Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What city do you belong in?

One of my best friends is English and lives in England.
He always tells me that I am not a "typical American type" (whatever that is) and that I would "fit in" more
in England, that I seem very "English" to maybe this is true! I don't know I also
feel very very "French"...since I'm French Canadian Indian on my fathers side and French and English
on my mothers side. Well France isn't too far from England so one day my dream of going to
France will come true and I can just stop over in England to visit my friend. I've lived in Japan
but never been to Europe before. I've lived all over the U.S as an adult, including Hawaii. I
long for living right near the ocean or a "body of water" I so long for that and miss it so much.
I grew up in Los Angeles area (but born in WV)and the ocean was just a 25 minute drive or so. I also lived in
Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and loved the ocean there. Also loved the ocean over in Hawaii.
So gorgeous! The ocean was nice over in Japan also, but I think visiting the Buddist temple in
Tokyo was one of the most memorable moments in my couldn't utter a noise let alone speak
and watching the Buddist monks do the chanting and meditation and all the beautiful statues
and Artistic things in there..ooooh unforgettable moment. Getting to the top of Mt. Fuji was awesome
also!....anyway here is what city I'm supposed to belong in..this sure got me thinking about all of
the places I'ved lived and traveled to. I still long for roots though. Don't think its where I live now
though thats for sure!..I so long for diversity!

"You belong in London, a little old fashioned and a little modern, a little traditional and a little
punk rock. A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything. No wonder you and
London will get along so well"...

"London Calling"!...;-)

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