Monday, August 25, 2008

Black Daisies...poem

Black Daisies

In a web of deceit
the lies of deception
curved down an endless road
where a path of black daisies
cried oceans of tears
trailing behind
their roots
being dragged
deep from the ground

All their sorrows
drowned in their soft petals
which dropped and fell
one after another
and another
into the soft soil
in timeless patterns
of forevermore...
dying blossoms
to Mother earth
as Father sky
cries to the wind

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) July 2008 copyrights owned by Barbara R.


RiverSoul said...

How sad and painfull.

It seems that the pain and sorrow have turned the beautifull daisies black.

Art and Poetry said...

It a bit black, the first part (In a web of deceit) is true because we are all on the web, but hopefully there is not to much deceit.


Rhiannon said...

In poetry there is darkness and light, there is sweetness,there is day and night, in poetry there is happy there is soul, there is sappy, in poetry there is sorrow and writing about a better tomorrow, in poetry there is rebirth in going through the pain, in poetry there is rebirth in sunlight or embracing the rain, in poetry there is change and not always a happy refrain,in poetry its never the same, in poetry there is "real" in poetry its about writing how you feel.

That is my response to some who don't understand or might not like that I write about the dark and the light..

Written by me at the top of my head..:o) and heart and soul of course.


goatman said...

But the petals will be reborn from the earth as future life, the next form continues. Dark changes to light, death to life.
I love the poem.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ooooh, how dark and cold! I love it!

Rhiannon said...

After I wrote this poem I checked out if there is in actuality a "Black daisy" and there is..hence the pic with my adding text and shadows and bits of light to it..I thought it all kind of came together and fit the theme of the poem.

Thanks for your interesting different comments so far! I'm glad you liked it goatman and understood what I was kind of striving for in the poem...going through the pain, the sorrow, death, mother earth then a kind of "rebirth". Glad you liked it too Andrew! I really do enjoy the different perspectives that people read into a poem along with my own original artwork on my blogpage.


Muhd Imran said...

There is so much pain and sorrow felt in this poem.

Before it dies, butterflies fed and bees make honey from its pollens. It was useful and selfless when it was blossoming, in the hope of life's renewal... continuation, rebirth.

Beautifully said. Beautiful poem.

Anonymous said...

there is so much of pain indeed...dark, thats what comes to mind...!!

loved it...!!

ardi k said...

Transluescent beauty -- black on light. It takes me . . . And I go. Good artwork and poem.

Kylita said...

SisSTAR Rhi ... Wild Thing, I think you moved me! ;o)
I understand this poem completely and it is very meaningful ... and I love ardi k's comment.
You are evolving beautifully,
and the White Horse you rode in on!
Write you soon xo

YogaforCynics said...

Very interesting, the way the path of black daisies takes us from deceit, lies, and deception, to finally yield to things greater than they....