Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Parallel Universe? The story of Hugh and Mark Everette. Science and also helping heal those wounds..check this out...very interesting!

I saw this show NOVA/Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives/PBS last night on PBS. It's about Mark Everette, the son of Hugh Everette, the scientist who started the theory of Quantum Physics, that there is a parallel universe!. I was so intrigued watching this show....another dimensional world we might live in! I actually found this documentary to be rather a spiritual experience for me. Mark is in an alternative band and is a song writer and singer. They show a few clips of him on stage singing a song about his father and such. This whole documentary revolved around Mark going around the country to visit different people (some very famous scientist and such) Universities and places where his father made history. He had very interesting chats with his fathers friends and fellow scientist. Mark also shares about his families "complex" problems...he is the only family member left now.

Mark decided to take this "Journey" so he could really get to know his father in a better way and to understand him. His father died at the age of 51 of a heart attack from way too much smoking and drinking. Mark was just 18 when he found his fathers body when he died. Mark see's that whether he likes it or not, how he is like his father in many ways. I found this whole story of Mark's family history and what his father was like when Mark was a young boy growing up very fascinating! I was spellbound by Marks speaking his thoughts about the past, his conversations with so many that worked and knew his father way back "when". Also Mark finally deciding to go through boxes and records and even old tapes of taped conversations his father made. I hope you will take the time to read this PBS web site page above and also you can watch the whole PBS show from last night if you want to. I only happened upon this show on PBS accidentally.

**Note** I just checked the tv guide listings for PBS..."Parallel world, Parallel lives" will run again on PBS on May 23rd, Saturday at 10:00 pm. At least that's what it states for my area. So, check your local PBS listings for Saturday night. PBS also has it listed to run on May 21st on Thursday at 2:00 check for that early morning also..if you can manage to stay up that late or record it. It will be worth it. It's supposed to run on Sunday the same early morning time also..

I guess you had to be I'm sure this post will not be able to give you the rave review that this documentary please check it out at the web site above.


Hale McKay said...

I saw this program and i was as always, fascinated with this concept/idea.

The Discovery Channel ran some recent programs on parallel universes and alternative time lines.

Kylita said...

I so very much believe in parallel universes, it just makes sense, like someone is right here in the same "space" where I sit typing this, only that person could be dancing or swimming or plowing or making a birthday cake! or all simultaneously! How's that, SisSTAR? I would love to check out that program, thank you!

Lydia said...

It doesn't show in this area on Saturday at 10:00 am. The listing says something called "New Tricks" will show then but I'm going to also check an online schedule. It really does sound fascinating. Tonight when I watched the first of the summer's So You Think You Can Dance I kept thinking that I should have stayed with dancing and made it my career. Maybe I'm actually doing that in a parallel life! :)

Ardi K said...
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Ardi K said...

Thanks for this post, Rhi. We'll try to catch it. Very interesting. I just started writing again about my dad on Thursday night--kinda the start of my memoirs. I didn't know him too well when he was alive, but in writing and "conversations" with him after his death I've learned so much. Still, what we know about someone is such a small part of that person. We all have something to give to life. I hope by my writing I can contribute my part, as well as still help Dad in his living mission -- some of which I am still learning.

Some believe that we can "save" our ancestors. In a way, I do too. Dad was more than his upbringing in poverty and the abuse of alcohol presented him as. We all have a rich life that need never stop teaching others. The stories of our lives can be a living manual of training for all who pick it up -- lessons of right and wrong, of discernment, control and understanding. It's not all as it seems. Judgment of others limits only our own growth. No matter what is another's position, condition or apparent mission -- there is an untold story of so much more. Our attempts at understanding could effectively "redeem" such a one from rascal to master teacher of our most needed lessons. May the Blessings Be.

Muhd Imran said...

Imagine the lives the parallel universe is going through now! Is it any better than the ones we have here?

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do hope that you are recovering fast with as less pain as possible.

With all that is going on in your life, you stay positive and high-spirited as always.

A true fighter with such a beautiful soul, it's inspirational! Just beautiful.

Take care, dear friend.

Art and Poetry said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I have seen this program it was very good it had a human side to the story.The humam side is always more interesting. I don't believe in all these parallel universes three dimensions is two to many for me.

goatman said...

Reminds of the Star Trek story where two guys from alternate universes met on the Enterprise. One was black on one side, white on the other; and the other guy was colored the opposite way. Of course they fought since opposites do not attract in this scenario. Kirk had to transport them to deep space and let them have at it to create a cosmic balance of some sort. I think that an explosion ensued and all was well!

Thanks for the heads up on the program.

Kerry Conway said...


Nathan Fillion...? He is a cuttie! I cannot blame you for being excited about his series being renewed! =) I have never seen it yet. I will try to watch an episode soon!

How are you doing? All is well here. I am busy with work and the girls - it's never ending, but I love it!

Take care, whitelighter!



Lisa Allender said...

Hi Rhi--Am catching up with your posts.
I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!
How coooooooool is this.
(My secret dream: to blow glass. I recently discovered there's another Lisa Allender(in UK) who does ceramics, and glass! As I said at my blog, Lisa Allender Writes, (in February 2009)
in my "25 Random Things About Me", I guess she's the Lia Allender who gets to do that!)
Thanks for this!