Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm a Right test results.....

Think you'll have to click on this to enlarge it to read more easily. I found this test over on "Imran" blog post...he's on my blog list to the right if your interested in taking it. I had to scan my results as my pc won't do the cut and paste deal. I wasn't surprised with my test results as I've taken many many tests through the years about "left brain versus right brain dominance" and my results have always stated I'm most definitely a right brainer. More people are usually left brain dominant, so are good at techology, techincal things and "Business"...I've always had a problem with those subjects as I think "differently" and its more difficult for me in those areas. I also think more people have dyslexia (like I do) if they are right brainers. I have to use a lot of "tenacity" even to figure out computer things...try and try again is my motto! But when its comes to Art, creativity, decorating, creative writing and observing "things in life around me", I've always been pretty good at that..I'm also pretty intuitive, sometimes I wish I wasn't! I know I see things at times in a different light than some people do and that makes it hard at times. But I like "that I am" and so it is...:)

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