Saturday, August 06, 2005

What is a Wounded Healer?

A Wounded Healer is an archetype who is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardships, from a physical injury or illness, or maybe even to the loss of almost all of one's possesions and or way of life that "used to be". The challenge of the wounded healer is that they are unable to turn to others much for help beyond certain degrees of support. If it is an illness or an accident, it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure. The wounded healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort that becomes a process of transformation rather than an attempt to heal an illness. If you complete the "initiation", you tend to experience an exceptional healing within (and knowledge)a vast improvement, but not a "cure", and a path of being able to be of service and help others with their health, illness, suffering is provided shortly after the intiation is complete. There is a "connection" of understanding and empathy to others and a feeling of energy,"picking up" vibrations and actually feeling the others pain "within" and the wounded healer will at times be able to take that pain or suffering away from others (just by touch and communication)and actually feel it enter into them which they must feel and process through and out of them, or they will "carry" it around inside of them....feeling the others "illness, pain, or suffering" entering through them can be very physically draining and wear them they learn how to process this into and out of them through energy channels and "releasing it" . They can pick up on things most people don't even notice or observe of others and things going on around them. There are many times I wish I didn't. Its not an easy road but one that actually is looked at as a gift..learning to embrace and accept this archetype of oneself can only happen through the "initiation" of a serious health issue and loss that has affected them to the point of a serious struggle and challenge in their lives. I have met quite a few interesting people during this time of my "struggles" through the years who have seen this in me almost "immediately" ..they have been on a spiritual path for many years,a few Native American Indian "medicine men" that knew this about me immediately without knowing me or a thing about me but just upon meeting me..There have been a few people with great insight and intuition, and some alternative medicine "Healers" I've met through the years who also knew this about me right away, and they all have helped to spiritually educate me so I could learn to understand, embrace and acknowledge this about myself, and they have been great teachers for me to "learn and face the many lessons" as I go down the path of the road less taken. I claim no miracle experience or cures whatsoever, I have no medical license nor degree to practice anything medical nor do I do any of that. However I have studied in the past to become a medical assitant and have done lots of medical reading through many years when searching to understand my health issue. I learned a lot. I also have studied dreamwork for many years, I continue to. Only the dreamer can really interpret their own dreams but it helps to have another who can kind of help show you the way to what they may represent for you what your dreams might be trying to tell your or make you aware of. If you wake up and remember any of your dreams have a pad and pen next to your bed and write down as much as you can remember,not details, but most important things that really kind of "hit" you, then go look at what you wrote the next day and think what your dream might be trying to say to you.

I would love to hear others share some of their experiencs in their "strong archetypes" that they have learned about themselves. Feel free to share.

Spirituality is not just always "letting things go" when you really haven't dealt with things and use that term as a "cop out" or to run away and not deal with the issue at hand. Its not about denying the other person who is taking the risk and chance to try to communicate and be "real" with you, but you refuse this because your in denial and its too hard to deal with. Spirituality is a lot to do with "coming clean" admitting vulnerability,becoming compassionate, taking risk to be "real" enough and considerate enough to "listen" and "hear" "the other side" and making the effort to do "conflict resolution" with them..its amazing how much someone who has a need to always control is always making others feel bad about themselves or telling others "to let it go" in passive agressive behavior in order to make the other who is trying so hard to be honest open and real with you feel as if its "all their problem"..there is way to much of this type of control going around and its getting much much much so that many have become so fearful they completely shut down..and maybe if there was less of this type of arrogance and control going around there might be less wars, more love,real friendships,and real relationships.

Well thats enough for now..I'd sure like to hear others input on this and their feelings thoughts and expereinces..

Oh by the way I'm a Pisces with Leo rising..

Angel blessings,



Bridget Jones said...

WOW did this post hit home. Very thoughtfully and masterfully written. Barbara is my middle name. Using your description, I'm a novice wounded healer, if there is such a thing. I pick up on vibes, feelings etc. very quickly but do not know how to let it go (empathy?). Have had a lively and active interest in both medicine and First Nations for a very long time (there are several FN paintings in this very room). Studied both for many years, even made my own medicine bag and for most of my family.

I'm Pisces with Aries rising. Rainbow aura (well usually. The last one was gold, which I didn't welcome but what the heck). How about you?


Rhiannon said...
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