Tuesday, September 27, 2005


We hurt one another without knowing
and we let our pride prevent it from showing...
we hold it in and close it up
we shut our mouths
with the pain stuffed inside
our ego, our wounded pride
which comes first who's to know?
all I know is we can't let it go
or set it aside...

Wounds go deep
they never really heal
a band-aid or stitches
won't mend pain thats so real...

If only we all could just not hold it in
our hearts and minds
might learn how to mend...

All this pain we all carry around
our lips rarely smile
we only just frown...
It seems a permanent part of our lives
our hearts so burdened
with pain and strife..
I wonder sometimes
if we smiled at one another more
it might make a difference
in what our life has in store?

It's amazing how much difference a smile can make
our hearts want to give
and not just to take..

I wish we all could laugh more too
this could be
it could happen to you..

Maybe in the future you could help someone out?
by a laugh or a smile
and a twinkle in your eye
don't let their sadness
pass you by...

Be the one to give and not take
then you might see
the miracles God can make...
for you
for me
for everyone we see..

Please don't give up
there's a part of us inside
that needs to be
and a smile or a laugh
can set your heart free.

It's part of human nature
this wanting this needing
but without a smile
it just doesn't make sense
our life is stagnant
were sitting on a fence..
So jump off of it and leap in the air
take that chance
there's not a moment to spare..
life is short
life can be sweet
if only we smile, the summit we can reach..

*I know this poem is a bit "corny" but there is a message or two in it..

1 comment:

Dreaming_Firefly said...

"Corny"? Not really. =)
The message(s) you are trying to bring across... Maybe I don't capture all, but I do find this entry meaningful.
(n_n)Indeed, a smile do wonders, way beyond what we imagine.
May smiles surround your everyday life.