Friday, May 07, 2010

My song for the week....this is me..."Stronger woman" Video by Jewel


Beach Bum said...

I have always liked her music when I heard it, I guess she is not commercial enough for the stuffed suits that run the music business.

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Michael and I are big Jewell fans. I just saw Monday that she is coming to Portland (sometime this summer, I think). I've recorded several of her concerts - one on Austin City Limits and one on PBS - and think she is a phenomenal performer. Glad you featured her!

Rhiannon said...

Glad you two love Jewel. I first saw her way back in 95 or 96 o PBS concert starring Melissa Etheridge, with her special guest "Sophie B. Hawkins"(whom I love also have most of her CD's) and special a "special newcomer" as Melissa stated then "Jewel" Melissa and Jewel sang a song together and then she said that Jewel has a song of her own called "Foolish Games"..I watched her sing that and went "I must have her music"! My husband and I at the time couldn't find a CD or anything from her so we went to a special music store in town and they find and order things for you. They found her first CD album "Pieces of you", which had not been really released yet "officially" and we got the that Cd a few weeks later and my husband at the time and I listened to it and he said "oh my you've discovered another new talent once again"...People would come over to our house and hear Jewels Cd and say "wow who is that I've never heard her before"?...etc..etc...I think her first CD album "Pieces of you" and "Spirit" and also love her book of her poems and also the book "Chasing down the Dawn" she is a very special woman and person. I love Jewel...she is "real" and "sensitive" and as she says "I'd like to keep it that way"..but she is also a "Stronger woman" can be very strong, and sensitive at the same time and still be very "feminine"..don't you think?

I am however wishing she would not now be labeled as "country"..oh well..

A strong woman "me" signing off for now,

Love and Blessings,


Rhiannon said...

oops! so many typos sorry I didn't do spellcheck. What I meant to say was that the two CD's of Jewels I love the most are "Pieces of you" and "Spirit"..Spirit cd is very special to me. I could relate to a lot of songs on that cd and also could relate to many songs in her "Pieces of you" cd...especially the song "Foolish Games". yep I've been there too!