Monday, April 09, 2007

The Other Side Of The Mirror....Reflecting Back To All Of You

I took this picture of myself looking in the mirror in my living can't really see me...other than a bright "Reflection"...but please know that I am always "here"...."On The Other Side Of The Mirror"....."Reflecting" back to all of "You".
I'm going on a vacation.....and I've not been able to get away or go on one for many many years! I will be gone for about 2 weeks and am very happy at how hard I worked to make all this happen....and I'm very thankful for someone who also helped make it happen. I'm more greatful than you will ever know...that you were suddenly "there" for me as a friend again, when it seemed like no one else had a clue that I felt like I was drowning and about ready to were "there" for me. I've been hanging onto that life raft for far too long.
I also want to thank my dear blog friends from all the way across the other side of the world who reached out to me. For your friendship and kindness and our "connection" like stars across the universe that found our way towards one another. It's such a blessing and a true "Miracle" my dear "EarthAngel" friends. I also want to thank all my dear blog friends who have been so loving, kind and caring towards my "blog and I". I'm so happy if any of my writings, poems, or words or Art or Pics touched you in any way, shape or form....even if just for a few was all worth it to me.
I know my life is changing and I know not what will happen at this point. But I do know I must be moving on now. I cannot say when I will return back to the blog world, as once I come back from my vacation I must prepare to move and I do not know where to, or how things will transpire.....but I know my Guardian Angels and "Spirit" will always be with me as I walk down "The Good Red Road". I will keep my "Dreams" and become a "Dreamkeeper" as I continue to try to make my "Dreams" come I go deeper into my "Inner Journey".
I wish for all of the Angels to watch over and be there for all of you, as you go along through your life's "Journeys".
I hope you will wish me well as I continue on my Journey of life...
Angel Blessings, "Hugs" and yes a bit of tears also....I will miss you all and never forget any of you. Maybe I will be back one day who knows?
I bid you a Very Fond Farewell. May all your Dreams come true....Love, Peace and "No More War"!!!
Love Always,
Rhiannon (This Skylark is flying away now)


Dreaming_Firefly said...

(^-^) Enjoy your vacation.
Take Care..

Anonymous said...

Bye Rhi, Please take care, I will miss you and put you in my prayers. I do hope you will have fun and can enjoy some rest while you are gone. Take care

Burfica said...

Oh Rhi--have fun, you deserve happiness and fun!!! I will always think of you and how you touched my life, I wish you nothing but well thoughts.

Love always dear one!!!

Imran said...

Hello Rhiannon,

You are already missed. Have a wonderful and safe trip. I wish you well and come back stronger, refreshed and still with that beautiful soul.

Waiting for you to come back and make more Angel Blessings with your creative arts and beautiful poems.

Take care, my dear friend.

Imran said...

Hi Rhiannon,

I'm back from Bangkok, Thailand.

Just stopping by to say hello to you once you return and check your blog.

Take care my dear friend.