Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nickleback I love them..especially this one..

I love this song by Nickleback. I love all of their songs..but check this newer one out...if you haven't already..on youtube.

If Everyone Cared


Kerry Conway said...

OMG!!! I love this song!!!! Your the best. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Love yeah!


Rhiannon said...

he he...are we psychic or what? I just now made a comment on your blog!.


Rhiannon said...

P.S. Dear Mr. President by Pink is a great song also..thanks for sharing that with us..

Kerry Conway said...

*lmao* we are so soul sisters'! amen girl! i am up early and getting ready for church. i am so glad you are doing good!

be blessed!


Burfica said...

my son who is 11 turned us on to Nicleback, we love their stuff.

Kerry Conway said...

hi doll! just checking in to see how you are doing!


Hale McKay said...

That is a good song!

Dropping by to see how you are doing. I haven't veen here in a long time.

I hope you have a good Easter.

Muhd Imran said...

Thought I'd left message already. Guess I did not hit the publish button.

Nickleback is hot in Singapore now. One of my favorite group. Nice choice.

Have a good weekend, my dear friend.

Kerry Conway said...

hey rhi! i need you to email me your email address so i can invite you to my blog. i have gone private.

whenever you have a chance, k?

how are you doing??? i miss yeah.


Dreaming Firefly said...

Hello Rhiannon..
Not sure when you will see this.
Dropping by to see how you are getting on.
My dear friend, you have always been in the mind. Hope you have settled and let me know about your updates, yah?
Please take care..
Missing you.. :o)

Rhiannon said...

It's so good to hear from you dreaming firefly! I never forget the wonderful hand written Birthday card you sent to me all the way from your country to sis and you...

I hope you are both doing good. I'm doing better and I finally got the help I needed and though things are still very hard they are not as scary and the more fears I face and "deal with them"..the more "gifts" seem to come..I know that the Angels and Spirit just somehow knew and have been so totally there for me when I hit rock bottom..through no fault of my own..I will try and e-mail you if I get a chance..and tell you more..

Love you and Angel Blessings,
thank you for still thinking of me dear friend all the way across the world..



dreaming firefly said...

It's so nice to hear from you again, after soo long..
I wanted to send you another card for your birthday this year, but I still don't know your new address!!
Yup, do update me through email when you are free.. I'd love to know..
Meanwhile, once again, take care.. :o)

Kylita said...

Hi again Rhi ... before I closed off I watched the 2 Nickelbacks and I LOVE them ... sitting here bawling over "Too Bad" as my brother died in a car crash and his son was 25 and hadn't seen him in over 9 mos and now never will again. But all that aside, being this "ol' lady 56-1/2" that I am, I am HOT for Chad Kroeger!!!! (even my husband knows ;o) KLH