Friday, August 08, 2008

The Wet of my drawings...

This is one of my drawings from my blog in 2005. If some of you are my old blog friends from 3 years back then you will recognize it. But I wanted to share it with some of my new blog friends also. This is one of my favorites as it was such a challenge to draw..trying to make the hair look wet just from a drawing wasn't easy. The drop "dot" on the upper left side of the jaw and below the ear a bit is a drop of water..the drop doesn't really show that well when I scanned it but the original shows it well.

Copyrights owned by Barbara R. (Rhiannon)


Kylita said...

Awesome, SisSTAR Rhi! a true goddess's creativity! By the by, I was put on hold yesterday and the music piped in was "Rhiannon" by Stevie Nicks. Of course, it made me smile and think of you. I'll write you soon...have been working too much and now I'm slothing out on Friday night. Wheeeeeee!
Trust you are evolving as am I.
SisSTAR Kylita xo (blink blink)
Peas and Hominy!

Burfica said...

It's way way awesome!!!!

when you click to enlarge it, you can really see how it does look just wet. Like if you touch it your hand will be wet.

I also love love love the eyes and mouth. So pretty!!!!

Kuan Gung said...

Wow! Very nice!

Art and Poetry said...

It is a very good drawing I have never tried to draw wet hair.
She looks like Cher the singer, I like drawing sad looing women but in the future I am going to try and draw happier people.

Paul Maurice Martin said...

I like it!

But wish I'd had someone like that to jog with in the rain, which I used to do regularly - whenever it rained and it was time to jog. It was really great in the summer, just for keeping cool, so it was something I had no motivation to avoid.

But it was always hard to persuade others that this was fun...

Peg said...

Rhi, Yes, I remember this one and I loved it then as I do now! And as I have said in the past, you are a very talented young lady and need to put your portfolio in a talent pool for writers, etc.
If you haven't all ready, check into it.

Damn girl, you are good!!

with an honest prespecitve,

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Again, I wish I could draw like that! This is beautiful.

Muhd Imran said...

Truly awesome talent!

I love drawing too and was very active in my teen years, but had never achieved to this degree of realism.

One word. Awesome!

sister celtic said...

Outstanding comes to mind first...I love it... You are a treasure trove of talent..No one has this unique talent... My nephew is a rare artist and so are you... I'm not into the "Fake" tricks called art today...Big diffrence.....

Rhiannon said...

Thank you all for your comments. I love to read the different takes and perceptions of everyones thoughts of my me art is each person having their own perspective of what they see when looking at art! Thats what it's all about. You know like when you see people at an art gallery looking at some art work on the wall and they are cocking their head or getting up close, etc..etc.

What I see looking at this drawing I kind of like a look of innocence and yet also curiosity..almost like she is questioning something or thinking "is that right, oh really"?..or something like that..if that makes any she is wet so she feels rather pure and clean..he he.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughtful comments..and for dropping by..I will post more poems and drawings in a few days..

Blessings and love and peace to all,


RiverSoul said...

Its beautifully drawn. The wet-hair-effect is well done too.
Beautiful work.