Sunday, May 03, 2009

Facing the Monsters..........

I had made this collage a few years back in relation to my feelings about my mother and my family...during that time I finally got the courage to say what I felt and needed to say to "her". It was very freeing. As I look at my collage now I connect with it for different reasons, in relation to what I've gone through in the last 2 years or so. Losing everything in my life it seemed, facing my fears of "what will happen to me will I survive, make it through all this?" I found myself continually facing my "fears" and "the monsters"'s getting better now but I have recently discovered how emotionally fragile I still am. So, I accept and embrace my feelings of how I feel and who I am "for now" each day goes by I find new experiences to help guide the way...and of course my guardian angels, always hanging out in my corner of the world...somehow I know and trust that they have been with me the whole time..I just lost faith...and it was still okay with them..I felt their prescience always...strange though that may sound I thank them for the unconditional protection watching over me when I often stumbled and lost my way..

A heartfelt thank you to many of my blog friends for the support frame and kindness they have given to meant so much to me...though you are all so far from me in miles, you are close to me in my heart. You made a difference in my life...and so we all continue to reach out to one another with friendship and understanding...all because of a thing called "blogging" on a computer...isn't that something? I'm not a computer type geek person, yet I can see where it can make a difference in the world if used properly in connecting and reaching out to others in spiritual and friendship ways.

Thanks for not giving up on me...because in many ways for a long time now I did almost give up on I try and take each day as it's all any of us can do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you...your so special to me in my heart..

"Nobody speaks about the monsters"...lyrics written by Annie Lennox

Love, Rhi


goatman said...

That is a wonderful collage assemblage -- nice job. Innocence faces the beast. Of course innocence will survive in the end, I am sure of it.
I've always liked Mr. Fillion as well. In the Firefly series he expressed as a real person with faults and desires even though he was the Captain of the ship. As a writer in the new series, he seems always in control but vulnerable. A great actor who seems always to portray a likable sort.

I hope that you can now relax a bit in your new digs and express again your creative side.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Thant was a very sweet and heartwarming post. thank you!
also thanks for your comment on my blog and I hope, that you now feel better. Did you actually break anything? or what happened?

here are some things you might want to read:

lots of love, Sarah sofia

Kylita said...

I am very proud of you, SisSTAR, and please keep posting your artwork and thoughts and dreams and music and all that makes up YOU because you are what matters the most, It all comes from Within and nothing outside could ever compare to what lies within us, the beauty and the power and the strength and courage, it is all there for you ... and me ... and all of us. Just peek inside ;oD
I love you, my dear SisSTAR and Friend, and know how much I have appreciated our growing relationship which has gone from beyond blogging ... and again, I am so proud of you. It will be wonderful to see both of us "evolve" ... SisSTARS of the C.O.D.E.!!! Yeah!
Kyle xo