Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes we did!...The Healing begins.....


Muhd Imran said...

We got news from this side of the world. Obama has won.

Congrats to you and to the people of the USA.

Hopefully the wealth will now be shared throughout the country and to the people of all levels instead of the elite few.

Hopefully too, it will transcend throughout the world.

Have a good week ahead!

Kylita said...

Isn't it a marvelous feeling to be part of this? I got your email and thank you for sending it to me individually ;o)
I got a vicious email from my cousin's son which I won't elaborate on (McCain supporter) and I wrote him back that he was a MF'g bigot and that it was sad but that I no longer wanted to hear from him nor be part of his family. I meant it, too. I realize that's not being "united" but it was plain disrespectful and this was just hours before the win of Obama was announced. Sweet relief!
Yes I can disengage myself from people who are hurtful and those who I would not want to be friends with any longer!
I also like Imran's comments above. He is a very nice person.
SisSTAR Kylita

Kylita said...

p.s. I just saw the "wearing purple tomorrow" subtitle, very good idea! I have lots of purple, being my favorite color ;o)
Thanks for the great idea xo

Art and Poetry said...

I am pleased for you!! politically I am from the other end of the spectrum but we are all part of the same light.


RiverSoul said...

My heartiest congratulations to you, Rhi, and to all the people of America....
Even to the Mc Cain supporters.... For they know not that what has happened will bring them good fortune too.

And nice to see you back on d Blogger's world, dear.

Paul Maurice Martin said...

Wish this meant we were getting our country barack but it's government of, by and for big business, with much of the middle and working class still buying the idea that if we just let the rich get really really rich by continuing to deregulate, it will 'trickle down' to the rest of us some day.

But it sure does at least feel good to have the guy in the Oval Office someone you don't have to be embarassed about as an American.

YogaforCynics said...

Any student of American history, including recent American history, can tell you how incredibly unlikely, if not impossible, it is for a black man named Barack Hussein Obama to be elected presdident of the United States, and yet.... I don't think he's a messiah, nor that he's going to be a perfect president. And yet, if this is possible, who knows what else might be?

goatman said...

Now if the present administration can back out of government slowly, carefully, so as not to break anything else!