Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Muhd Imran and your family..especially your Father....

I wish Angel Blessings all around your Father, You and Your Family during this moment in time Imran..

Your Friend across the other side of the World,



Muhd Imran said...

Hi Rhiannon.

I wish to thank you for your kind thoughts and this beautiful post.

Coming back tired from a two-day audit at work, preoccupied with so many things in my mind right now, then I find this post.

It really makes my day... calming me down and I get reminded the blessings I receive... this one from someone so far away.

The weekend is near, I am planning for an outing with my family and parents... spending time with them.

My parents really need to get out of the house after being cooped-up for the whole week... that is if someone had not "stolen" them away first.

Either way, they'll love the weekends with any of their children and grandchildren.

Life has to go on and as you mentioned, spending time with them is the best thing for all.

Thank you for this dedication. I am honored and am sure my father is too, only if I were to tell him but unable to.

You are truly a good and dear friend. Bless you for being beautiful inside and out.

Imran & Wifey

RiverSoul said...

How very kind and thoughtful of you, Rhi.
And blessings to you from me too, Imran
God Bless.

Kylita said...

I am proud to be your bloggie friend, SisSTAR, and I also send my highest and best blessings to Imran and his family, and to you as well. It is my pleasure to be able to get to know you this past year ... we all need connections with people who are caring and kind. Thank you so much for being such beautiful people.
SisSTAR Kyle

Burfica said...

My deepest sympathies to Imran and his family!!!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


sister celtic said...

Prayers for Imran's dad from Lopez Island...My dad passed away on friday night.....