Saturday, September 24, 2005

Edna St. Vincent Millay...

Edna St. Vincent Millay is one of my favorite poets of all time(so far!)and I discovered her poetry when I was a young teenager looking to do a biographpy book report on a poet for my English class. As I leafed through books at the library looking at different poets books, I came upon one of hers and could not put the book down! I checked the book out(wow I miss going to the library I should start going more now)and rechecked it out over and over for quite a while. Finally I saved my money and got her book at a book store. I got an "A+" on my book report, very rare for me to get good grades as a "C" student with dyslexia, which of course no one understood at that time. Thats another story of my struggles in school in Los Angeles (around 40 students or more per class)way back when with a few teachers(men) repeating to me over and over again how stupid I was! That's for another time I will share with you further. Edna was born on February 22 (a Pisces of course.:o))1892 in Rockland, Maine. She had bright red hair pale skin and freckles. She was the first woman to receive a Pulitzer prize for poetry and was the author of many plays. She died Ocotober 19, 1950, about 5 months before I was born! A lot of her poems resonate with me and always have. I guess she was a "Dreamer" also. Below are a few of my favorite poems by her, the one about war, I thought how ironic, it seemed as if she wrote it in the "here and now" of whats happening in our world today. They should make a movie or play about her life I think it would be very interesting for she was quite unique, different, a rebel, and rather a vagabond for those days.

Hope you enjoy the poems.



Long Iron said...
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Rhiannon said...

Thank you kind sir. Yes, Edna was a very gifted woman.

Drop by any time door is always open.

Angel Blessings,

Peg said...

OOH OOH I love her too!!! She is an excellent poet!!