Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well put statement by Marianne Williamson, "Chaos in America"..

Everyone I just read such an eloquently put statement by Marianne Williamson (best selling Spiritual author from Metro Detroit) about the Chaos in America now..."People Sense Presidents Soulless Sensibility"...you can read her statement at http://intuitiveinnovations.blogspot.com/ or just click on "Intuitive Innovations" on my link bar bar...it will take you there. I was going to type the whole thing and post it but it is a lot of typing!....but it won't take you long to read it...I think most of you will appreciate what she says. Its the way I've felt for quite a few years now and have told many people way back when, what would happen...now maybe we will "awaken from our slumber". Two things entered my mind after reading Mariannes statement. 1. From the Sheaksphere play (sorry my spelling) of Romeo and Juliet...what it says at the very end..... "All are punished.... all are punished" and 2. "Apathy is pathetic"...



Storm said...

I only hope that things will change. I get so frustrated at the direction our country is going in.

Rhiannon said...

I know Storm me too..its rather scary, isn't it? We will just have to keep believing in our dreams, maybe the more we believe in them and that the world CAN be a better place, that WE can make a difference,the better things will get..don't give up..we can't!

Angel Blessings,