Monday, March 26, 2007

The Enchanted Storm....

Enchanted Lady
Freeing herself
From the past
Finding her way
Into a new life
at last................
Just down that road
The one she almost passed
The one she almost missed
The one she thought
Would never exist
The one beyond the storm
Overlooking the ocean cliffs
Dawn remembers the light
Of a new day
Showing the Enchanted Lady
A new way.........
No longer
Will her Soul
Nor Spirit
Be Betrayed
No longer
will her Heart
Be lead astray
For the Enchanted Lady
is slowly finding
Her way
Beyond the stormy sea
Beyond the ocean cliffs
Moving forward
To a New Life
A New Life
She never thought
would exist
Walking along
The path
Of the Enchanted storm
Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) March 11th, 2007
Copyrights owned by Barbara R.
The Enchanted storm
Of a New Life.


Dreaming_Firefly said...

(^.^)Particularly like this one.
Walking along the path of the enchanted storm...
May all of us anticipate the new (and hopefully better) life beyond the stormy sea and ocean cliffs. :)

YogaforCynics said...

I like your poem, and it's particularly nice combined with the painting of young Miranda, from Shakespeare's Tempest, who, growing up on an island with only her father for human company, declared a "brave new world" upon meeting the men from the wrecked ship....."A new life she never thought would exist," indeed.....