Friday, August 12, 2005

The Dance........

This is Robert Mirabal one of my favorite musicians, storyteller, dancer, artist, poet, and he makes his own flutes, all kinds shapes and sizes that make different sounds....He "Dances the Dance"...I "Dance the Dance" also it helps free your spirit and release the tensions of the world, all this weight the burdens that we all carry....Try the "Dance", its "spirits way of talking to you" and allowing you to free yourself from all this fear and hate going around in the world..brothers and sisters come together once again.. its time...

"Little child walking all alone, lost and lonely losing faith with my world...can you take it away can you kiss it away,.can you take me away can you carry me away?...maybe we're the mirror that reflects all......maybe we're the mirror that reflects all"

I recommend you check out Roberts cd and PBS video concert "Music From A Painted Cave"...most of the music is live on the cd and the PBS video concert of it is AWESOME! You can purchase it online on Amazon. "The Dance" (below) is one of the best songs, but in this cd there are no "bad songs" not a one...not to me at least..

The Dance

When there is doubt there is hope
when there is fear there is love
when there is hate there is peace
when there is suffering there is the dance

A dance a dance a dance of hope
A dance a dance a dance of love, I dance a dance a dance of peace
I dance to dance I dance the dance...ah ha, ah ha, ah ha....oooo yeah...wooo..

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Bridget Jones said...

That poem reflects the prayer of (I think) St. Francis of Assisi (Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace).

It's so beautiful!