Monday, August 15, 2005


Welcome everyone I'm Rhiannon, this is all very new for me but I think I'm up for the challenge. I hope to make my blogsite a very safe protective type environment for people to not feel threatened or intimidated either. Maybe this will turn out to be a place where people will know in time, that they can come here and share their thoughts or feelings about the state of the world, the universe, a bit of "soulsearching", their "concerns" about where we are now and where are we going. I have hope for the world and feel that we are all "connected" but in order to accept this a bit of "openess"is required and the knowledge that we are not alone and yes there are "earthangels" all around us....believe me I know for I've experienced this.

I am a rather creative person and live my life that way..its who I am. I'm an Artist,writer, poet, love to dance, love music , very adaptable and open to all kinds of music new and old rap, whatever. My favorite poets are Edna St. Vincent Millay and Jim Morrison..yes quite eclectic aren't I?...:o) I think this country is based on diversity and hope that different views and thoughts can be shared without others trashing one anothers opinions but instead accepting that we all are allowed to have our own thoughts and opinions and yet be open to others its a way of growing and learning and a good form of "tolerance"..this is my hope for this site..kindness, truth, understanding, reaching out to one another,speak up don't be afraid this is a free country after all and we must continue to keep it this way by not being afraid to speak up,fear holds us go for it!..but be nice and lets give each other a little support and caring at the same time shall we? least we can try..I believe we can...and its okay to get angry sometimes it happens just don't attack anyone just "Express yourself and let it out" in a healthy way..we can do this!

I will share more about me in the weeks to come..and put some photos I like in here as a form of expressing myself, who I am where I am coming from..for now I hope you will feel free to come in and just say a "hello" and speak from your heart and soul anything you want..a bit of "soulsearching" if you will..feel free and welcome to a "safe place" where Angels abound...Angel Blessings, Rhiannon


sister celtic said...


Rhiannon said...

And Thank you for entering the door of the "Dreamweaver" Sister Celtic...Welcome, stop by any time I love hearing from you..



Google Pagerank said...

Hey, just blog surfing and found you. Nice blog... I might come back again.

jipzeecab said...

The mouse controller post has a lot of truth to it.
The previous comment was made by a "bot spamming" commenter which unfortunately started appearing ten days ago on everybody's blogs. The "bots" only seem to hit the latest post and some have started putting a tag post on top to keep them off regular posts.
Good luck with your site..I always perk up when I hear the word "eclectic".

Bridget Jones said...

Hello sister! We not only are alike in the tastes and metaphysical sense, we also LOOK alike!!

I'm so glad to have 'met' you via the blogsphere and love the fact that our blogs look alike. From what I see our personalities are much alike also!

I almost called myself 'dreamweaver'!! Wow.

This is a very nice, gentle blog. Congratulations and many best wishes for the future.

your friend, Bridg