Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Friday!

Will post a few more "Artpics" and some thoughts later this weekend...Rhi

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Bridget Jones said...

Hi Rhi, am fading fast from all the posting so will drop by later in the weekend. I see the auras more in dreams, sort of like the way that film 'bleeds' around figures? Like that. It's more getting an impression of an aura than seeing it, for me. Do collect and use crystals, mostly to improve me. Next weekend there is a psychic fair here, where there are two very good aura pic takers. I never miss it.

sorry this post is so short. next will be longer, promise....Bridg

p.s. the angel lamp sounds wonderful.

Have been aware of angels since very very young (about age 5 or younger). See bright flashes of light around me, or just around. They look like white-light neon commas blinking on and off but moving while it happens. Sometimes there are a lot, sometimes only one or two. Have seen white, transparent and very rarely, icydeep blue. The curves/commas 'squirm', they are moving entities. I described them once to my dad and he threatened to take me to an eye doctor. That was the end of talking about it till recently.

Michael is by far my fave. Do you have a favourite?