the power to know what would happen down the road in the near future..and also her intuition to "pick up on" and know what is happening in the present before most others do.. a bit "ahead of her time" and yet "an old soul"....yet Rhiannon no longer had the power to change what would happen...even though she "knew"...the good and the bad..

Rhiannon was also cursed for something she did not do.....and her punishment for her so called "crime" was to sit every day at the court of "Arberth" castle entrance for 7 years near a horse-block outside the gate, telling her story to all that passed by. In addition Rhiannon was to carry any willing guest to the court on her back as a horse would.

Rhiannon was also always surrounded by three birds...a healing presence that brought peace and serenity to others in their suffering.

*When I first heard the song "Rhiannon" long long ago by Stevie Nicks I loved and related to it but didn't know why I just did.. Then in the late 90's I read about how Stevie came to write this song and what she read and learned about Rhiannon the Welsh Mare Goddess. So I started reading up on all the Mythological stories of Welsh Mare Goddess "Rhiannon" (about 11 years ago) and immediately was able to relate to so much of her mythological tale and what Rhiannon went through. Which is why I then gave myself the nickname of "Rhiannon" 10 year ago...some people in person call me by this name as they know "her story" and "my story" also and understand....and online I am basically known as Rhiannon. I certainly feel more like Rhiannon in my heart, spirit and soul...I'm part of her story...I've known what her story is like I've felt it in my own life. And I'm more comfortable wtih her name than my real name. So Rhiannon I am and so the "memory remains the same" as Stevie Nicks would say.

So now you know a bit more about why I gave myself the name was also a "spiritual growth name" in my learning and growing process...a new name for all the new changes and what I've experienced in my life....and I continue with the ever evolving changes as each day passes.

"Take me with the wind take me with the sky"

Love and Blessings,



Devika said...

Interesting read, Rhi..

and to know you through her. :)

Loved the art, too'


Ardi K said...

I hope you are carried via wind and sky to new heights in this new year. Fortune follows those with well-being of heart. I've always seen that in you, Rhi.

Kylita said...

Dear SisSTAR Rhiannon ... and wouldn't you love to love her? ;oD
Will be typing up your Goddess reading in the next few days and mail it out. I copied all the cards so you could see the beauty in them also.
SisSTARS of the C.O.D.E., and the Evolution this Mighty Fine 2009 xo
p.s. I have Welsh blood in me ;oD
SisSTAR Kylita xo

Bridget Jones said...

Thank you so much Rhi for that info--beautiful.

I'm not welsh but am Irish/celt...

Art and Poetry said...

The Celtic world must have been very beautiful! so much of that world is lost forever it is good to use the same name!

Lydia said...

Funny, but I was playing your latest video and was thinking that it just doesn't make me feel like dancing. I was going to leave you a comment saying Celtic music is what gets me prancing around the living room. Then I scrolled down to read this (really interesting) post with its Celtic tie.....
I absolutely understand the thing about relating more to this name than your "real" one. Lydia is my middle name and I relate to it more than my first name, which is really quite unique. Adults should feel much freer than we do to re-name ourselves!

goatman said...

Her sitting outside the castle for seven years telling her story reminds me of an old fellow who used to sit on the bench outside a local Wal Mart. He always had a bevy of folks around to talk to. I think he was lonely and used this method to pass the time and relate to others. But perhaps he insulted the Gods and was required to be there every day . . . I never asked.

An enticing story of the Rhi!