Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Daylight Savings time on my Birthday!

Don't forget everyone that Daylight Savings time is early and has changed it's month now! It will be this Sunday on my Birthday, March 11th! Wow, I'm kind of looking at this Birthday as a new "Daylight" of a hopeful omen for me as a "Dawning of a new Time and Daylight of "Light" for me in my life. I hope for everyone else also.

I have always loved's my favorite month of the it's so unpredictable (kind of like me :)) it comes roaring in like a Lion (That's my Leo rising sign) and comes out like a lamb....or is it the other way around? No, I think I got it right! You just can't predict the weather in March for we seem to get it clear skies, with beautiful white puffy clouds (like whipped cream, meringue or mashed potatoes) and you swear when you look up at them you can see a view that's shaped like Angels with their "white willowy graceful shapes and whispering wings", protecting and looking over and down on us earthlings.

We can get a nice warm day, or pouring rain or snow another day. Or a beautiful spring day, with the air so crisp and clean, with skies so bright blue and flowers blooming all around us in such a deep rich and bright rainbow of colors. We can have a day where the wind is just so wild and its blowing all of the "cobwebs" out of our winter sadness and darkness away from our hearts....and the eternal sun always shines through to another "dawning" of another beautiful day, another beautiful month..

"March"....the time of unexpected delights and splendor that the Angels and Mother nature have brought to our souls "once again"...."New life begins".....I'm very greatful for the new beginning of "life" chances, new changes, risks, faith, and spirits courage. Having faced the darkness and cold of winter into mornings new dawning light of Spring, once again....amidst the "Eternal Sunshine" always in our beginnings and "miracles" for the war to finally stop, and be no more and Love and Peace to soon recide within us all upon "Freedoms Shores" everywhere.

Many Angel Blessings to all of you,




Barbara said...

We have the same kind of weather in March. It is a month of transition.

Lizard Princess said...

I'm a Leo- and to see if I was a "true" Leo, I took this personality test to see what your true sign was- I answered everything honestly, and came up Leo. I'm doomed, I guessed. So now you've got me pegged- lol!
I like to think that I'm unpredictable, but in reality, I'm not!! LOL!

Burfica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love march. Spring is my favorite season, and march just slowly starts easing it in. To...see and smell all the dawning of a new season. I love that!!!

ardi k said...

Birthday greetings to you, Rhi. Looking forward to Spring here too. Here is one of the season I am anticipating. Maybe by the end of the month. Still covered in snow here.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday hope you have a great day. I enjoy your blog.

Rhiannon said...


Yes, your right March is most definitely a month of "Transition"!


Well Lizard Princess, it does sound like your a Leo for sure, but your also a Rabbit in chinese astrology. I'm a Rabbit also which is actually the sign of "Pisces" and I am a Pisces and a Rabbit so that makes me a "Double Pisces" with Leo rising! we are sensitive people and are rather fine tuned with "Culture" and Artistic. I'm a metal Rabbit which means I'm more tenacious then most Rabbits...and lyour and my Leo gives us our inner strength Princess. I'm curious about your blog name "Lizard Princess". Do you have a story about it?



Yes let's hope for a dawning of a "New day and light" for this spring season"! Thank you for the Birthday wishes.


Thank you Ardi for the Birthday wishes also...I read your "One of the Season" very nice..hope your doing well.


Anonymous, thank you for the Birthday wishes as well..glad you like my blog..drop by again..whoever you are?

Angel Blessings to all,


Jim said...

Hi Rhi
i just noticed u have the same age as me

though u look a lott younger

wont u visit?

Rhiannon said...


Yes, Saby, I'm 56 years old now. No, I'm not lying about my age as many have accused me of through many years of my life. Looking younger than my age has not been much of a plus at's worked against me and been very hurtful in many ways..especially as I get older and since my divorce almost 9 years ago..women my age don't like me much (married or otherwise) and men seem to only look at me for how I look on the outside, never taking the time to "look inside". Which is why it's nice to have my own blog where some people can "feel" and see who I am "on the inside"..:)

Good to see you again Saby. I will drop by and visit your blog.



Imran said...



To a wonderful lady who spreads angel blessings to everyone.