Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is dedicated to Earth day tomorrow...go green!

I have been going green for over 20 years now. When I started having serious health problems many many years ago, I helped my immune system by using almost all natural products or "alternatives". It's helped my health tremendously. It is NOT necessary, for instance, to use any kind of bleach. Use regular brown bottled peroxide. I add it to my natural cleanser to clean and also disinfect. I use this combination to clean my bathroom, kitchen, floors. I also add a bit of peroxide to my "green" laundry detergent, when I do whites, light colors and also my bed sheets and towels. No stain, no color drip. I just throw in a little less than 2 oz. with my laundry detergent. Not much is needed at all. I have never found any reason to have to use any of all those "toxic" cleansers they sell at the store...I have no need to. I save a lot of money this way also. I also use Bon-ami and peroxide to clean the toilet. When people here at my apartment complex see me in the laundry room, using my natural products and peroxide, they ask about what I am doing, so I share with them why. Now I see quite a few people here in the apartment complex with their natural "green" laundry detergent and their peroxide in their laundry baskets. Help protect the earth and save money too!

I also bought a "Quadra" Ionic Breeze air cleaner about 9 years ago. All I have to do is remove the inner core of it and wash and rinse it with a cloth about every month and let it air dry overnight, then slide it back into the outer container. Only cost pennies a day to run. You should see all the "gunk" on it when I pull the inner core of it out. It's filthy! That's got to tell you how much stuff is in the air in your homes. I also almost always have a window open a bit, even when it's cold...indoor air is one of the most toxic there remember to think of what you can do to protect our earth, and yourselvs, in these simple and many other ways. It is possible! I've been "green" so long I have to laugh sometimes when I read about new "recently discovered ideas" for going green, because I have been doing them for so long now that it seems "normal" to me.

Bless Mother Earth and Father Sky...protect the Earth, your families, your children and all of us.

Love and Blessings,



Lydia said...

Bon Ami and peroxide is the exact same combo I use to clean our toilet! I have been purchasing bleach-free liquid for colors and just use it also on white clothes. But I will switch to peroxide for the whites.

I'm glad you mentioned your Ionic Breeze because we have one that we bought at Sharper Image before the store shut down some years ago. Evidently, it was health concerns about the Ionic Breeze, the company's biggest selling item, that did them in. I loved ours, but I really freaked out about the possible damage to lungs. So I unplugged it, but keep it in the living room and turn it on only when I am cleaning house.
Just now after reading your post I did some brief research and found a quite good article about the Ionic Breeze, along with recommendations for other air purifiers at the end of the article. Go HERE to read it. I'm going to run ours a bit more frequently while waiting to purchase one of those recommended.

Here's wishing you a blessed Earth Day, Rhi. This is the most meaningful of all our holidays for me.

Beach Bum said...

I have become pessimistic about the earth’s environment lately and feel things are going to get real bad before most people in this country wake up. Not only is it the usual horse I beat on my blog about Americans being selfish and banal but it is a frightening ignorance about the world that many of the people I’m around hold onto with a fanatical zeal.

Some of it is pride, some is because the world and our country is changing daily and they wish more than anything to return to what America was in the 1950’s.

Trouble is we can’t and dwelling on it only makes problems worse. Also, add the rest of the world who wants both to give their citizens the same lifestyle we have and are pursuing global dominance at the expense of the planet and threatening peace at the same time.

But in the end, I figure Gaia will have some say in what we are doing and will do something to limit our impact, and it will not be pretty.

goatman said...

I now recall the first Earth Day my girl and I experienced: Sitting in a hot spring in the mountains north of Albuquerque with a Hopi indian chanting above us in preparation for their spring celebration. Here we were just marking the first day of what would become a yearly celebration of the earth when his people had been doing it for hundreds of years.
I should do something special besides planting my tomatoes. Perhaps a poem?
I will if you will!

Lydia said...

Rhi, I'm trying that link again.
ionic breeze or just add this to your browser

Have a great weekend!