Friday, April 30, 2010

Love this song by it is with the original "Hunchback of Notre Dame" movie video

This is one of my favorite songs written and sung by one of my all time favorite women singers, Melanie. It's hard to find hundreds of her original songs from way back on cd...but on youtube many people like me that have many of her albums have somehow managed to download hundreds of her songs on youtube...obviously I am not the only person who continues to appreciate Melanie's very special voice and beautiful lyrics along with her guitar work. She's still going strong, doing what she always has done...singing her music and sharing it with the world, in Europe (where they have always loved her) and all around the world. I've discovered along the way that there are many many new "very young" fans on youtube of hers who just love to listen to her songs and recognize this very special talented woman. You'll not find anyone like her, she is very unique in her style. So I was surfing youtube looking for this specific song of hers and they had it, but it's sung a bit different by her, then the original version, though I do love this version also. I also found it very interesting that someone downloaded this song of Melanie's song "Save Me" to some clips from the original "Hunchback of Notre Dame" in this video I've put in this post. As I listened to Melanie's lyrics and watched this clip from the "Hunchback" movie I slowly began to understand the creative idea the person that put this video together might have had...quite interesting...I loved the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" by the way, I thought it was a movie that spoke volumes of discrimination and judgements......about how people look on the outside...regardless of who they are is in the eyes of the Stevie Nicks sang "who is the beauty, who is the beast"?....good all comes from the soul, the heart and the kindness and human compassion of the person within.

I have always loved all of Melanie Safka's songs (lay down candles in the rain is one her hits) and yet it is almost impossible to find most of her 500 songs she's written on any cd and though I have most of her many albums and held onto them through the years, they are worn and scratched. Plus all of my old albums of hers and all that I have collected since the early 60's, are in storage...and I am looking for a good "discount" priced record player soon. Melanie hardly had any hits in her prime back in the 60's and 70's but she made many many albums...all beautifully written and sung. We "True" Melanie fans don't care...and there are many of us believe me...we have most of her work and know that it is not the kind of music that would have gone down well on pop radio...she's poetic, intense, honest, beautiful and writes about mother earth and father sky and she speaks "always" from her heart and soul...fame has meant nothing to is what she creates and does in her life because it is her life...this is "Melanie born to be"...hope you enjoy this beautiful tune.


Lydia said...

Melanie is indeed unique. I appreciate what I know of her work, although I'm not like you a huge fan. Does she live in Washington? Something makes me think that she does.
This song is interesting and perfect with the video!

Aadiahh said...

Great read. I am a big Melanie fan as well, and a lucky one I guess, because I have all those songs on CD.

Michael Manning said...
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Michael Manning said...

A very interesting artist who played at Woodstock and continues to possess a sensitivity to humanity. I agree. Commercially, she was always "under the radar". But it's fascinating to know she is still performing. I deleted my previous post to correct my spelling. Long week! :)