Thursday, October 20, 2005

Capes of Colors..poem...

Capes of colors
cover my abscence
of discovery...
newly born
but unadorned
in darkest embers
nestling upon my breast
heart beating
shining through
moonglow and candlebright..
passions energy
embraced at midnite..

I've felt your world
your deep sinister cruelty
in subtle ways...
but your passion was intense..
only to flow
through and out
to dishonest halls
of fearful rejection
in your absence of clarity
never to be seen again
you walked away forever
in a casual tone
of muted grey indifference...

I cover myself
with capes of colors
to protect me
from your darkness.

By Rhiannon


Peg said...

I LOVE this one!! WEll, very well done!!!!!

Carolyn said...

I once knew someone like that and should have taken cover in colors myself. But I didn't, just the usual dark garb of one who is heartbroken. I agree w/Peg, this is very well done! :)

Rhiannon said...

Well I have this thing about "capes" and colors and such..kind of a "gypsy soul" deal with me. Covering myself up with "Capes of colors" seemed to fit the theme, plus usually when I write it all just comes flowing out from soul to head to arm to fingers like a flowing magnet. Make any sense? I wasn't sure if anyone would understand this poem or not but it seems you did! I'm glad..

Rhiannon (the gypsy lady with her capes of colors)...:o)